Being Marked or Claimed, Dominant marking a submissive, Little Kaninchen and Mr Fox, husDOM,

Being Marked or Claimed

What does being marked or claimed Mean?

First, I want to make clear when I am referring to being marked or claimed it’s being done in a romantic sexual manner.  All actions coming from a positive place.  If these things are done in a negative or domineering way it is considered dysfunctional behavior and may even scare the one you love.  Hence, you are married, you want to make sure to participate and plan these things together.  D/s-M is team work.

You can be marked or mark someone else.  You are marking them or their body or you are being marked.   Markings can be but are not limited to scent, scoring or branding in some way.  The best way to describe marking is to consider cat marking you by rubbing against you or something with their muzzle, leaving their saliva behind so that other cats will identify that they own you.Being Marked or Claimed, Dominant marking a submissive, Little Kaninchen and Mr Fox, husDOM,

Why Claim or Mark ?

Your Dominant may choose to Mark you or Claim you during your play or make it an entire scene. They want to leave their smell or marks on you in someway to demonstrate their Dominance over you.  In some cases they will want others to see it or it may just be for your mindset.  Some Dominants want to claim their submissive after they get particularly built up from someone else coveting you (paying you a lot of attention) or if someone touches you in a way he wants to erase.  In these cases, sometimes the markings are aggressive ones, done in a Dominant way NOT a domineering way.  You should discuss markings in downtime communications, making sure that you both are on the same page regarding the acceptable ways your husDOM wants to mark you.

How are You Claimed or Marked?

There are many ways and I invite you all to imagine and find you’re special way to do a marking or claiming. I will just mention a few ways. Marked with ejaculate, blood or urine. You can be marked with markers, bites, brands, piercing and tattoos on your skin. Afterwards your Sir may require you not to clean it off and go about your day with his mark on you all day. I can say that many a time it has felt so good to have Mr. Fox’s mark and every movement I will feel the tightness of the fluids on my skin as I move around and it makes me smile to myself. Some Dominants want to keep your scent on them all day. They can revisit their Domination with your scent on their fingers or body.

Can a submissive Mark Her Dominant?

Being Marked or Claimed, Dominant marking a submissive, Little Kaninchen and Mr Fox, husDOM,

Yes, a submissive can mark her husDOM, by his request. You can mark your Sir with your ejaculate or body fluids or any way your Sir wishes. He may want your mark on him reminding him that you are his submissive. There is an example below, Washboarding…..

Marking Scene

Mr. Fox and I are currently researching blood play so we can do a scene where Sir uses a quill or something sharp to make a puncture and gather his blood to use as ink to write thinBeing Marked or Claimed, Dominant marking a submissive, Little Kaninchen and Mr Fox, husDOM, subMrs.comgs on my body during a scene. I want to worship my Sir and his blood, showing him my respect and submission. As I always say, educate yourselves and be safe no matter the scenes you plan.


One really great Marking Scene is where your Sir marks you with his fluids by rubbing them all over you in a sensual manner. When marking your Dominant you can ride his abdominals, Washboarding, until you leave fluids up and down his torso. Adding the bondage element is a must when doing any marking scene, so don’t forget your rope and cuffs! Have fun with the scene and comment letting me know your thoughts and results!

Being Marked or Claimed, Dominant marking a submissive, Little Kaninchen and Mr Fox, husDOM,

Being Marked or Claimed, Dominant marking a submissive, Little Kaninchen and Mr Fox, husDOM,


HUGS! Little Kaninchen


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  1. kyahbear 3 years ago

    Sir, recently graced me with his mark for the first time. I now wear a small drawing of a box kite near his favorite spot. It was done with permanent marker since neither of us goes in for tattoos or piercings. The joy of marker is that we can relive the experience over and over again as the old one wears off and a new one is needed. I loved being marked in a way only HE knows about. Well, Sir and now all of you. lol It makes me feel wanted and beautiful to be His. <3

  2. Babe 3 years ago

    My Sir likes to suck on my neck when we play and that is how he marks me. We have talked about me getting a tattoo in a private area that represents his Dominance over me. What a wonderful post LK! XOXO Babe

  3. Veruca MOD/Mr. Cain 3 years ago

    Sir and I have talked about getting tattoos in order to mark our D/s on each other, but have yet to get it done…it’s one of those things that is always in the back of my mind, but finding the right design for a tattoo is difficult.
    As far as symbolic marking during play, Sir likes to pinch and bite a bit…but I have always found that after we have a good impact session and I have marks on my ass and legs, I will look at them repeatedly in the mirror with a certain sense of pride. I watch as the marks/bruises change color and then ultimately fade. Sir has also started to appreciate the marks he gives me as well…we will joke and laugh about them and he has made comments about how they will remind me for the next few days of who I belong to and I love that!
    Great post LK!

  4. Battysub 3 years ago

    Such an interesting post because it has been the topic of some of our discussions during play.
     I will be very honest I do not like the smell of sex I do not like the smell of hardly anything I am extremely smell sensitive; and yet in the last few months Sir has disclosed that he likes the smell of me on him. I find it interesting  that you wrote about that in your post  because I never considered it  marking but it does make sense,  because his thoughts have  turned to marking me.  Sir has made comments  about tattoos (of which I am willing to give some thought to). He has sent me video of a girl being branded  with a small heart (which  I found  LOL ridiculous so not going to happen).   He has also  talked of permanent  markers ( I kind of thought of this as a joke). My Sir is not the best at conveying his thoughts and feelings so I didn’t understand what he has been  trying to tell me. With the help of this Blog I think I get it. Once again thank you.

  5. Morning Glory 2 years ago

    I am marked with a very special tattoo on my left back shoulder. It is a custom design with 3 morning glories in varying stages of blossoming; bud to full blossom) The three stages are to represent my growth and blossoming as his submissive and some of the vines form a “D/s” to show our relationship commitment. He touches/caresses my tattoo everyday during my daily kneel/bow ritual and he says that it is for him to enjoy (as well as me).

  6. Author
    LK Founder D|s-M 2 years ago

    My Sir got his first tat two years ago…. but, I am still wrestling with getting a tattoo or not….. I appreciate a good tat and I even know what to say on mine. I have waited all these years to do it, the skin is still porcelain…. DO I want to at my age go ahead an take the ink plunge? LOL! Love to hear your comments on this one… HUGS


  7. Morning Glory 2 years ago

    LK, I say go for the ink plunge if you feel that will represent your true expression of you or your dynamic but you have to want it with all of your heart and mind. Age has nothing to do with it, as you know we are all young at heart in the D/s-M world. I wear my proudly and I have no regrets. It is for me and my Sir, not for anyone else. No one else’s opinion that I have it matters. I don’t have to answer to them, only to my Sir and myself.
    My two cents….getting off the soap box now.

  8. Hisgirl*AMB/GH 10 hours ago

    Just saw this post LK and must say, as usual – love it. My Sir definitely likes to mark me. He enjoys cumming in my panties before I head out for the day so that I feel him on me when I am away from him. He also likes to leave bite marks on me in various places. We are still looking at tattoos to show our D|s-M as well.

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