Spanking Homework | FSOG Lifestyle |Pink Cheeks Challenge

Spanking Homework | FSOG Lifestyle | Pink Cheek Challenge

We had a fantastic chat about spankings. You can do the challenge even if you were not at chat… so stop lurking and get involved here…get your spank on. LOL!

We will report next Tuesday, July 8th 9pm Eastern on the next live CHAT.





I separated the homework between new subs and the more experienced subs.








Your challenge:

Ask your Sir for spanking play. Now let me review when I talk about how many swats they do NOT have to be hard as he can hit swats just nice mid-range strokes. There will be at least 50 SWATS on your bare bum. You can start with panties on but the strokes only start when you are bare. After 50, make sure you keep count.. you will report how many on next chat.

This should be done comfortably across his knee. While you have your hands cuffed or tied behind your back. If you’re a kicker then maybe even your ankles. LOL! You are to be masked so you can concentrate on his touch and your skin. Go into this thinking about how this feels… it’s a positive step forward and learn about your body and let him learn how to play it like an instrument. Go get your cheeks PINK! 

**** WARM UP.. Don’t Forget!!!






Experienced submissive’s





Your Challenge…. if you’re brave enough.

Ask your Sir for a complete SPANKING SCENE. Yes, this means TOYS &  DOUBLE PENETRATION and some planning on your Sir’s part. In your Scene you are trying to attain seeing those illusive white spots or stars or FIREWORKS that cum along with an ANAL/Vaginal Orgasm. Seems appropriate since its almost the 4th of July. Number of strokes/swats..UNLIMITED…. Don’t forget WARM UP!

Have fun with it!


During your challenge You will choose a position that you feel most comfortable that you think will help you achieve your goal. (You being more advanced, you will know the depth your Sir will need to get to enable to reach your goal.) Pick your position well. Along with his hand choose an implement.

This should be something you don’t usually use. A dowel rod is something easily found in an home improvement of craft store. It’s very inexpensive. Color your dowel rod your favorite color… put a star on this end if it turns you on… Your Sir can be a magician… Can he pull a rabbit from your hat?

It will please your Sir! Spanking | FSOG Lifestyle

Spanking | Pink Cheek Challenge




Your Dominant will need an anal plug, or anal probe… glass one is my fav!

You will also need your wand. Clitoral stimulation should happen a lot before you use any implements. SOO important, this stimulation will aid in your anal penetration as well.  Your ankles and wrists will be bound or cuffed.. depending on position your Sir chooses. Please use a mask as well… You all being more experienced you now know how to stay out of your own heads and enjoy the ride. You also at this stage can work your bodies for your Masters to some extent so do it to your best and make your Sir proud. You will need dildo or him in your pussy, your probe in your ass, the wand on your clit…. (Spanks happen in the beginning of scene.) NOW, if you don’t accomplish this first time… which you won’t! That’s why I gave this HARD homework.. You must communicate with your Sir’s after during downtime and work together to make your goal. (It may take a few tries.) It’s teamwork! Work hard and be honest and BE THE FIRST TO REPORT ON THIS POST IN COMMENT SECTION …THAT YOU DID IT!!!! 

A complete debriefing.. (PUN intended …LOL!)  will happen on Live Chat


Good Luck everyone… No matter if you’re totally new or a very experienced submissive you will have fun with this… Private message me on Warren or email me anytime with questions… NOW GO GET YOUR CHEEKS PINK!!!!

If your Dominants have any questions please contact Mr. Fox on 






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