D/s Play or Scene | submissive Topic

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D/s Play or Scene | submissive Topic

Play ~VS~ Scene

What is the difference?…..


Scene is scheduled takes anywhere from 1-5 hours to complete.

This time is scheduled ahead of time. (You should in downtime, month ahead be scheduling these times.)

The scene is previously choreographed and discussed by you and your Sir. (It is something you work on together to achieve the highest high in your sexual experience.) It takes many times to produce a “clean scene“, where you both achieve the planned out scene in its entirety with no “mistakes”.

shutterstockPdImage D/s Scene,D/s Play or Scene, submissive Topic, subMrs.com

A scene involves warm up, play, impact.

You will have “coming down” time from subspace.

Aftercare will be provided. ( T.L.C., Wrapped in warm blanket and cool drink. Supplements taken and anti-brusing creams or moisturizers applied. )

 You will need to “debrief a scene”, talk about it. What did you like, what you did NOT, how could you make it better as a submissive and him as your Dominant? (Dom’s write it down!) Rate the experience and how you can make it smoother next time. (Very important step if you want better scenes!)

A scene uses multiple implements. (* But not every instrument/tool you own. LMsAO! )

*IF YOU’RE A NEW SUBMISSIVE & DOMINANT… start SIMPLE with one implement and a small “storyline”, or choreographed plan. Once you have achieved smoothness with it then branch out with more tools and toys.



shutterstockPdImage D/s Scene,D/s Play or Scene, submissive Topic, subMrs.com


Your regular sex, maybe rougher but with a little bondage… spanking… (Good time to pull out one aspect of a scene you want to make better or practice that element so you will be able to master it next time. Look at your debriefs, see what could be improved upon.)

Only 45 min or so……

Aftercare is usually not needed…


My Sir and I usually scene 2X’s a month and play every chance we can get.


Any Questions please Private Message me.

D/s Play or Scene | submissive Topic

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  1. I find that certain types of play – even in that 45-90 minute duration window – still end with me firmly in sub space and in need of aftercare (though not generally as much as a full scene). For me, I have a sexual assault history so anal play can quickly push me into that place because of the trust level and mental work at relaxing it requires for me (something my Hubby has done a beautiful job of addressing and working through with patient, baby steps). So, I just wanted to add that some subs may find themselves in sub space even in spontaneous play (so, some Doms may find themselves working overtime 😉 ) I was surprised / caught off guard the first time I found myself in that far away place in such a short time (and so was the Hubby) so wanted to share to maybe prevent the same surprise for someone else!

    1. Everyone is somewhat different. True sub-space is also hard to confirm what it really is like for each person as well. I have spoke with thousands of women and they tell me that after a bit in D/s-M, that what they once thought was sub-space changed for them later and they figured out that they were experiencing something lighter before and when reaching further they know then that they had a “true” subspace… Like I said, what is sub-space for one, is not exact for others… All I know is enjoy the ride and don’t measure yours against others… just have fun with it. Replacing the bad with good… by the way, is a GOOD thing! Thanks for commenting.. HUGS! LK

  2. i’m so glad i found this article today! my master and i were just discussing a concern he had that we would lose interest in “regular” sex eventually.. Granted, our “playtimes” have gotten rougher but this describes exactly what we were talking about. thx again!!

    1. If you are both working on taking your experiences higher and higher, they never get old or you never tire of them. Vanilla sex still happens but feels kinda boring but it never has to be vanilla again if you both dont want it to be. D/s-M is a TEAM sport!