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The Wisdom in Surrender

When does the wisdom in surrender happen for a submissive? It happens when, you surrender everything you are to your Dominant husband. What it’s NOT about is what you think you can do, manipulate or what you think you’re going to get back.  A submissive’s surrender is in the wisdom that there isn’t anything you won’t do to please him, and by pleasing your husDOM, you will find pleasure in just doing that.  You omit those ideas that you control the boundaries of your dynamics. Your Dominant sets those boundaries, keeping your best interests at heart.  Knowing, everything he wants you to do or try is a way to prove your love and devotion to him.  You trust him to never ask too much or push you too far, but only to stretch you in ways that sometimes are uncomfortable but afterwards emotionally rewarding.  When you can do that, you find out there’s lots of things about your surrender that keeps you submissive.  Keep this in mind if you’re only beginning this journey.  Seasoned submissives, live by this and put it in your daily submissive morning mantra.

This is the wisdom in surrender and my wisdom to pass on.

~Little Kaninchen

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  1. Mr Fox | Founder 3 years ago


    This is a great post!

    “It happens when, you surrender everything you are to your Dominant husband. What it’s NOT about is what you think you can do, manipulate or what you think you’re going to get back. ”

    This can only be truly realized when the couple has a strong D/s-M foundation which allows the dynamic to flourish.


    Mr Fox

  2. Hisgirl*AMB/GH 3 months ago

    LK, this blog is so insightful! It challenges me to really look at my submission. Have I completely surrendered or are there still things I do to try to control my Sir and the path if our dynamic? I know there are. As we come up on our 1 year Ds-M Anniversary in July, I plan to talk to my Sir about how we can make year 2 even better. What areas does he feel I still need to work on, where do I need to surrender more fully? Thank you for this great reminder!

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