About Us, Little Kaninchen and Mr. Fox

subMrs.com & husDOM.com were created by a 20+ year married couple that woke up one day and wanted MORE from their marriage and even MORE from themselves. This couple’s relationship, up to this point in their lives, had always been charmed. They raised their family and did most other things that society would deem appropriate. They were successful, happily married with wonderful children living the quintessential life in their dream home.  Kids grew and one day, in a different life stage, a midlife crisis and they woke up strangers!

Would they fall victim of “Gray Divorce” trend?  Society has such a throw-away tendency toward marriage today. They knew that their love was worth fighting for and that they needed to save their marriage and both feel fulfilled and happy within it. Shortly after beginning their erotic journey to rebuild their connection and intimacy, they both had had an awakening.  After journaling their journey online for others to follow, they soon realized that there were so many other couples that had the same issues. Soon they were mentoring and helping others discover happiness again through Dominance and submission.  They became the founders of Marriage’s Sexiest Secret, The D|s-M Lifestyle, (Married Dominance and submission), the subMrs and husDOM communities. They also Created the “Start up Method” introducing couples to the HOW TO do this thing we do! Both, L.K and Mr Fox have become “MARITAL INFLUENCERS”.