Dominance and Submission Couples Exercise | Immersive Book Experience | Final Segment, 4

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Marriage Training Couples Exercise, Segment 4

This is the fourth and final segment of our Dominance and submission Couples Exercise. I hope you and your Sir are enjoying the experience. As you know, after reading the erotica book, Marriage Training written by author, Golden Angel, we saw a chance to coordinate with our submissive Book Club for a Couples Immersive Book Experience. I posted warnings on calendar, but I want to remind everyone again that the book is fictional and it is not a HOW TO do Dominance and submission. This exercise is for couples to have fun, connect and stay inspired. We suggest taking 3 weeks to finish this segment. We will do follow-up with our couples discussion about this Immersive Exercise. Any questions or concerns about the exercise, please email or . Questions about the book, please notify our sexy subMrs Librarian in the book club group.

Segment 4

Reading: Chapter 16-Finish


Continue using supplies from Previous Weeks +

Leather Belt or Spanking Implement of Choice

When using any implement for impact, I advise that you use it with great caution, it’s not about sting, or hurt… It’s about bringing pleasure to the submissive and pleasing her Dominant. This exercise gives you both a chance to explore different implements for impact. Start soft and build to where you enjoy it.

Do not let EVER let anyone strike you with full force with any implement, that is ABUSE.


Below is guidance through each of the assigned chapters. This is just highlights of the scenes in the book. How you both approach them is up to you. Overall the fun is to use the characters and their scenes making them into something you both can duplicate. Get the supplies above and let your dynamic follow the book. We give you several weeks to get engaged and out the reading into the practice. The husDOM needs tally and or reward the subMrs or give her some fun-ishments along the way.

Session 1: Pleasure Spanking

1. Review/Know Safe Word

2. subMrs Prepares Self for husDom

3. subMrs Greets husDom Upon Entering

4. husDOM Begins Complimenting subMrs on Good Behavior

“The many compliments made her entire body tingle with happiness.” (p. 197)

5. husDOM Passionately Kisses subMrs

“He ravished her mouth with his, indulging in a much more passionate kiss than he he’d every allowed himself before.” (p. 197)

6. husDOM Undresses subMrs While Kissing 

“Gabriel continued to kiss her as she clung to him. She only moved enough to help him free her limbs from the garment” (p. 198)

7. husDOM Takes a Step Back to Admire subMrs’ Body

“Gabriel stepped back and drank in the sight of her naked body with his eyes.” (p. 198)

8. husDOM Sits in the Chair and Directs subMrs to Bend Over husDOM’s Knees

“’Come here, Sunrise,’ he said, patting his lap. Vivian’s emerald eyes grew big. ‘But…how many…’

‘This isn’t punishment, sweetness,’ he said. He held out his hand to encourage her to come forward.” (p. 199)

9. husDOM Administers Pleasure Spanking with Hand

“When he finally gave her bottom a little swat, she let out a little squeal of surprise. It hadn’t hurt. Just a tiny little sting that she barely felt. Then he swatted her again, on her other cheek, and Vivian actually sighed, wriggling on his lap as if to ask for more.” (p. 199)

10. husDOM Teases subMrs with Fingers but Does Not Bring Pleasure

“Running his fingers down to the swollen clitoris, Gabriel gave it a slight pinch before moving his hands away.” (p. 200)

11. husDOM Directs subMrs to Kneel and Please Orally

“On your knees, sweet. I want you to use your mouth on me and then you’ll get the rest of your reward.” (p. 200)

12. husDOM Directs subMrs to Lie Down on the Bed on Back with Feet Flat on Bed Instructing Hands Above Head Without Moving

“Lie down on your bed, on your back, with your arms above your head.” (p. 201)

“Put your feet flat on the bed and spread your legs, love.” (p. 202) “Spread them more.” (p. 202)

“Gabriel put his hands on her knees and spread them even wider.” (p. 202)

13. husDOM Teases subMrs

“He trailed his fingers along her inner thighs, between her knees, and around her wet folds,” (p. 202)

“Teasing her, he never quite touched it, although her hips lifted in silent entreaty.” (p. 203)

14. husDOM Makes subMrs Beg to be Pleased

“Tell me what you want, Sunrise.” 

“When she didn’t respond, he reached up and pinched one of her nipples roughly. It stung and throbbed between his fingertips. “Tell me what you want, Vivian.” 

15. husDOM Ties subMrs Hands to Bed

“I told you not to move your hands. Now, you’ve lost the use of them.” Gabriel pulled a silken length of cord from his pocket and wrapped it around her wrists before securing them to the headboard, leaving her stretched out and completely vulnerable to his hands and mouth.” (p. 203)

16. husDOM Worships subMrs Breasts Making subMrs Beg for Pleasure

“She eventually lost track of how long Gabriel had been at her breasts,” (p. 203)

“Her moans and movements were ignored as he indulged himself in teasing her, tormenting her, until she thought she might actually climax from nothing but his hands and mouth on her breasts and nipples.” (p. 203)

“And every time she begged him, every time she pleaded, he would always ask the same question: “Please what, Sunrise? What do you want me to do?“ (p. 203)

17. husDOM Performs Oral Sex to subMrs While Penetrating Anus with Finger

“Vivian felt the tingling burn of entry, the way his finger rooted back and forth as he explored her tight backdoor,” (p. 205)

“Gabriel licked and nibbled at the tender lips of her sex, staring up the length of her body and enjoying the way she began to thrash her head back and forth, her breasts jiggling mightily as he worked her towards a quickly impending orgasm.” (p. 206)

18. husDOM Tucks subMrs Into Bed

Session 2: Punishment Spanking

1.      Review/Know Safe Word

2.      subMrs Prepares Self for husDom

3.      subMrs Greets husDom Upon Entering

“Come here.” (p. 219) “Slowly she got to her feet, walking across the room to meet him.” (p. 219) “Giving her nipples a pinch hard enough to make her gasp, he let his hands fall away. (p. 220)

4.      husDOM Undresses subMrs

“Grabbing handfuls of the garment, he pulled it over her head.” (p. 220)

5.      husDOM Instructs subMrs to Remove husDOM’s Shirt

“Help me take off my jacket.” (p.220)

6.      husDOM Instructs subMrs to Bend Over Bed with Legs Spread Open

“Go and bend over your bed, with your legs spread.” (p. 221)

7.      husDOM States Number of Swats with Belt (or Implement of Choice) subMrs Will Receive

“I’m going to spank you, first with my hand, then with my belt. Twenty strokes with each.”

8.      husDOM Spanks subMrs with Hand

9.      husDOM Teases subMrs

“When he reached the count of twenty, he crouched behind her, laying his hands on her rosy buttocks and digging his fingers into that soft flesh. Vivian squirmed and moaned, and then gasped as she felt his tongue slide between the slick folds of her womanhood” (p. 222)

10.  husDOM Instructs subMrs to Stand and Take Off husDOM’s Belt (or Retrieve Implement of Choice) and Kiss It

“Stand up, Vivian.” (p. 222)

“’Take off my belt, Sunrise.’ Her bottom lip trembled as she realized he was going to make her provide him with the very implement he was going to punish her with.” (p. 222)

“She hesitantly offered it up to him and he took it, holding it in front of her face. ‘Kiss it.’

The leather was soft against her lips but she knew it wouldn’t feel so against her bottom.” (p. 222)

11.  husDOM Instructs subMrs to Bend Over the Bed Again with Legs Spread Far Apart

“Turn around and bend over the bed again.” (p. 223) “Legs farther apart, Love.”

12.  husDOM Reminds subMrs Number of Swats and Instructs to Hold Self in Place

“Twenty with the belt. You will hold yourself in position. If you move out of position, that stroke won’t count.” (p. 223)

13.  husDOM Gives subMrs Time to Decompress (at this point husDOM rubs cream on subMrs bottom)

“Gabriel ran his hands over her back, soothing and reassuring her. She slumped, her tears slowing and her breath returning to normal in response to his soft caresses and his approving murmurs.” (p. 225)

14.  husDOM Performs Anal Sex with subMrs

“After several long minutes of his care, he opened the drawer in the table next to the bed, pulling out the oils he’d put there before her arrival.” (p. 225) 

“You’re used to the plugs. Now I’m going to show you what their purpose was – preparing your tight little bottom to take my cock.” (p. 226)

“’So beautiful, Vivian,’ he murmured, massaging her lower back with his thumbs to help her relax. ‘Your creamy skin and your hot, red bottom, swallowing up my cock…So bloody gorgeous.’” (p.227)

15.  husDOM Marks subMrs

“With a last pinch of her nipples he pulled away, opening his eyes so he could grip his cock and watch the final spurts of his orgasm land on her ass.” (p. 229)

“he’d marked Vivian irrefutably inside and out.” (p. 229)

16.  husDOM Tucks subMrs Into Bed

“…tucking the covers over her. He crawled onto the bed beside her, allowing her to snuggle up to him.” (p. 230)

Session 3: Making Love

1.      Review/Know Safe Word

2.      subMrs Prepares Self for husDom

3.      subMrs Greets husDom Upon Entering, husDOM Embraces subMrs

“he stepped forward and pulled her into his arms, lowering his mouth to hers” (p. 246)

“he grasped her wrists in one hand, holding them behind the small of her back.” (p. 246)

“the kiss seared her with its intensity” (p. 246)

4.      husDOM Guides subMrs to the Bed, subMrs Directed to Put Hands on Bed

“Step by step he backed her towards the bed.” (p. 246)

“Gabriel broke off the kiss and turned her around.” (p. 246)

“Put your hands on the bed. Don’t move them.” (p. 246)

5.      husDOM Undresses subMrs From Behind

“Slight pressure against the base of her neck, and then it released, and lips pressed themselves against her revealed skin, Gabriel’s body pressing into her from behind.” (p. 246)

“Stand Up. He pulled the gown from her arms and down her hips, and had her step out of it” (p 246) “Hands back on the bed, Gabriel ordered, his voice more hoarse as he placed his hands on her hips and caressed them while she leaned forward again.” (p. 246) “Stay like that. Just. Like. That.” (p.246)

6.      husDOM Undresses Self

“Vivian shivered as he stepped away. She missed his warmth immediately. The sound of fabric sliding indicated he was disrobing. Wanting to see him, wanting to know what he looked like under his shirt and pants, Vivian craned her neck to look around.” (p. 247)

7.      husDOM Spanks subMrs with Hand 

“I told you to stay in place. Smack! He spanked her three more times before she cried out, her bottom stinging from the hard slaps,” (p. 247)

8.      husDOM Teases subMrs with Oral

“Placing his hands on either side of the tempting lips, he pulled them apart, leaving Vivian gasping as his warm breath wafted across her sensitive inner folds. Her elbows buckled and then collapsed, so that she was bending over with her bottom high in the air, her legs spread and her pussy parted, her head resting on her forearms.” (p. 248)

9.      subMrs Begs for Pleasure

“Please, she begged, wanting him to touch her, to satisfy the throbbing need pulsing inside of her. Oh, Please..” (p. 248)

10.   husDOM Makes Love to subMrs

“The sensation of being utterly filled had Vivian rocking as Gabriel buried himself inside her. She was barely aware of what was happening, only of the pleasure that swept through her, the long-waited culmination of all his teasing, his caresses, his passionate kisses.” (p. 251)


These chapter’s have a lot of talk about feelings and learning things mentally and accepting them, not forgetting the physical experiences that you experience as well. This is a wonderful time to journal after each one of these sessions or chapters. You can think about each one and write your thoughts and feelings around them. Please keep your journal entries and use them in the final discussion. My wish is that this immersive book experience is helping you build your roles and helping you keep your dynamics flowing.

Please invite your Sir to join us for our Couples Live Video Chat later this month. I need to thank our lovely librarian for all her hard work with this exercise. Please do comment let us know if you would like more Couples Immersive Book Exercises.



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