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Yeah… You, The Lurker that’s afraid to comment…. A sub not yet ready to step out… You, a vanilla woman that’s not sure of what this feeling is inside of you… Find your voice here. Come forward and speak.

Let us know you’re here. Let us know your thoughts… Ask questions… No one judges you here. Your kink is welcome here. Who you really are is OK here. It’s safe…. It’s a place of refuge. A place of understanding. Welcome to Little Kaninchen’s website. Come be a part of                   “The Warren” . Register and get started….

Your chance has come ….. Step out and learn. We started a live chat here on and we are talking with New subs…

Talking about getting started and building the foundation of this wonderful dynamic of D/s-M Lifestyle. Please come join us…..


 Can’t wait to hear from you. Even if it’s just to say I’m here and hello…. Ask questions… everyone is welcome.


*** Check out comments… I originally put out this post back last November and a lot of new lurkers came forward and some of these women will be on our chat … See their progress….. Talk to them about their start.


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  1. LBP… Thank you for your comment. Looking forward to getting to know you better.
    As you said above, This is a safe haven…. No kink is judged… We sub-port here.

    Thank You,


  2. I found the title of this post interesting because I have been a ‘lurker’ for some time. I happened upon this website through the husdom website, which I was visiting to help my husband. Although I’ve been a lurker, it is not out of curiosity for the lifestyle because I have been around this lifestyle on and off for 30 years. I’ve been seeking information and ideas to help my husband of 18 years to become a Dom. We’ve been together for 25 and he was quite surprised when I told him the truth of my growing-up years. At the age of 13 I met a true gentleman, Dom and military man 17 years my senior. Because of my childhood and various things in my short life at the time, I did not look nor act like a 13 year old, and he has said I ‘intrigued’ him. We became mentor/student and eventually developed a friendship and have only ever been friends – nothing intimate ever, not even a kiss on the lips, never played together in a scene. I was however, in the presence of people living the lifestyle because my parents were not meant to be parents if you know what I mean. And I was most frequently left on my own, or snuck out of the house during the night, went for ‘sleepovers’ to friends on the weekends, for whole weekends, etc. Fast forward to almost turning 19 years of age, and I meet a man almost 12 years my senior who is nothing like what I grew up around (my current husband). Although he had a very dominant personality, he was not a military man and new nothing of this lifestyle and was just different than anyone I had been around and hung out with. I hid it from him and my friends from him and he just recently within the past year has learned of my past. At that age, I didn’t want anything or anyone related to the lifestyle because I grew up with an extremely feminist mother and thought that is the route I am going to take! I am woman, hear me roar! (ugh) All against the advice of my friend who basically said ‘He’s not the one for you’, ‘You are naturally submissive’, ‘This is never going to work’, ‘We know plenty of young men we can introduce you to’, blah blah blah was all that I was hearing. Fast forward to 1 year ago and a marriage falling apart, miserable, no respect for him, hardly ever being intimate for almost 10 years maybe, etc. A friend tells me I should read ‘that book’. I had no clue what ‘the book’ was and thought it was a self-help book for marriage. I was still infrequently in contact with my friend and we disagreed about why I was so miserable; but upon one of our conversations, I told him what my friend suggested, and he said oh yeah if you think a book would help, and contact me when you’ve finished. Hmmm. While reading this book my husband started a job where he traveled, so I was left alone to read ‘this book’ and it pissed me off because I didn’t want that – I saw it and was around it for 10 years and behaved as such whenever I was in contact or around my friend. I in turn, ask my husband to read ‘the book’ and he does and other books and articles and websites that I forward or suggest to him based on his request for me to do so. Now in my friend’s frustration with me, he asked his live-in sub for 20 plus years to mentor me and I of course said ok, whatever, if you think it will help. She has told me that other than herself, I am the most important female to him and he would do anything to help me, but he thought it best if she mentored me through this. And she has and still does, but how do I best help my husband without being Dominant over him? That is what I am continually learning. Our marriage is not the same as it was a year ago, he is not the same, I am not the same, and yes I continually work on my submission and yes it is better. I have lots of great memories to pull from, but he as only what he reads or what I tell him. It is harder for me outside of the bedroom once you’ve lived and behaved one way for so long, but I think I am improving. But I’ll find myself thinking now why would you say it like that? – that’s not very dominant or just make a decision already – I don’t want to and I’m trying to leave it up to him – or don’t ask me if I want to – I’ve told him I’m his always whenever he desires – so just take it. So I get frustrated and sometimes even disappointed, I really do, and just assume that he will need to figure this out and step up to the plate. So, I lurk around, read, forward and hope for the best.

  3. I was a lurker for a while – actually lurked Bedroom Submissive at one point too before losing it. 😛 Lurking is okay for a little while, but really it pays to start posting and getting involved. Even if slowly at first – it’s still sort of a confidence boost 🙂

  4. I too am a former lurker…ha ha…sounds funny…but one day decided to email LK…then started commenting…told my Sis (Sweetness) about LK’s blog too…and it has been great to meet so many great, sub-portive, submissives…LK’s blog is truly a great source of information and sub-port.

  5. I’ve been a lurker for a while. You all have inspired me to speak up – especially shygirl. Any advice for a submissive who’s been trying to nudge her husband into a Dom? He doesn’t seem to want to put forth the effort on a consistent basis. It’s like he forgets I need this, and I feel like I’m too much trouble. So we have this unending cycle: a taste of D/s, no D/s, frustration, meltdown, repeat. Have any of you experienced this? Can it get better? I don’t think I can give up. I was very worried about our marriage before I discovered D/s. I read The Surrendered Wife about a year ago, and things started improving almost immediately. But I can only do so much on my own. I’d appreciate any advice and/or support. Thanks 🙂

  6. I guess it’s me you’re talking to as well.

    I am still at the standing back and watching stage but I am here, love your site and appreciate the time both you and Mr Fox put in. It is great help to many of us.

    Thank you

    1. Welcome …. Keep building your courage…. Keep asking questions and reading everything you can…. Ask any of my girls anything on here… a lot of them are newer in their journey and willing to answer questions.
      Anything private please don’t hesitate to email me at


  7. Lurkers,

    Welcome to LK’s Warren!

    I am amazed at the lurkers that have found the courage to speak out and comment on this post.

    Everyone on this website was YOU not to long ago. If you want to continue to learn and grow in your submission I encourage you to continue to participate on LK’s website and with this group of ladies.

    You have already taken the first step…

    You control your own destiny.

    I look forward to learning more about each and every one of you…

    Best wishes,

    Mr. Fox

  8. I felt totally busted by this post!! Although I have introduced myself and commented once or twice, I’m still kind of lurking. I feel like my relationship is slowly moving along but still pretty vanilla compared to most here, so I’m soaking up everyone’s advise and thoughts. Thanks for all the great information! I will try to be more proactive about chiming in 🙂

  9. Like MLM, I too have introduced myself and commented a few times but mainly lurk about reading everyone’s stories and some of LK’s older blogs. Our D/s is moving slowly, vanilla with a twist, but I have to remember that Mr P is learning too!! Our marriage is going through some changes and at times feels uncertain so I am not sure where we are going or what I am supposed to be doing, trying not to top from below! .
    Mr P was the one that started us on this journey and being my Dom2b, I will wait for his lead. In the meantime, I read and learn, and try to talk about my needs and wants as I know that %100 honesty is needed for this to succeed.
    One of the surprises for me was how I feel after I have been spanked… calm and more focused..
    I wasn’t expecting that! I guess the journey will throw a few more surprises my way.
    That mentoring page sounds interesting LK, will look forward to reading it.

  10. Best thing littleJ is communicate this unknowing feeling to your Sir…. Sit in his lap…(Downtime) and tell him your feelings… This is where your Dom will listen and not try to fix it or defend it… Just listen and talk like he is your Dom and you are his sub… You’re half of this relationship… This lifestyle so your feelings count and you can say them and not have any fear of retribution… or feeling silly….
    When I sit and do downtime with my Sir I always feel like a fog was lifted and we understand each other very well.
    Request this time with him weekly… Ask him where you’re going… Is he planning the next steps for the lifestyle?
    Let me know how it goes….

    Happy Holidays!


  11. I mostly lurk too. I was involved with a D/s group on Goodreads that is run by a M/s couple. The members of the group ranged from people that were either curious about the lifestyle, trying to convince their partners to explore with them and those that have been in the lifestyle for many years. I learned a great deal there, but I have the tendency to get too involved.. spending too much online. Made the decision to leave the group and focus all my attention on my own relationship and my submission to my husband/Dom. We have come a LONG way since then and he actually started searching for blogs to help him. He follows the HusDom’s blog and that’s how I found The Bedroom Submissive. So yeah.. here I am in the Warren. A girl sometimes need the support of others, but I am still just kind of lurking, too scared to really reach out and open up completely here.

    1. Hello Little Keiko….
      You can learn a lot here. Please ask questions …fear nothing everyone here is sub-portive… Any kink is not judged… I have a great group here in the Warren. If something is more personal please never hesitate to email me at… or have your Sir email mine…


  12. I remember this post LK… I was definitely a lurker for awhile. Glad I stepped out of my shell and met yall! I’ve learned a lot!

  13. I remember this post from November and felt busted for being a lurker. I registered for the site, but still only lurked on it. It wasn’t until I received a simple “Hi” in the chat room that I became involved. I am so glad I did. The sub-port here is great.

  14. Good Day Ladies,

    I want to better explain LK’s chat that is commonly spoken of. When you sign up to become a registered member of the Warren, completely FREE, you will have access to Little Kaninchen’s chat rooms.

    Once you sign in to the website a chat box will automatically appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen. You can adjust your personal settings within the chat box to display your current availability or to close the chat window altogether.

    LK also has incorporated a submissive only chat room where only submissive’s are allowed to enter. Once signed in you can access the submissive only chat by either clicking on the submissive chat in the small pop up chat on the right. This will open the submissive chat in a similar smaller window. Another way to access the submissive only chat is to use the link at the top of any page. This link will open a full page chat window allowing for easier and more practical usage.

    If you experience any difficulties or have any questions please contact me directly and I will do my best to resolve them prior to the Sunday chats.

    Best wishes,

    Mr. Fox

  15. Ok..this post did it…guess it is time to go beyond lucker status. I have been following many of you on your blogs for almost 9 months. I have been married to my Sir for 26 years and we have just begun to explore this lifestyle over the past year. Like many of you, I am the push behind this and he is the reluctant follwer. He has difficulty since this is far from the dynamic we have had before. We have 4 grown children – one married and the triplets are juniors in college. I have learned so much from all of you. My sir and I are mostly just trying this some in the bedroom. If nothing else it got us out of a rut and exploring new things. He is fine to play and experiment some but the dom personality is really not something he is getting. He does try for me and we have had a few good scenes over the past few months. As much as I would like this explore this as more of a lifestyle, he just isn’t there and I don’t want to push much. I am so pleased that he tries and we are having more fun in the bedroom than we have had in all these years of marriage. I feel like I know all of you so well. I call you my blog sub friends and often forward things on to him. He isn’t much on reading blogs himself – though I made him aware of husdom and he did do some reading there. I am in school studying for a masters in divinity. I have been amazed at how much this lifestyle is reflective of the relationship I try to have with God – one of submitting to His will and Him as my ultimate Master. If nothing else, it has helped my mindset in this area alone. I probably won’t post often but please know I consider all of you mentors and friends and I really appreciate the informative and funny blogs I get to read.
    Mr Sir’s Kitten

  16. Hallo i’m FLower and i’m a lurker 🙂 and probably what you’d define a “bedroom submissive”
    I came across LK’s site last summer and it’s very interesting to follow

    Maybe i’ll glide back to the shades of lurkdom. My time zone fits badly for chat’s

    Ta ta

  17. Ok, I admit I’ve been lurking. Long enough to remember this post the first time around. I have commented a couple times and I think introduced myself although I’ve not been keeping up to date on my reading of late. Hopefully I will be better now that I’ve got my new tablet, once I fugue out how to use it that is. I’ve been married for 15 years and after about 6 months of D/s only in the bedroom, I just asked my Sir to take it outside the bedroom last month and he said YES!! Since then we’ve been focusing on how that looks for us thus I got behind on blog reading. I’m hoping to join you all more although I am naturally a very quiet person.