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OOOHHHH YEAAAHHHH! Go ahead and Drink the Kool-Aid! Every second Friday in August is known as National Kool-Aid Day. National Kool-Aid Day gives us all a chance to reminisce back to the summer days of our childhood, especially us 70’s and 80’s kids. It was our favorite sugary soft drink. Back then, we burned off calories faster than we could consume them. Ahhh..those were the days! This holiday also kicks off subMrs and husDOM communities Kool-Aid Days! We are offering 20% off our annual memberships on subMrs and husDOM communities!



Edwin Perkins of Hastings, Nebraska invented Kool-Aid in 1927 after experimenting with pectin powder to flavor jellies and jams. His experiments took place in his mom’s kitchen. Perkins there discovered a way to remove the liquid from something called Fruit Smack, leaving only the powder behind, branding it Kool-Aid. Perkins moved his production to Chicago in 1931 and Kool-Aid was purchased by General Foods in 1953. The city of Hastings celebrates with a yearly summer festival called Kool-Aid Days on the second weekend in August in honor of their city’s claim to fame. Kool-Aid is Nebraska’s official soft drink.

Kool-Aid Man

Kool-Aid Man is the official mascot for Kool-Aid, a brand of flavored drink mix. Before he got his arms and legs, the Kool-Aid Man was just a normal full figured pitcher with a smile drawn on its face, known as Pitcher Man. Pitcher Man existed from 1954 to 1975. After that is when the contemporary Kool-Aid Man began to take the shape we know today.

Kool-Aid Man, AKA, Frankie D’Koolaid, Pitcher-Man or Captain Kool-aid is described as rotund, red, and ready to refresh. He is joyful and fun-loving with human characteristics. He has been busting through walls, scoreboards, and other expensive-to-replace sets for over 30 years, all in the name of quenching kids thirsts. Presently, he is doing less busting through walls and is instead seen hosting some pretty sweet parties or guesting spoofing on SNL!

Through the Years…..

Through the Years

Kool-Aid originally called Kool-Ade was developed and sold as a test product in 1927 and launched in 1928. Through the years, starting with the Great Depression, (1930’s), the company cut the price of Kool-Aid in half, keeping Kool-Aid popular throughout that devastating time. During World War II, packages of Kool-Aid, were included in most soldier’s rations.

In the Peace and Love of the 1960’s, Davey Jones of the Monkees’ appeared in the Kool-Aid commercials.

The height of his popularity was in the early 1980’s, the Kool-Aid Man was everywhere, branched out into comic books and video games, fighting against an evil race, called “The Thirsties”, who existed to make people thirsty and ruin the fun of summer gatherings everywhere. The Kool-Aid man even became a video game for Atari and Intellivision, there he was able to battle by bumping into them.

In the 1990’s with a PC mindset, the pitcher was dropped and he became a man, got dressed in shorts and sometimes wore a Hawaiian-patterned ensemble with shoes. It’s all in the marketing, this is implying that drinking Kool-Aid is as refreshing as a tropical vacation. Now, in the new millennia and it’s love of vintage t-shirts, the man has become a giant red legged pitcher again, crashing through walls and saying his signature phrase. Kool-Aid man currently even appears on the show Family Guy.

The Voice

Kool-Aid man’s is famous for busting through walls but his bellowing affirmative catchphrase, “OH, YEAH!” lives forever in infamy. It struck fear into his enemies “The Thirsties” and reinforced his nature as a positive, kid-friendly figure. Kids were able to use the related phrase “Hey, Kool-Aid!”, to summon him when they were thirsty.

The voice of the Kool-Aid Man was done by Frank Simms. Mr Simms is known for his vocal talents. He has Toured with infamous singers such as David Bowie, Billy Joel, Carly Simon, doing background vocals and even worked with Madonna doing hits like “Let’s Dance” and “Material Girl” from Madonna. He is the one singing that robotic voice, “Living in a material world.”

Serving the D|s-M Kool-Aid

“Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a phrase suggesting that a person has adopted a dogma of a group or a cult.

Mr. Fox and I have been SERVING the D|s-M Kool-Aid here since 2012. We have even had members make us Kool-Aid t-shirts. You may even see some tees in our store soon for purchase!

Our communities, husDOM and subMrs have watched as society has come to understand Dominance and Submission a little better, making their opinions not quite as harsh as they once were. Married couples are using our method to incorporate the roles and rituals of Dominance and Submission into their marriages in a healthy and enriching way! It’s NOW MARRIAGE’S SEXIEST SECRET! We are expanding our method and communities to serve others bette than ever before.

DISCOUNT CODE : For the rest of the month we are having Kool-Aid Days. These days we will be offering a special discount on annual memberships in our communities, 20% off! Use the discount code Kool-Aid now through 8/31/21.

Go ahead, Drink the Kool-Aid!

What will you get in return?

  • Husbands and Wives separate communities where couples can grow individually in their roles with like minded men and women and personally grow themselves.
  • Active communities where get access to other MARRIED AND MONOGAMOUS couples. They offer camaraderie and experience in guiding you through your own unique dynamics of D|s-M.
  • Focus Groups with discussion boards(forums).
  • Calendar full of ways to create and keep a D/s Atmosphere & Twisted Holidays.
  • Live Video Chats Topic, Mentoring and Q & A.
  • Blog Articles describing living the method and all topics regarding BDSM, Married Dominance and Submission, Sexual Techniques and other related genres.
  • Link to Marriage’s Sexiest Secret Podcasts!

Adult Kool-Aid

Speaking of drinking the ADULT Kool-Aid, I encourage all our members to Google “Adult Kool-Aid drinks and recipes”. Lot’s of fun ideas and Inspirations!

Hope to see more couples drinking the Kool-Aid!

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