Submissive Kneeling & Positions…Practice Makes Perfect

**** I really want to talk about the importance of stretching and gaining some flexibility, first. Get some stretching in daily. If you’re like me you probably have not been stretching.

Find two or three stretches and repeat daily. Nothing to hard or exerting. A routine that’s easily repeatable. It will help you not only in D/s but your whole life really. You will feel great doing it.



The Feelings of Kneeling


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~A Dom Feels~









Get on your knees,upright, your weight will be directly on your knees. Place your knees together and then spread them apart.

(Work on getting comfortable spacing.)

Kneel down resting on your calves. Rest your feet with the tops against the floor and then bending your toes under for support. (It takes practice and stretching.)

(Practice in mirror.)

Once down,  place your knees together and then spread them apart again. (Finding a comfortable position.)

(Work on positioning your hands now.)

Getting up and down, you will need practice…. It will get smoother every time.

(My Sir will help me up and down, sometimes.)

Once down, he will use his crop and get me in a pleasing position.

“Straight Back & Shoulder’s Back….LK .”

~Yes, Sir~


*After our Live Chat I noticed that I forgot to mention that if your Dominate is kind, he/she may let you have a devise or pillow/blanket to kneel on.

kneeling padSimple as this….

fauxfurblanket & pillow

Luxurious like this…..

bunny pillow

Make it your own like this …. Add fringe or sparkle……


You can even use a pillow-pet…


The NINE positions that you should learn are the following:

 Make sure you learn there number in relation to their name.

Make sure you hold these positions until your Dom releases you.

Your Dom will be looking for you to be still, quiet & attentive to him/her.

~Try learning two positions at a time. Practice then in the mirror. Practice at night before bed. Practice in your vanilla-twist play time.

Work toward smooth movements. Then when your scene time comes, you will be better at it.

Hint*** Get those subbie points…. As your Sir speaks to you, respond with “Yes, Sir… What ever pleases you, Sir…. As you wish, Sir.”

1. SIT          Any style, on the floor, eyes down. In public, look for Dom’s direction.


 2. KNEEL          Up on knees, hands behind, back straight, eyes down.


 3. DOWN          Flat on floor, face down, legs wide, hands behind back.


4. BEND          Stand, legs wide, knees locked, hands on knees. (Punishment Position)


(Pic. shows hands on ankles instead of knees.)


 5. FOURS         Dog style, elbows locked, head up, knees together.



6. ASS          Dog style, chin to floor, knees wide, palms flat, down out ahead.

positions 3

7. WAIT          Up on wide knees, hands behind, head up, tits out.


8. PRESENT           On back, head straight, arms above head, palms up, legs spread wide.




9. INSPECT           Stand, legs wide, hands behind neck, eyes on trainer, tits out.

(Not on tip-toes as pic shows.)




If you are conquering your positions, and want little more challenge…. Try practicing position for your Sir with a blindfold on…. Or a ball gag in… An anal plug installed.. Lol! That’s extra credit!



Journal your feelings and your progress.  How is everyone doing? Are you finding it easier? Has it become more challenging? Try harder… Be better..

 Good Luck… This is a  homework challenge..

 We will discuss everyone’s progress in two weeks on LIVE CHAT…


~LK ❤


 Had to add a funny… A lap pillow.. LOL!






Images: Restrained

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