Little Kaninchen

Little Kaninchen, the creator & author of subMrs™ is a happily married, monogamous wife with two children. She lived as the quintessential middle-class suburbia wife. Exactly what society would expect of her. Finding herself middle-aged, successful, and basically very unhappy. How could this have happened? She had worked hard to achieve her goals to this point. Everyone who knows her views her as successful, conservative, and happy. Why did she wake up so unhappy?

Speeding ahead, four months after her journey into an erotic Dominance and submission dynamic, she began a website to document her feelings and experiences in a way that other married and monogamous couples could use it.  On day one of her journey, she felt as if things were falling into place as they should have always been.  A great feeling of fulfillment and even a sense of replenishment washed over her.

What Little Kaninchen has today is an exciting marriage and life.   She has discovered how to truly communicate with her husband her desires, hopes, and dreams. Now listening and hearing her husband. She is honest with her deepest, darkest, most vulnerable secrets.  L.K. used to keep them to herself for fear of embarrassment, but now openly sharing without fear of rejection, judgment, or ridicule.  As you follow her through the journey into the world of all things BDSM, you may discover that you have many similarities to her, that is, if you are honest with yourself.  Her thoughts, feelings, and desires may begin to mesh with yours. After all, she is the typical middle-class married wife that happens to love married Dominance and submission.

Mission Statement of

subMrs is an exclusive online community & learning center. A place to gain knowledge, strength, and support regarding the Married Dominance and submission methodology created by its owners. subMrs focuses on the wife’s role as an individual as well as the overall dynamics. is helping married couples stay married by creating a new intimacy at a critical stage of their lives.  SubMrs & husDOM have Created and Developed a monogamous method that uses both support and structures from a Dominance and submission dynamic (leader/follower roles), mixing it with the creativity and excitement of BDSM and other sexual techniques, thus forming a method where married midlife couples can develop deeper intimacy, staying happily married longer. and are helping couples sate the reverence the husband desires from his wife and the adoration the wife craves from her husband.