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The Inspection & Exploration of a submissive|Married Dominance & Submission

What is a submissive inspection?  The Dominant examines his submissive’s body to ensure that they reach an official standard that has been set within their dynamic’s rules. After an official inspection the Dominant may want to EXPLORE his submissive as well.  S/submissive Exploration: The action of your Sir traveling in or through an unfamiliar part of his submissive’s body in order to learn about it. 

Inspections in D/s or Domination and submission are to be taken seriously, but you can make them fun as well. Your Dominant can call you for inspection at any time.  The inspection usually is looking at his submissive’s pussy, ass, breasts.  He could check any part of your body by feel, taste, smell and yes even MEASURE! These things all depend on what you may have been asked to do previously.  Every Dominance and submission couple can do their inspections differently.  Make inspections yours, sit in downtime together and set up how you would like to do yours.  

Example of Inspection

This is an example of a submissive inspection; undress at his command, stand at attention with legs shoulder width apart and hands behind your back or on your head. He may ask you to get on your knees or bend over or he may even bend you over his lap. Your Dominant then can inspect his submissive. Always keep your eyes down swept to show him respect, unless your Sir says differently. He may ask you questions about your body, be prepared for whatever you have set up for these inspections.  If you pass inspection, you may get a gift from your Dominant.   If you fall short of his expectation then you may get a spanking or some other punishment or correction.  Make sure you make clear in downtime what happens during these punishments or corrections. 

Things that may be inspected

Many things may be inspected, such as the smoothness of the skin any part of the body, nipples, wetness and or openness of the vagina or anus (anal plug), weight, measurements, manicure, pedicure. Anything his mind can think of to look at or check.  Your Dominant may have you install clamps, plugs, vibrators before or after inspections. 

What Do They Do For You?

Doing inspections and explorations will help you both build your mindsets in regards to your Dominance and submission. They even aid you in building the connection to your roles.  You both will get to know one another’s bodies in a deeper and more meaningful way, building your marriages intimacy.  a submissive is objectified, you are his/her TOOL..for their pleasure. When a Dominant uses his sub,  it is for his pleasure.  You will learn to work your body for your Master.  You will learn to bloom for them.  You will learn to cum for them … You will be whatever they wish you to be.  You will want to turn yourself inside out for them.  Most of all you will learn to love the Inspection & Exploration of your submission and your body. 

Make sure to read The Body Exploration Scene.         ❤❤❤

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  1. hotlilmess 6 years ago

    Inspections. Every morning i start on my knees legs fairly far apart so all is visible. Eyes down until He grabs my chin to have my eyes meet His. He compliments areas, smirks at my bodies response as he traces my curves, claims His sweet spots. Ending with a “be good today,pet” OK, i have successfully turned myself on with the generic details. lol Bedtime is wait for me, I will be there shortly. After that, i wait and each night is different. Sometimes practicing positions, sometimes it is just Him sitting on the toy box and talking about the tasks of the day, how they were achieved…other nights He puts me across His lap, basically whatever He knows i need before sleep.

  2. SSB 5 years ago

    I love when he inspects me… running his hands over me and looking at what’s his. It’s such a turn on! Or he’ll do a little bondage and inspect his handiwork on my body… ♡♡

  3. Battysub 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I can’t say more im too embarrassed at my own stupidity at how my own Body Works.

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 3 years ago

      As vanilla couples, we all were like that Batty…. Now we can learn and enrich our marriages and learn so much about ourselves in the process. LK

  4. Fantasea-Prema 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing it helps me to grow in my journey

  5. Hisgirl*AMB/GH 2 months ago

    Thank you for this blog post. We have not done body inspections and frankly it terrifies me to think about but the way you explain it makes it something that I do want to explore further.

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