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Learning Membership

Features & Benefits

This is a basic membership level designed for those that are trying to learn the art of submission in a loving and nurturing relationship.



    Premium Learning Blog Posts

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Living D|s-M Couple's

Invest In Your Marriage

Couple's Package
Save up to 50%

This premium membership level is designed for helping couples discover real success in developing and maintaining a nurturing, loving and sustainable Dominance and submission relationship. How bad do you want it?


    D|s-M Couple’s Package

    $13.99 month / billed annually

    30% savings


    Living D|s-M Membership Plus

    40% OFF husDOM™
    annual membership only

    Save $167.83

    For the committed couple

Living D|s-M

Personal & Marital Growth

This membership level is designed for those couples that are living a D|s-M relationship. While this membership contains all of the features and benefits of the Learning membership, the resources are more focused on a long term commitment and community.

    $19.98 monthly

    $5/5 DAY TRIAL

    All Learning Membership Benefits

    Premium Living D|s Blog Posts

    Additional Groups & Discussions (Forums)

    Multiple Chat Rooms

    Community Video Group Meetings

    Try it today for only $5.


Learning Membership Learn More

Dipping your toes in the water?Learning subMrs

This entry-level membership is designed to provide you with the basics required to learn how to create and nurture a sustainable, long term or Married  Dominance and submission relationship.  There is a lot of great resources and information to help guide you along your journey.

Premium Learning Blog Posts

These blogposts archive Little Kaninchen’s personal journey into a world that was once dark, taboo and primarily fantasy.  These archives demonstrate the fundamentals of a D|s-M relationship while outlining the principles and values required to create a lasting sustainable Dominance and submission relationship.

lk is a Certified Relationship Coach and has been mentoring and coaching countless women along their journeys.  Her experience, knowledge, and perspective of relationships can also be seen and felt throughout the entire blog.

The Premium Blog Posts allow a voyeuristic perspective of lk and Mr. Fox’s continuing journey into the D|s-M lifestyle.  They also include targeted topics as well as proven methods and scenarios that are crucial for developing new Dominance and submission dynamics.  As a member, you can post your thoughts and comments right below each blog post and lk will respond.

Learning Chat Room

Discover the amazing feeling of being able to share your jouenry in a safe judgement free environment with others much like yourself.  You will soon discover that this lifestyle is not as dark and as tabboo as what you may have thought.  There are people from all walks of life that share your same interests and deisres.

Groups & Discussions (Forums)

Learning Video Chats

Book Club

Social Media Style Platform


See someone that you like or admire?  Follow them to stay informed on their posts and comments.


‘Friend’ other members and develop camaraderie among the group.

Member Private Messaging

Members can make friends and send Private Messages within the social media style software.

Community Activity

You won’t miss a thing that happens within the community.  This feature allows you to get a feel for what is happening over the entire community with a simple glance.

Members Directory

Access the member’s directory and view member profiles.


Upload media to discussions, forums and more.  Create online albums.


Subscribe to the discussions that you want to keep up to date with.

Living D|s-M Couples Learn More


D|s-M Couple’s Package

$13.99 month / billed annually

30% savings


Living D|s-M Membership Plus

40% OFF husDOM™
annual membership only

Save $167.83

Living D|s-M Learn More

The Living D|s-M  membership level is designed for those that are serious about their success in creating and nurturing a sustainable D|s relationship.  This membership level contains all of the great features and benefits of the Learning D|s-M membership level as well as other additional resources to enhance your overall experience.


Do You Want More?

Learning & Living D|s-M Video Discussions

Premium Learning & Living D|s-M Blog Posts

Additional Groups & Discussions (Forums)

Multiple Chat Rooms

Community Video Group Meetings


Try it today for only $5.

$5 / 5 Day Trial

The subscription begins after 5 days.

The $5/5 Day Trial is designed to allow you access to ALL of the features and benefits of our premium Living D|s-M membership  with no more than a $5 investment.  The $5 is our security filter, eliminating many of the problems that an online community would experience.

Strengthens membership quality

Maximizes integrity of the community

Improves member participation

Filters trolls

Barrier minimizing underage participants

If after trying our Living D|s-M membership for 5 days you choose not to continue just log in and go to your account details page and cancel or downgrade your membership.

The price for membership is $5.00 now and then $19.98 per Month after your 5 day trial.

Why do I have to pay to have access?

Over the course of time, operating our two online communities have given us a valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t work in regards to a healthy and secure online community.  

With this being said, what works or doesn’t work would be different for different communities depending on their mission statement or goal.  Our goal is designed around helping married monogamous couples find success in a Dominance and submission style relationship.  

Exclusivity – Individual & Unique

Online communities today have become devalued by trolls and other members that participate but are not serious about the topic or subject matter.  They misrepresent themselves and their situations only to spend much of their time provoking negative emotions in others. 

troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroupforumchat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.


Due to the taboo nature of the subject matter many online communities are ripe for internet trolls.  Our amazing ambassadors have always served the communities well in preventing nonsense like this and still do today.  The small fee for membership has all but eliminated any type of this behavior within our communities.  

We are individual and unique in that we are trying to cultivate amazing marriages and relationships while proudly being monogamous.  

Exclusivity is not used as a negative term or description, it is separating us into a finely defined niche, D|s-M.

Being exclusive is not a business decision to make money.  In fact, we realize that it cripples our potential revenue.  If it were about the money everyone would be welcome…

Commitment – Focus & Priority

Members that have made this level of commitment to their relationships and to their partners become more focused on their personal goals, their partner’s and their relationships.  This level of commitment quickly aids in bringing Married Dominance and submission to the forefront of priorities.  

The intention behind the ‘Couple’s Package’ is to get a commitment from both partners and to encourage both partners to learn, grow and participate in the communities as much as possible.  We have found that couple’s that make this level of commitment reach greater heights and obtain more success within their own relationship.  They are both actively involved and participating equally in this journey together.

Safety, Security and Privacy 

We operate some of the most sophisticated software and security measures to ensure your personal privacy.  In fact, we advocate that you keep all contact with other members through our social media style platform and chats.  We do not recommend sharing any personal information with other members.  You are getting what you are paying for with us.

submissive only community

subMrs™ is a submissive only community designed to provide a safe secure environment for submissives to find camaraderie among others like themselves.  The subMrs™ community is a safe trustworthy ethical reputable place to exchange ideas and to learn from one another without the pressures and anxiety of Dominants or trolls interfering.


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