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Respecting your Dominant

Respecting your Dominant, how do you show him your respect?  First know that your Dominant requires your RESPECT.  You’re his submissive. You have asked or formally accepted his Dominance… You have given him yourself in an exchange of power .  All he asks for is your overall respect.

Respect in Obedience. Your Sir expects you to obey his wishes. You do as you’re told.. Always and immediately respond.  You can ask questions but you are to react or respond quickly.  You have control and have a safe word. I warn, only use it in the most difficult situations.

Respect in Patience. Your Sir is the captain of the ship you’re traveling on. He has to dominate you, design scenes and make you orgasm like you’ve never done before. Patience pays off. They have to absorb, process and act on this new lifestyle. Be patient and communicate everything to him because then it takes the guess work away. He then can be your CAPTAIN, your Sir quicker.

Respect in Knowledge. Your Sir (If he is a novice, a new husDom) will require you to help him with the orchestration of scenes or sessions in the beginning. Copy your readings, send him e-mails, or bye him a book. Your Sir will be studious and find his way to manipulate the lifestyle to his liking.  If your Sir, (an expert or experienced) will require you to be studious. He will give you assignments.. He will work your brain and your body.  Still communication is the true key at any level.

Respect of Relationship. You are to respect your affiliation. Only speak well of your affairs. Only speak kind of your Sir to others. The relationship is private and gain his permission before you speak to another regarding it ever. Sir will always to only speak highly of your self and especially your body. He will require you to keep your instrument healthy and happy, this includes your tongue.

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  1. Lovely advice LK. Respect is the key!

    I’m sending the link to my hubby (soon to be HusDom) to read.

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you… I’ve had a couple newbies comment recently and I think I needed to go back and explain what it may require to be submissive… What you have to give… ❤❤

  2. Perfectly worded and absolutely correct. As a submissive you need to behave as a submissive, even if you do not have his Dominance. For most men, actions speak louder than words. When a new husDom acts or speaks like a Dominant then you must respond as a submissive. In track and field it’s called a false start. The gun gets raised by the starter, but you jump it instead of waiting for it to go off because you didn’t trust that you would hear the gun properly or got too anxious for the race. You could have won the race (or at least placed) had you listened. Your Dom says or does something then respond accordingly and before you know it you’re running…jogging…skipping…strolling…but at least you’re moving in the right direction.

  3. LK…love your words. Respect and Honesty are the foundation of my M/s relationship. my actions reflect Master, as such i represent Him in everything i do. it is wonderful to see your advise to other subs. i stopped by your husDom’s page and appreciate your story. thank you and to your Sir.

    1. Thank you for your kind words… My asir has his blog as well, if your Sir wants to take a look.…
      Hey I have a really cool girl I blog with she’s in a M/s relationship like you.. please look her up and her blog.. Great person!… Tell her I sent you!
      Little Kaninchen

        1. Great.. She’s so nice.. Keep following.. ❤

  4. Thank you LK this is great advice!! Being a newbie and all… Need to soak up everything!! Your blogs are great!!

    1. I’m by far a pro… But I’m so happy the way things are going for our D/s… We can always go faster but Sir reals me in… Thank you for your kind words and taking time out if our day to follow… Much appreciation! I’m here to talk anytime!


  5. I love this post! Sir has set up some new rules that fall in line with this post, especially about keeping my mind, body, and tongue healthy! 🙂 <3