I Can….

Can you succeed in your D/s?
What makes you think you can?
Please tell other newbies… It will help their confidence… All of our confidence… Thank you!
Little Kaninchen

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  1. Having a friend that listens when you need to vent really helps. I know I will succeed because it’s who I truly am and when you’re true to yourself you will always find your way.

  2. Not a newbie here, but I’ve gotten this far simply because of honest, open communication. And that’s actually much, much harder than it seems. Too often, people will do things they don’t want to/aren’t comfortable with because they either want desperately to please their partner, or they don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings. But only when things are laid completely bare can any real progress be made.

  3. I’m a newbie out here but i’m still gonna answer this …With subs out here like Elle and yourself…that will answer questions that we have or if we are confused on submission in general. You guys make it easy and clearer because you guys wear your submission like a suit of armor with honesty, devotion and caring. It shows in your writing with depth and feeling and emotion. I know I praise you guys a lot but you earned it. Now… I know I will succeed in my submission because its who I am, and I know it and respect it. I will take all my mistakes I make in my right hand, harness those mistakes and learn from them. So when I open my left hand to release what I learned it will be pure true submissive power to be the best that I can be for my Sir. I’m gonna shut up now 🙂 Lts♥♥♥

      1. I know thanks. It that I had to stop or I would have kept going. It’s one of those nights were emotions over real the head.

          1. Thanks little k for the hugs last night:-) that door that I keep locked away got pushed open last night and Sir wasn’t here to help close it. He went to work earlier than normal because he is taking Friday off to go away this week end. Sir did call me this morning and we talked about it and I am back on track and feeling better. Plus trouble makers don’t know how stay silent 🙂 typing on a kindle laying down is really tuff. Lol!


          2. I hope I made you happier… Not sad! I’m always here… I’m troublemakers little sis… Wanting to follow in her foot steps! Lol! I think you’re strong… Sometimes falling or getting down is hard for us… But I’ll take my hand out and offer it to you and help you up anytime! More hugs! LK ❤

          3. Yes… you did make me smile and thanks for being there. Sometimes the people or person you try to protect doesn’t seem to understand that you don’t need or want to do something and that the past doesn’t just go “Poof” all gone. It’s all better now… because it doesn’t work like that. I love that person dearly… and they are intelligent enough to know that you don’t just wash it off and its gone for good.Or maybe I’m delusional and they just don’t want to really look at the truth and believe what you told them did happen. They need to wake up and let it the F**king Die.

            But we are good now 🙂

          4. Yes we do! I guess were the female version of the three musketeers. Lol!


  4. I’m new, but I will succeed because there is no other choice. After the “great awakening”, there can be no going back. I make mistakes, my mouth runs away with me, I fall short, but I learn and grow and strive to have the quiet peace that only submission brings. My Husband fuels my growth in all ways, and grows right along with me. Failure is not an option.

    1. That’s a great outlook! You will fall and your Dom will catch you… That’s how it works… This circle. You feed him and he takes care of you… He helps you grow.. No choice… Honesty and communicating the honesty… Builds a great D/s!

      LK ❤

  5. Exactly what everyone else has already said… I will succeed because there is no going back now! How could we just pretend that we’ve not had these conversations, these explorations? We’re onto something now and it is working for both of us. We are growing and learning more about each other as we do. It feels so right, how could it be wrong?

    1. Yes! Once you start you can’t go back. It’s a deep emotional need inside us that will lead and drive us to be best that we can be for our Hus/Dom. And with their dominant nature they will guide us and support us. As long as we both communicate honestly and openly, trust,and commit with our hearts minds, bodies and souls the two of us become one.

    2. I haven’t found one negative yet… Like you’ve said… I’ve grown in so many ways! I am happier and healthier and stronger then ever! Once you start down this path and you’ve experienced the honesty… There’s no other path for you. You are vanilla ruined! LK ❤

  6. I think we will ALL succeed in our submission, because it’s who we are. It’s something that has always been deep within us. I don’t want to speak for others, but that’s how it is for me. Now I own it! I revel in it. I soak it up!

    There was a switch that went off and ignited a flame, but the pilot light was already on, burning in the background for years. Now all I have to do is keep learning all I can. Grow from what I learn. (And I’m learning a lot just by talking to all you wonderful people!) And follow my Sir into bliss!

  7. Dear Lk Abby,
    Do remember me saying that I don’t write…even though you seem to have me doing that alot lately. Lol! But.. I will give you a hint…Someone told me they can’t wait to live the city life up in the clouds. I don’t know if that person has ever been to Vegas..The major hotels and casinos are very close to each other. And the first time we went there we stayed on the 21st floor…we’ll back than the windows were not tinted from seeing in your room from the hotel that was next door……Now, I will let you wonder what was going on bu…t I will tell you that the people on the other side,. looked like statues when I noticed them
    Shame on me! Lol!

  8. Reading everyone’s comments on here have definitely given me hope and courage. 🙂 Thanks! We’ve just started our journey. Wish me luck guys!