Married submissive Training | S.O.A.P.

My Sir used S.O.A.P. in my submissive training…

NOT in my bratty mouth….. LOL!

From the beginning my Sir requires me memorize this mantra and recite what S.O.A.P. means…. Anytime …. Even during a scene.

If he feels at anytime that I am going “vanilla” he will ask me to recite S.O.A.P.…. Reminding me to be mindful of my mouth and actions. I have found at my least submissive moments, I will look at S.O.A.P. and it will help me with my mindset. 

Sometimes he has me say it in public, to him at dinner. It makes him smile and I see the Dominant simmering below the surface. I blush at what I know will be my reward later! 

~What does S.O.A.P. mean?~

S: Serve Your Needs

O: Obey Your Orders |Commands

A: Accept Your Dominance

P: Please Your Desires

Memorize S.O.A.P. and your Sir will be pleased.

Put it on sticky notes where you can study all day.

This will feed his husDom !

***** To make things INTERESTING, In your comments please include one of each of your Sir’s A need, A command, A Desire…. 

Thank You for your sub-port of our sites!

~LK~ 7/14 Sir is welcum to register here.

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  1. LK,

    I will never forget the look on your face while in the middle of a scene I asked you to recite SOAP to me.

    It was priceless… Through all of the fog in your mind you managed to do it and do it well. I honestly didn’t expect you to be able to mutter the first line.

    You continue to amaze me today!

    Best wishes,

    Mr. Fox

  2. Love this and I’m studying! For my Sir he needs to be feed and my submission, commands that I watch my bratty mouth (big thing I need to work on) and desires to have my submission 24/7. 🙂

  3. Sir does this to me all the time during scenes and play (I think he saw it over at husDom). I like the idea of doing it during the day though. I am not sure how I would react to it but I am sure I need it sometimes. Thanks for the ideas LK.

  4. We both love this! he said i’m great at S.O.P i need to .A.ccept better and stop questioning! somedays im great and others i need to be reminded of SOAP throughout the day, SO THANKYOU!

  5. I love this! Sir and I had a long debrief last night because I failed in a task he gave me on Thursday. Sir saw through all my muddled reasons “why” I failed and saw that it’s mainly because I have a hard time letting go of everything else and being “in the moment.” He’s planning tasks to help me learn to overcome that…

    So I think I’m a decent SAP. (Although, can I be totally accepting of his dominance if I hesitate to obey because I can’t let go of other things?). Anyway… I’m going to share S.O.A.P. with Sir. BTW, I also shared the mirror scene with Sir (when I thought body image was at the root of my ‘failure’), and he’s planning that for us. He’s treading carefully in staging it for me, because he anticipates that there will be tears from me, too…

  6. LK – I keep a journal where I define what submission and dominance mean to me. As I learn more, I adjust them. I realized that S.O.A.P. is an umbrella for almost everything I have in my definition of submission, and I’ve been thinking on what was not covered to decide if they are really essential to my definition.

    Do you and Mr. Fox by chance has a similar acronym to define what dominance means? I’d be curious to know how you define that…

    Thanks for all your insight and sharing!

  7. Funny thing though….soaping out the mouth has lots of meaning all the same….I wonder if we need to remember that sometimes…I am such a dirty mouthed one myself….x

  8. This is great. I am putting this on a post it and reciting it over and over today. I have problems at times but it is all new. I am learning so much and very thankful for this site. I know my Sir will have me recite this many times.

  9. Wow!!! S.O.A.P that is a wonderfully sexy acronym. And I love using acronyms, they are useful in all types of training 🙂 I will write about this in my journal and see if Sir lets me use this tool. I need to be mindful of him always and I loved how you wrote about feeding the Dom. Thank You for this tool, I think I will keep a fancy bar of soap on my desk at work and on my night stand so that I can remind myself of what I need to do to please my Sir.


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