Anal Plug Exercise, Plugged-In Exercise,, D/s-M, Mid-Life, Married, Monogamous

Anal Plug Exercise

Plugged-In Exercise |

With our Live subMrs/submissive chat, I thought it MAY be a good time to try a group anal plug exercise, Plugged-In Exercise, here on This is for new subMrs or submissive with experience.  A good brush up and scene for us that need a refresher.


Anal Plug Exercise, Plugged-In Exercise,, D/s-M, Mid-Life, Married, Monogamous

In the month of May let’s first get a new anal plug or toy, or you can use your favorite one if you have one already. Then let’s use them in play and scene. Many of us Mid-Life, Married Monogamous subMrs, submissives do not practice anal weekly or even monthly. Mr Fox and I usually do anal with a scene or with a good night of “twisted-play”.  I have done enough anal play that I can now relax my anus for play at his command and enjoy the ride. When Sir wants anal he will let me know that will be in the scene. When we are just doing rough sex play he will communicate that is what he desires for this exchange. So this is the exercise, cum to the Live submissive/subMrs chat, then order and find your right plug, begin your training or refresher on anal play, at the end of the month we will schedule another Live Chat in my Scheduled Chatroom to talk about our experience with our anal play and plugs…… Please email me, or Private Message me here on site.

You can try this on your own as well if you miss the chats… Best Wishes!



Little Kaninchen


  1. littlekaninchen 4 years ago

    Cute isn’t it! The image came from Pinterest..

  2. Profile photo of Morning Glory
    Morning Glory 3 months ago

    Looking forward to the Exercise and the chats.

  3. Profile photo of princess_pea
    princess_pea 3 months ago

    oooo sounds like fun! I have my favorite plug all ready! Purchased on assignment outside of my then comfort bubble 🙂

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