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The Mind Fuck is one of the most important element in D/s-M.
It’s a learned behavior or characteristic. Dominants generally need to have skills in this department. Making you think something is going to happen to you, making you go into your mind and imagine what he is going to do or say to you… It’s rich, its delicious and most of all its addicting.

Definition of mind fuck:
Something that intentionally destabilizes, confuses or manipulates the mind of another person.

brainfuck, headfuck, mind-screw

How do you show him what you desire without telling him what mind fuck you desire?

Read to him what you read…
What turns you on … Show it to your husDom…

Some things that aid to the mind fuck….
Blindfold, Doing something Un-character like.
Little secret or mystery … Goes a long way!





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  1. Being blindfolded and bound definitely enhances the other senses and especially imagination and anticipation. It is funny how even though my mind starts racing with thoughts of what He is planning next, it also gives me freedom to relax and enjoy since i am unable to do anything about it…