A Drive with His Hand Up My Dress …….

Dinner was lovely.
The food was delicious.
We drive a long in silence. …
Passing under the street lights..
The streets are dark…..
An eagerness in the air.
I’m craving his hand up my dress.
I’m begging his fingers to wonder.
We’ve dressed our best.
For me, no panties allowed.
The thoughts in my mind, he knows me too well.
I’m beginning to wet my eager slit.
I watch as he reaches over and slowly inches my dress up my legs.
“Open your legs” he stares into the night.
“Yes, Sir…” I look at him and see shadows run across his face.
Soft finger tips creep ever so slowly up my thigh…
I open my legs wide and beg for him to enter.
His fingers graze my lips and the dew that has gathered.
“Pull the dress above your waist”
I do as I am told. I am his …..
I’m now bare from the waist down.
He feels my swollen tissue..
Rubs my sex between his fingers and thumb.
I’m breathing slow deep breathes.
Leaning my head back, I let me hair down from its conservative bun.
He plays, twiddles and stimulates.
My breathing picks up and I’m welcoming his advances.
His two fingers slips easily into my heated core.
My Sir plunges in and out until I am begging for release.
He’s wet past his powerful knuckles.
He looks into my eyes…
Lifts his fingers to his mouth.
Tasting my desire. One finger at a time.
You’re sweet.. Soo sweet.
Those fingers back inside delving.
Pushes me past my edge and into my own special bliss.
This time he takes his fingers and touches my lips, asking for entrance.
I open and take in the taste of my orgasm and smell my scent…
I clean his fingers.
I suck seductively. I twirl my tongue around his digits…
I’m seeing a bulge appear inside his zipper.
He hands me his handkerchief and instructs me to clean myself up.
I provocatively wipe my folds and see him stare out of the corner of my eye.
I pull my dress down and take a few thick breathes.
Thank You, Sir, for my orgasm.
You’re welcome “Little Kaninchen”…….
Next drive he reminds me, it’s his pleasure….
I turn and look at him and lick my lips….

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Little Kaninchen

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  1. LK,

    This makes me think about our upcoming long drive next week….

    Absolutely love the story…


    1. Give you any ideas Sir? Can’t wait! Looking back…. Remembering my short green skirt and your gold Trans Am …. Sir…. My jean skirt and your black Trans Am…. Lol! And my… And my… Lol!


      1. LK,

        I will always remember all of the “and my… moments we have had together…

        I look forward to all of the “and my” moments in our future…


        1. I’m ready to get back on track making fabulous new memories.. It’s always been you and I … We’ve had so many wonderful memories… It got a little off track and now is the time to make some really great ones! My submission is yours! LK❤

    1. One of my favorite playtimes through out our years together… It’s been a bit since we’ve done it.. It time… Let the driving begin! ❤

          1. Sir is taking His princess to a castle for dinner, then the dungeon for drinks! i am beside myself, i wish i had a girlfriend to help me dress..

          2. Omg! So excited for you! Details.. Details… I would love to do something like this… What’s our choices on dress? I’ll help! ❤

          3. Love it! Love it! Love it! Omg! You’re sooo lucky! Well be your own sunshine! You lucky sub…. Now the dungeon… More please! ❤

          4. LK,

            You are so excited that you need to remember to breath yourself…


          5. Just very happy, Sir! The new ice has made me giddy!

          6. I get so happy for other subs! There new experiences.. It’s like I feel like I’m getting to be there with them! You have to admit, HotLilMess… OMG… What a wonderful day… and night she’s going to have!


          7. Oh I see… The dungeon is in the basement… Nice! Private rooms down there? Lol! Oh girl… I’m soo excited for you! You go have fun… Please let me know how it goes… Have a ball! Or two! Lol! Drink one for me.. The menu looks Devine! ❤❤❤

          8. i am wet about the private tour…so excited. Yes, there are rooms down there..*squirms* Thank you for the post to get me going, i totally forgot about the car ride! Off i go…

  2. Very hot scene, LK–sigh. I do so envy you! I wish DH could let his hair down (what little he has left, LOL) and be so daring. It’s happened to me in my universe long, long ago–along with a Story of O reenactment in the gardens of a romantic restaurant… The build-up and mind fuck were delicious! I so want these memories with my husband.

    And hotlilmess, your night sounds wonderful too!! I would love to hear about it. Is the dungeon really for sex play?

    1. No… It’s the bar… But there are private rooms…
      I’m hearing a little Marvin Gay… “Let’s get it on….”
      Lol! I’m very excited for her!

    1. Working hard on my D/s… It’s my priority… And it’s reaping great rewards. Can’t tell you how happy I am right now… Satisfied.. One with my husband. Getting horny though.. He’s been away a couple days… Lol! How are you guys doing?

      1. Blissful. : ) Last night when I was getting showered and ready for him, I was feeling irritated and grumpy over other things. I was thinking about all the preparations I was making(for him) as a chore to do. At some point, I realized I was enjoying myself. That I had been thinking about nothing but how to please him for 20 minutes or so and it didn’t feel like a chore at all. I realized that I needed that preparation time. It allows me to immerse myself in thinking of him. In order to prepare every inch of my body for him to touch and look at, I have to think about where he will look and touch. I have to think about how my hair will feel to his fingers, how my lotion will smell and taste to him. I’ve been asked him to choose the jewelry and clothing for me to wear that night, and when I put it on- it tells me what he wants from me that night. Innocent and sweet? Or sexy and dark. And I think about that too. By the time I come out to him, I’ve already been practicing pleasing him for an hour. It puts me in the right mental space. You know what I mean? And for him, he sees how much time and detail I’ve put into pleasing him. He takes his time now, like I’m a present to unwrap every so slowly and savor. whew! Is it bedtime for these damn kids yet! LOL

        1. Oh… This is great! Great testimony for others! When you started out in that bad mood.. You were very vanilla.. Unsubmissive and then you began preparation and you began thinking like a sub. How to please your Sir… Connecting with your submissive heart… You began to get into your subspace… It happens to me sometimes as well. Keep going… You’ve only got the tip of the iceberg. Is he preparing for your scenes? Proper warm ups & aftercare? Really happy, you make it what you both want and it will get better and better!

          1. Yes, but he doesn’t know what a “scene” is yet. LOL or a Dom or a sub. We haven’t gotten to that part yet, I don’t want to send him running scared! : ) It doesn’t matter to me really if ever knows the “lingo”, it can just be what it is, kwim? I’m still shocked that he’s responded the way he has and is even capable of any of the things he’s done! I certainly never knew my husband was such a pervert! 😉 Last night he made me tell him who my-ahem-assorted “parts” belonged to as he touched them. And you better believe he made sure I added the term “Sir” after the word you! You Sir! (Who is the man pretending to be MY husband anyway?) I feel like Lois Lane when she realizes Clark Kent was really Superman the whole time behind that disguise!

          2. He’s a natural Dom girl, be proud.. So many woman/subs/wives would love to be soo lucky!
            You should think how to show him what he is.. It may sooo get him even more into his role! Tell him how proud you are.. Lay it on thick… Over and over! Very hot his responses have been! I talk to so many that would just practically cut off their arm for what you have naturally ! Lol! Well, all seriousness think about letting him in on what you both are soo good at! I think he will puff out his chest … And claim what’s his..
            Im Here to support and cheer you on! No matter your decision.. Congrats!

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