Charm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen

Charm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen


What is Charm?

A charm:  The chanting or reciting of a magic spell, incantation,
A practice or expression believed to have magic power.

Something worn by a person to ward off evil or ensure good fortune, An amulet such as a rabbit’s foot as a good-luck charm. (Poor Uncle Peter!)
A trait that fascinates, allures, and delights.
A physical grace or attraction, feminine charm.
Having a compelling attractiveness.
An ornament worn on a bracelet or chain.

Charm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen

With Valentines Day cumming, I thought we would talk about charm. Do you know how to charm your Dominant? Do you know what charm is? How can you be charming?

Most important, are you a charming submissive?


Charm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen


Let’s learn what it means to be charming as a submissive.

Think of yourself as the charm on your Dominants chain around his neck or on his wrist.

Think of what your “Prince Charming” would look, sounds and act like.  Use him as your example.

Look at the above definitions and try to pull those into your submission in one way or another.


Charm~ “The power or quality of giving delight or Arousing Admiration.”

Charming Attitude (with your husDOM)

~Charm is the art of having an attractive personality~

Genuine interested in people, Your husDOM!  Ask questions be interested in others (your husDOM) while fulfilling your interests. Make them (him) feel like there is no other more important then them during your conversation. Always empathize with them. Important to acknowledge and validate them (Your husDOM). (Doesn’t mean you agree with their exact point of view.) Empathy and sympathy are different things. sympathy is feeling compassion, sorrow, or pity for the hardships that another person encounters, while empathy is putting yourself in the shoes of another. Pitty and sorrow are used for only the most personal issues and not used for the sake of Martyrs, so always empathize keep sympathy to a minimum. Sympathize a brief situation (positive) not an overall individual (negative). Charm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen

  1. Put a small amount of humor in you comments and conversations, but not too much. (Make your husDOM laugh, that’s magic!)
  2. Remember people’s names when you meet them for the first time. People like to see your attention to detail, an appreciated trait. The more often you say someone’s name, the more that person will feel that you like them and will fall to your charm. (Use your husDOM’s Sir name.)
  3. Assume rapport. This simply means talking to a stranger or a newly met acquaintance in a very friendly manner, as if the person is a long lost friend or relative.  Kindness, coupled with respect, makes others feel as if they are loved and cared for. This is a powerful tool during interaction.
  4. Talk about topics that interest the people you’re with. (Again, Your husDOM.) Nobody expects you to be an expert. Sometimes you can build rapport just by asking questions, and not caring if you seem naive. There are people who like talking about and explaining their interests, and will like you for listening. People like talking about themselves and love people who listen to them.
  5. Let others do their explaining or share their experiences.  If someone mistakenly thinks you know more about the topic, be genuine and simply say that you have some knowledge but it is limited, but that you’re hoping to learn more about it.Charm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen Be careful to never cut in other’s conversations, let them finish before speaking.
  6. Never talk over people. Try hard to not make every conversation about you or your experiences.
  7. Share information about yourself.  (Even with your Dominant, let him know what your desires are and what you enjoy. Let him in on who you are or whom you have become, we all change over time.) Let people in and let them see who you really are, no aires.

Physical Charm (with your Dominant)

  1. Stand up straight. Sit up straight. Good posture is key and improve it and people will notice, Your Dominant will notice! Try to learn a couple submissive positions for your Sir.
  2. Make eye contact. Looking at people directly in the eyes gives you a certain hold over them. It projects confidence on your end while making the person you’re speaking with feel that they are interesting enough to keep your interests. Gazing into your Sir’s eyes is like touching his soul.  Keep eye contact throughout any conversation and it will charm others. Charm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen
  3. Smile with your eyes. If you look at someone, then smile, it will instantly charm your Sir.
  4. Give a firm and full handshake to all.
  5. Use charming body language. You can lightly touch the person’s shoulder to emphasize a point, for example. At the end of the conversation, decide whether it’s appropriate to give a quick hug or another handshake.  Find precious moments to touch your Dominant, surprise him with the intimacy of touch. My personal favorite thing to do is kiss his hands. Rub his leg or back, touch his face.
  6. Control your tone of voice. Practice giving compliments into a recorder and play it back. Does your voice sound sincere and controlled?  Call your Sir’s cell phone and say charming things about him to his voicemail…. Very Charming! 

Charm | A Charming submissive | Little KaninchenCharming People (Your Dominant) With Words 

  1. When talking use mature wise and polite phrases. Example, “It’s none of his beeswax!” to “It shouldn’t be any of his concern.” Also, try to turn a negative into a positive where ever you can.  A good vocabulary is a BIG turn on to most Dominants. 
  2. Issue compliments generously. Compliments raise others’ self esteem and make them feel nice being around you.  If you notice that someone is putting a lot of effort into something, compliment them, even if you feel that there is room for improvement.  If you notice that someone has changed something about themselves (haircut, dress or a new position), notice it and point out something you like about it. Noticing the small things your Sir is trying to do with your D/s or themselves and complimenting on them is CHARMING! Charm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen
  3. Be gracious in accepting compliments.  Go beyond the regular “Thank you” and add using “I’m glad you like it,” or “It is so kind of you to have noticed.” These compliment others in return, very charming.
  4. Praise others instead of gossiping. If you’re speaking with an individual or you’re talking within a group and something comes up about a person in a positive or negative way, be the one to mention something you like about that person or what they do.  Kind word-of-mouth is the most powerful tool in gaining charm because it is viewed as 100 percent sincere. This helps you in creating trust with others. It will spread that you never have a bad word to say about anyone. Most people will know that their reputation is safe with you. Everyday, say something complimentary about your Sir to someone with your husDOM present, that will charm him. 
  5. Be a good listenerCharm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen. Charm isn’t always something you put out. Charm is something you can achieve by pulling something in, like listening.  When speaking to others,  engage them into talking more about themselves or something that they like. Ask them about something that they’re passionate about.  This helps others feel a comfortable to share and express themselves around you. When you can, repeat what you heard your husDOM say back to him in conversation, he will feel your complete attention.

I hope that this post will help you be that charming submissive and give you ideas how to become more charming then you already are… HUGS!  XOXOXOXO          

Little Kaninchen <3 <3 <3

Be Princess Charming this Valentines Day!

Charm | A Charming submissive | Little Kaninchen



Wikihow info about charm.

LK submissivecharmhow… LOL! 

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