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Did you know women have their own special sexual technique or sex-ercise? A way to control one of the greatest sexual benefits, harnessing the highest levels of pleasure during sexual penetration. I am talking about the female art of Pompoir, using the pelvic and abdominal muscles during sexual intercourse. The technique, Pompoir, aka, The Mare’s Trick can be used in Dominance and Submission, sharpening your ever growing, submissive skillset. If you can learn to use the skill, it will make your vagina magical as well as your BDSM scenes and play.


Pompoir or the Mare’s Trick is a sexual technique and or sexual exercise in which a woman uses her vaginal (yoni) muscles to stimulate her partner’s lingam or penis, a tantalizingly dance of squeezing and releasing. The male is asked to be still or limits his movements to a gentle rocking. While the woman strokes the man’s erection using rhythmic, rippling pulses from the (PC), pubococcygeus muscles. These muscles are the hammock-like muscles, found in both females and males. These muscles stretch from the pubic bone to the tail bone, forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. Pompoir works on three different vaginal dimensions: the vertical levels, the horizontal walls, and the front and back walls. Your vagina can be trained to pull, squeeze, tilt, grip, twist, lock, suck & pulse.

This technique is best performed with a woman on top, forward or backward facing. The technique is known to intensify orgasms for both partners. Also, helping the female squirt for her partner. While the physical sensations are incredible, pompoir also nurtures the emotional bond between both parties, improving the couples restraint and focus with one another. This technique is a way for couples to forge a deep mind and body connection.


The sex art, pompoir dates back to ancient India over 3,000 years ago and was widely practiced in Japan and Thailand. Vātsyāyana, Author of the Kama Sutra, was an ancient Indian philosopher, known for authoring the Kama Sutra. He was a religious teacher and lived in India during the second or third century CE. Pompoir is thought to have come from and received its name from the ancient Indian city of Pahmpur, from their ancient tradition of the Hindu dancers called devadasis. The Devadasis were high-class artists and worshipers, and some of them also performed sacred prostitution. They believed that as part of their education they had to master their pelvic floor muscles to give pleasure to male devotees of their temple. There are also records of sacred prostitutes in Greece mastering these techniques, and even some traces of Pompoir in Taoism.

In the past, the technique was referred to as “The Singapore Kiss” and was mostly known in Far Eastern cultures but it is now reaching sexual mainstream acceptance.


Kabzah” or “Kabza” is a variant technique that originates from South Asia, where the female additionally uses her abdominal muscles contractions to stimulate the penis of her partner. Women can spend many years training before becoming proficient in these techniques, as techniques such as this one are considered highly difficult to perform. The act itself is a variety of tantra, its purpose being to enhance and increase the duration and intensity of intercourse. The word translates as ‘holder’, and is described as a “milking sensation”. This act is a variant of tantra, its purpose being to enhance and increase the duration and intensity of intercourse. The word translates as ‘holder’, and the sensation can be likened to that of “milking”.

Kegel Versus Pompoir

The “Pompoir or The Mare’s Trick focuses on 4 distinct motions, squeeze, contract, push, and pull, unlike kegel exercises, which only focus’ on squeezing. Using these distinct motions make for a more intimate and thorough method and allow the woman to provide her lover a special “gift of intimacy”. If you use the kegel contracting of the muscles, this is more like a caressing kiss of the male genitalia, where the pompoir is more the feeling of a velvet contraction pulling and pushing, milking the penis.

Building Strength and Resistance

It is necessary to strengthen the kegel muscles before beginning pompoir by practicing kegel exercises. You can use tools like Yoni Eggs, Ben Wa Balls (Kegel Balls), devices such as bullets with an ap to guide you and electro-stim tools. Using these and doing exercises can building PC muscle thus will considerably increase a woman’s skill in any variation of pompoir. This will allow her to identify, and isolate, individual muscles, to contract them providing the desired rippling sensations.

The Kama Sutra Mare’s Trick, a technique where you jump on top of your stallion give him the ride of his life, sensually milking out every moment.

~When, like a mare cruelly gripping
a stallion, A lover
traps and milks the cock of her lover with her vagina,
it is “Vadavaka” (the Mare’s Trick),
which can only be perfected with long practice.
-Vātsyāyana, Author of the Kama Sutra

Practice Makes Perfect

Just as the any individual can, the subservient will eventually learn to use her vaginal muscles as her tool. The tool to please her partner. Sharpening your tool means making your body more useful.


She first can learn to wink for her Sir, wink her vagina or anus for him. This is a great training tool for the husDOM to inspect his subMrs progress on winking, he may even give you a “training reward” such as a new vibrator, anal plug or a few needed deep sexual strokes. When winking you are just contracting and relaxing the kegel muscles, opening and closing for your partner. Keep practicing and trying to isolate certain muscles.

You can sign up online for practical pompoir programs that show you how to use these muscles or practice with our own vibrator or dildo. Most practice sessions are about 15-to-20 minutes daily. Think about it, wether your formally training or practicing, you’re consciously thinking about sex while stimulating blood flow to your vagina. Thinking about sex more often results in a quicker arousal time.

As you get stronger you can isolate and learn more abilities, such as………..

  • The pull ability allows (S) to “suck the penis” into the vagina.
  • The expel ability allows (S) to push it out.
  • The lock ability, (S) clenches down on the penis to hold it in place.
  • The gripping ability
  • The pulse ability
  • The squeeze ability
  • The twist ability
  • The extrude ability, “milking” the penis.

Pompoir Partner Session

Once your partner is fully erect and you’re both comfortably in position. Start with basic winking. Make your vagina tighter by repeatedly contracting your pelvic floor muscles, as though you’re trying to stop and start the flow of urine while peeing. Inhale gently as you contract, hold the muscle contraction for a second or two, exhale when you release. Continue your flexing and contracting your until you feel his penis begin to throb, indicating he is experiencing intense arousal. This occurs approximately 5 to 7 minutes. Get the feel the throb of his lingam (penis), then time your squeeze and release with his. Squeeze and release faster as he nears ejaculation. Very important, keep milking his penis as he climaxes, this making him feel as if his ejaculate is being “milked” from his body.

Exercise Examples

Ride The Elevator (With or Without Partner)

One of the foundational Pompoir exercises is called the elevator. You can practice this one outside of sex first, like sitting on the toilet. 

Here’s how you do it:

  • Bear down like you’re pushing something out 
  • Slowly do a kegel motion to pull up while counting to five
  • Now pull in as hard as you can
  • Now slowly do a five-count to push back down again
  • Do this ten times or as many times as feels comfortable

The Sucker (With Partner)

This creates a tantalizing sucking motion for your partner and requires quite a bit of control on your part.

  • As your partner goes to thrust, push down like you’re going to push them out
  • As they pull out, squeeze like you’re going to suck them back in
  • Find a rhythm and try playing with different paces, moving slower and faster. (You can even do this while you and your partner are orgasming.)

Overall Benefits of Pompoir

  • A healthier pelvic floor
  • Improved sexual confidence
  • More in touch with your femininity
  • Rediscovering your body
  • Improved sexual communication with your partner
  • Enhanced pleasure during penetration 
  • An increased libido 
  • A very pleased partner (husDOM) likely to step up his own sex game 

In Closing

It is said that any woman who masters the art of pompoir, The Mare’s Trick is transformed into a powerful sexual goddess. Her husband or husDOM will then value her above all women, and will NEVER replace her for even the most beautiful queen in all of the world. As with any sexual technique or play make sure with a physician that you are good candidate and are healthy enough to try these techniques.


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