Submissive Kneeling & Positions…Practice Makes Perfect

**** I really want to talk about the importance of stretching and gaining some flexibility, first. Get some stretching in daily. If you’re like me you probably have not been stretching.

Find two or three stretches and repeat daily. Nothing to hard or exerting. A routine that’s easily repeatable. It will help you not only in D/s but your whole life really. You will feel great doing it.



The Feelings of Kneeling


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~A Dom Feels~









Get on your knees,upright, your weight will be directly on your knees. Place your knees together and then spread them apart.

(Work on getting comfortable spacing.)

Kneel down resting on your calves. Rest your feet with the tops against the floor and then bending your toes under for support. (It takes practice and stretching.)

(Practice in mirror.)

Once down,  place your knees together and then spread them apart again. (Finding a comfortable position.)

(Work on positioning your hands now.)

Getting up and down, you will need practice…. It will get smoother every time.

(My Sir will help me up and down, sometimes.)

Once down, he will use his crop and get me in a pleasing position.

“Straight Back & Shoulder’s Back….LK .”

~Yes, Sir~


*After our Live Chat I noticed that I forgot to mention that if your Dominate is kind, he/she may let you have a devise or pillow/blanket to kneel on.

kneeling padSimple as this….

fauxfurblanket & pillow

Luxurious like this…..

bunny pillow

Make it your own like this …. Add fringe or sparkle……


You can even use a pillow-pet…


The NINE positions that you should learn are the following:

 Make sure you learn there number in relation to their name.

Make sure you hold these positions until your Dom releases you.

Your Dom will be looking for you to be still, quiet & attentive to him/her.

~Try learning two positions at a time. Practice then in the mirror. Practice at night before bed. Practice in your vanilla-twist play time.

Work toward smooth movements. Then when your scene time comes, you will be better at it.

Hint*** Get those subbie points…. As your Sir speaks to you, respond with “Yes, Sir… What ever pleases you, Sir…. As you wish, Sir.”

1. SIT          Any style, on the floor, eyes down. In public, look for Dom’s direction.


 2. KNEEL          Up on knees, hands behind, back straight, eyes down.


 3. DOWN          Flat on floor, face down, legs wide, hands behind back.


4. BEND          Stand, legs wide, knees locked, hands on knees. (Punishment Position)


(Pic. shows hands on ankles instead of knees.)


 5. FOURS         Dog style, elbows locked, head up, knees together.



6. ASS          Dog style, chin to floor, knees wide, palms flat, down out ahead.

positions 3

7. WAIT          Up on wide knees, hands behind, head up, tits out.


8. PRESENT           On back, head straight, arms above head, palms up, legs spread wide.




9. INSPECT           Stand, legs wide, hands behind neck, eyes on trainer, tits out.

(Not on tip-toes as pic shows.)




If you are conquering your positions, and want little more challenge…. Try practicing position for your Sir with a blindfold on…. Or a ball gag in… An anal plug installed.. Lol! That’s extra credit!



Journal your feelings and your progress.  How is everyone doing? Are you finding it easier? Has it become more challenging? Try harder… Be better..

 Good Luck… This is a  homework challenge..

 We will discuss everyone’s progress in two weeks on LIVE CHAT…


~LK ❤


 Had to add a funny… A lap pillow.. LOL!






Images: Restrained

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  1. Great post Lk! Kneeling is important part of D/s it shows respect to your Sir and it boost his Dominance over you. To me Kneeling is a custom in my submission. Kneeling is a way that helps me clear my head when things start to overwhelm me on day to day basis. When I kneel and close my eyes it’s like I go into a different state of mind where everything disappears and as my mind and body relaxes… it enters into a natural state of calmness. Where I only focus on my inner submissive nature….I feel strength and power to yield.
    By kneeling in Sir’s presents I am showing respect and giving Sir his property to use for his enjoyment or to do whatever Sir decides to do with his property. This brings me comfort and gives me back control of myself… it resets the broken path I sometimes walk inside my head. Kneeling at Sir’s feet makes me feel that I’m wanted cared for and protected and it puts my heart and soul at peace again


    1. I too love to kneel next to Master while He is sitting on the couch watching TV or surfing the next. I am able to let everything go and *just be* – be His, be my deepest submissive-self and I feel everything slip away as I fall into a state of deep peace.

      My problem is my legs and feet go to sleep *far* sooner than I wish they would. I’m fit and limber, take my supplements everyday (including extra calcium, though I think I need more potassium) and am fairly strong – but ouch! And I hate it.

      Does anyone have anything you do?

      1. Cami… I think it has a lot to do with where the veins run through your knees and feet. I have same issue… I just try to limit time or ask to sit in differ position after a few minutes. You can damage your nerves if you’re not careful. Your Sir I am sure wants you comfortable enough to be able to do those things he needs while kneeling..


        1. Thanks LK! I’m afraid you are right and it is something physiological, I’m hoping I can “build up” my tolerance over time because I love to kneel and rest by Him.

          I was skimming through the original post just now as I was loading to reply to you and saw the “homework” assignment at the end. I’m going to add this to our Cart list and discuss this with Master at some point.

          I’m looking forward to visiting here frequently, I can see lots of things here in the archives that I think will be wonderful for me and hopefully Master will see that as well.

    2. Agreed. When Sir sent me the txt message, Now that you are mine you may call me Sir… I instinctively and instantly felt the urge to kneel even though I was alone. I sat there reverently absorbing that I was his and all that would come with that.
      Thank you LG for having the insight to create this site and offer so much of your personal time in education and support for fellow subs. I would have been lost and maybe even turned away from my inner nudging because the ‘other’ sites were too stereotypical. I knew this natural instinct would guide me to the right place and it did.

      I feel so complete and peaceful when I kneel at his side. Feeling him caress my next, hair, shoulders, back and as far as he can reach in offering me his strength, guidance and protection.

      Men were made as our protectors and stronger then us for a reason…
      It is natural and right to show respect to one another in any relationship but the connection I already feel and strength from that is unsurpassable.

      I have come home and know that the rest of my life will be fulfilling, supported, and engaging. I have much to look forward to thanks to LK and Mr. Fox sharing their journey with us in this safe and responsible place.

      I so look forward to the possibility of meeting all of the wonderful people I have made friends with.

      Thank you,
      Belle Âme

    3. So true. For me offering up control was my way of taking inner control back. It is my choice this time and one I relish.
      I don’t feel that kneeling is just Sir or to be just in front of Sir.
      I kneel now daily as in meditation and wrap my mind around the things I have learned. I love to kneel in front of the mirror in my room and practice my posture to please Sir more.
      I kneel as acceptance for myself in accepting who I am and what I need.
      Letting go is an amazing feeling.
      Kneeling is part of life like breathing, eating, showering, grooming and it all goes together.
      Thank you Lts
      Belle Âme

  2. What a great post LKI… It helps to have guidelines and pics to go with… I cant wait to do all these positions and to have sir help me with them…. I wish I could make the chat tonight… But Vanilla calls…. I will make sure there is a little D/s in our vanilla tonight…LOl

    Hugs girl!!

  3. Thank you for the pics to go with the positions LK. This post is and will be very helpful to us. I already do some of these but to have the commands and names to go with them (more than just “kneel”) will help.
    I’m due to spend some time in position #4 here in a little bit… was not on my best behavior… needless to say, I’m not looking forward to it.
    Thank you for the post lady!

  4. Sorry to have missed the chat. Life’s been hectic this week and I haven’t had a chance to stop by. Maybe there’s something in the air as I too needed some #4, although I tend to get that as #6. Hugs to you all!

    LT I love what you said about the kneeling clearing your head when the day to day overwhelms you. I enjoy sitting at his feet almost in a #2 but then place my head in his lap. Quietly thinking and calming while he’s doing research online or watching tv. He’ll place his hand on my head or the back of my neck and I feel the further release of my tension.

    I’m curious about these others and interested in practicing them and seeing what they do for us.

  5. Lt’s comment is exactly why I want us to start incorporating kneeling. Especially after attending last night’s chat, it’s clear that the kneeling is grounding, in a sense. I have a tendency to get ahead of myself, and I can see this calming me and making me stay in the moment. Mister and I spoke about it briefly this morning before he left for work. He agreed to read the post in addition to getting some insight from the other Sirs, since he had to miss the chat last night.

    I think including the pictures is going to be very helpful. 🙂 Thanks for posting, LK!!

  6. Kneeling….yes, an old position that one….church etc. i showed it to someone recently….I knelt, and I said, see, you can slap my face when I look up at you, spit on me as well. Generally, I am below you. You can also kick me in the chest and stomach….and well, we did all that….and it was rather lovely. It is very submissive to kneel, and I am learning to love even that too. Those pictures are beautiful. imo.

  7. Great the pictures to go with it, helps a lot.

    You can never get enough stretching, that will help in amazing ways. Plus you feel good afterwards.

  8. Awesome post, MD has suggested that we incorporate formal kneeling.

    An FYI, be careful in the standing position with knees locked – if you keep your knees locked for too long, you can pass out!

  9. Hi,

    I just have a question about the stretching.

    I’m new here so not sure if this is the right place to ask. but i wondered what stretches i can do to bring my elbows closer together behind my back? my sir loves elbow ties, but i let him down because of my lack of flexibility. can you recommend some or point me in the right direction! thank you all so much!

    Ps. I’m very keen to try these kneeling positions!

    1. Hi Allymay, I am no professional but I would just stretch everyday and get better flexibility overall. Online there are so many stretching exercises… Let me know what you find. HUGS! LK

      Thanks for commenting!

  10. If I may. As a male sub, I find this post really helpful. I love putting my head in her lap when she is in a chair or on the couch. It helps verify my understanding I am the sub in my marriage.

  11. Some sites show “wait” position as standing position (just goolge). So which wait is the right wait? (no that it matters much, both are nice)

    1. Hi are, I think you can use either. I took some common positions and posted them on here to help submissives get inspired. Nothing really is right or wrong, just some examples… You find what works for you and your Sir an implement it. This site really focus’ on midlife submission and you have to take what you physically can do and adjust it to make you feel submissive. Big HUGS! LK

  12. Looks like this is pretty old.

    I have been kneeling for about 16 years, alone. It has been a source of healing, motivation, and ultimately a place of longing for me.

    Over those years, I snuck in a few times kneeling at my Sir’s feet. Those were the most fulfilling moments I have shared with him.

    Only very recently has he agreed to look at and explore D/s-M. Tonight I went to him and knelt by his chair in his private knook. I’m not sure I have words for how that felt but I do agree that kneeling is where I feel most myself and most at peace.

    Just beginning this life style as a couple, I appreciate a place to read and interact. Although I have been submissive for almost 20 years, I have not asked my Master to be my Dominate yet. He has been very reluctant due to ideas of those that partake and are single.

    Sir has joined on the other side with Mr. Fox and I think he will like seeing some positions. He seems so enthused with everything else so far! Thanks for this post and your combined efforts in this site!

    1. Welcum to the site slaveAngel, I am happy that we can help inspire yo both to join the new wave of D/s-M, it is a different dynamic then ever before. ENJOY! HUGS! LK

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