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Ready to Be a Submissive or subMrs ?

Little Kaninchen

First Thing … Are you ready to be HONEST, sometimes brutally so with him? More importantly be HONEST with yourself ?

Are you ready to COMMUNICATE in away you didn’t know was possible? Communicate about your deepest desires and what feels good?

Ready to call him Sir or Master? Him calling you his submissive, queen and later that night his cunt?

Are you ready to kneel and look up into his eyes, those eyes you’ve looked into so many times and see a stranger looking back at you, his Dominant.

Are you ready to bow your head and down sweep your eyes in the act of RESPECT just to hope for a small comment like “good girl”?

Are you ready to have your wrists, ankles and neck enclosed in leather cuffs? To be hung from ropes or chains? Begging not for release but for MORE ?

Are you ready to be spanked until you cry? Only finding PLEASURE IN YOUR PAIN?

Are you ready to TRUST? Go to a place of lust and love called sub-space? A place where you don’t the difference between pain and pleasure.

Ready for Vulnerability?

Nude, looking into your husDOM’s eyes asking for all that you desire?

Is there a submissive looking back at you in that mirror?


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    1. It’s better than any drug… Not that I would know! But I can’t imagine it could be any better then sub space… It’s addictive…I crave it!

  1. Omg there’s this aching feeling in my stomach and spreading everywhere as I read your post. I didnt know I wanted to be a sub until a few days ago. I finally admitted to myself and to my loving wonderful husband. He said yes to my request for a D/s-M. He doesn’t fully know what he’s signing up for yet. I asked him to research it. Now I’m waiting. I want so bad for him to command me to my knees naked in front of him. I want to give myself to him and have him Dominate me. It’s all I can think about now!

    1. Welcum to submission and ! I wish you the best! Have your husband sign up and register on it will help him figure out what a husDOM is.. and help him feel better about his role.

      HUGS! LK

  2. I’m so scared of the change I have started, but so ready to do this!
    Everyone here is so uplifting and caring!
    Becoming a submissive was never on my radar.
    Even now with the few things I’ve learned here.
    I can sense a wonderful change happening to me.
    Meditation is a very new thing for me. Trying to quite my mind as it scampers from thought to thought has been difficult for me, but I’m trying.
    Thank you so much for creating this site.