Playing with Pearls



Found some similarities ……

A pearl/Clit is a hard object produced within the soft tissue.

A pearl/Clit is referred as very rare, fine, admirable, and valuable.

The pearl/Clit has been regarded throughout history as a treasure almost beyond value.

 Click on Pic or Clit! lol!

**Before, I tell you all about the delicious little games, you should never use pearl necklaces for anal plays. If you want to use pearls for anal play use Thai beads instead due to their strength and they do not have rough edges that can cut you.


***After Talking to some subs and learning from them… Get a Larger MM of pearl… 12+

(First,  The Pearl Massage, pictured above.)

The sub lies on her back, with her legs spread. The Dominate hangs the pearl necklace around his thumb, and places his thumb just below his sub’s clit. He can now give her clit a “pearl massage” by using his other hand to pull the necklace around his thumb. One by one, all the pearls will pass by her clit and touch it with their smooth surfaces. He let it rotate again and again, and adjust the speed to her reaction, until she comes.

Hiding the Necklace


The sub lies on her back, with her legs spread wide. Her hus/Dom giving her oral pleasure,  as she gets very stimulated and wet,  He slowly inserts the necklace in her vagina, while holding on to one end. The Dominate keeps licking his subs cunt, edging her, he then quickly pulls out the necklace, causing his sub’s pussy to contract and come, giving her great pleasure.

The Pearl Hand Job


Trading Places with his sub, The Dom lies on his back, and his submissive strokes, licks and nibbles his member until it is hard and hungry. She then takes her pearl necklace, and moisturizes it with a lubricant. (You may not need any if you have done either of the previous play mentioned above, LOL!)  Wrapping the beads 2-3 times around her Dom’s cock (u-tube /video above) and working/sawing the beads back and forth, slowly. Pleasure your Dom as much as he wishes. To change it up a little, the sub winds the pearl necklace around his member a few more times, not to tight. Adding more lubricant, and then gives her hus/Dom a hand job while holding her hand around the pearls, moving her hand up and down his shaft until her Dom comes.

*** Use an inexpensive set of pearls…. So you can dispose of them if need be. If you use real ones… they clean up with liquid dish soap and water.

Good Luck!




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  1. Um….wow…..and Little K, I have made a post that is inspired by you, though not so lovely as this….not even close….but it probably won’t show up on your reader because it is explicit….though not quite as sharply focused as these…like I say….wow. Funny that this is what I fell upon when I fell into your warren… you as usual. I miss your spanks my dear. But one day, do give me a guided tour for morons….(me). lol. Take care! Have fun! John

    1. I will get to reading it now.. hugs… will send you spanks when I get my tablet going again… lots of issues with my technology… ugh….

      Talk soon!

      many hugs!


  2. Fun!! My daughter won’t be borrowing my pearls anymore! Lol.

  3. Oh my! I love my pearls! I love this post! I have a few sets of pearls….one real, the rest fake….One is a really really long wrap style…tie me up? The others are normal length….one has already become a toy….the other was meant to be a toy!
    I love your comparison between pearls and clit! Beautiful!

  4. Love this post!!! I have the long wrap around pearls…should be fun to play with!! Can’t wait to use them!’ Thanks lady for the great ideas!!

  5. I never thought to use my pearls in that way! But I love it!! I have one set and they are a shorter strand. After this I’m thinking I need a longer strand too! 😉

  6. Elle,

    I have posted a sticky in all of the forums explaining how our new Follow Little Kaninchen process works if you want a more detailed explanation.

    LK’s updates are only generated once per day and only if there is new material to forward. Currently our updates are forwarded in the late afternoon depending on your time zone. If LK wrote a new post last night you will not receive email notification until the following afternoon when the material will be forwarded.

    This process may appear to be undesirable but it will reduce the amount of notifications per day from Little Kaninchen.

    I am also working on something else for those of you that would like to be notified instantly of new posts and comments.

    Best Wishes,

    Mr Fox

  7. There are panties that have a string of pearls that run through between the legs. A knot that is where the clit is.
    Will have little flower wear them out sometimes, they bring about a very strong response after wearing them for a while.
    Will make her take the stairs instead of an elevator, or if we are out eating I will offer her a bite of food and have her lean over the table to get it..

    1. Those sound fantastic. Where does one find such panties?

      1. Oh my. I’m with shygirl… Where would you find some panties like that?

  8. Wish I had seen this earlier. I just done some nude pics for DH. He will get a surprise when he opens his email..

    1. Very cool you got pics done! Please tell me more about the poses you chose. Was it expensive?

  9. OMG…I am so hot after reading this. I think I need to visit my grandmother and concoct a story about needing to borrow her pearls…

    1. Go for it…. Target has faux strings… you can throw them away… Let me know if you try it!

  10. Lk Sir usd the pearls inside and out side on me Saturday night and they were ok, they were small in size. I think it would have been better with a larger size in pearls, I will be looking for a bigger size when i’m out shopping. We will try it again.

    1. A larger millimeter of pearl works better… I’ll go back and put that in post…
      Thanks for review.. Need more from everyone who did their homework… Ö

      LK ❤️

  11. This post looks awesome! Need to find some where to get pearls that don’t cut you. I have a slight obsession with pearls. Something so elegant about them!