Spanking Homework | FSOG Lifestyle |Pink Cheeks Challenge

Spanking Homework | FSOG Lifestyle | Pink Cheek Challenge

We had a fantastic chat about spankings. You can do the challenge even if you were not at chat… so stop lurking and get involved here…get your spank on. LOL!

We will report next Tuesday, July 8th 9pm Eastern on the next live CHAT.





I separated the homework between new subs and the more experienced subs.








Your challenge:

Ask your Sir for spanking play. Now let me review when I talk about how many swats they do NOT have to be hard as he can hit swats just nice mid-range strokes. There will be at least 50 SWATS on your bare bum. You can start with panties on but the strokes only start when you are bare. After 50, make sure you keep count.. you will report how many on next chat.

This should be done comfortably across his knee. While you have your hands cuffed or tied behind your back. If you’re a kicker then maybe even your ankles. LOL! You are to be masked so you can concentrate on his touch and your skin. Go into this thinking about how this feels… it’s a positive step forward and learn about your body and let him learn how to play it like an instrument. Go get your cheeks PINK! 

**** WARM UP.. Don’t Forget!!!






Experienced submissive’s





Your Challenge…. if you’re brave enough.

Ask your Sir for a complete SPANKING SCENE. Yes, this means TOYS &  DOUBLE PENETRATION and some planning on your Sir’s part. In your Scene you are trying to attain seeing those illusive white spots or stars or FIREWORKS that cum along with an ANAL/Vaginal Orgasm. Seems appropriate since its almost the 4th of July. Number of strokes/swats..UNLIMITED…. Don’t forget WARM UP!

Have fun with it!


During your challenge You will choose a position that you feel most comfortable that you think will help you achieve your goal. (You being more advanced, you will know the depth your Sir will need to get to enable to reach your goal.) Pick your position well. Along with his hand choose an implement.

This should be something you don’t usually use. A dowel rod is something easily found in an home improvement of craft store. It’s very inexpensive. Color your dowel rod your favorite color… put a star on this end if it turns you on… Your Sir can be a magician… Can he pull a rabbit from your hat?

It will please your Sir! Spanking | FSOG Lifestyle

Spanking | Pink Cheek Challenge




Your Dominant will need an anal plug, or anal probe… glass one is my fav!

You will also need your wand. Clitoral stimulation should happen a lot before you use any implements. SOO important, this stimulation will aid in your anal penetration as well.  Your ankles and wrists will be bound or cuffed.. depending on position your Sir chooses. Please use a mask as well… You all being more experienced you now know how to stay out of your own heads and enjoy the ride. You also at this stage can work your bodies for your Masters to some extent so do it to your best and make your Sir proud. You will need dildo or him in your pussy, your probe in your ass, the wand on your clit…. (Spanks happen in the beginning of scene.) NOW, if you don’t accomplish this first time… which you won’t! That’s why I gave this HARD homework.. You must communicate with your Sir’s after during downtime and work together to make your goal. (It may take a few tries.) It’s teamwork! Work hard and be honest and BE THE FIRST TO REPORT ON THIS POST IN COMMENT SECTION …THAT YOU DID IT!!!! 

A complete debriefing.. (PUN intended …LOL!)  will happen on Live Chat


Good Luck everyone… No matter if you’re totally new or a very experienced submissive you will have fun with this… Private message me on Warren or email me anytime with questions… NOW GO GET YOUR CHEEKS PINK!!!!

If your Dominants have any questions please contact Mr. Fox on 






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      1. We completed our homework last night LK! It was a great experience… the pain mixing with the pleasure. I saw some spots and earned my stripes! 😉


  1. Homework done 😉 Can’t wait for Tuesday chat. Learned some things about myself- that is always a bonus.
    M’Lord and I had a good discussion at lunch as well. Thank you LK for the challenge. Talk to you on Tuesday 🙂

    1. Congrats Wench… It’s always such a cool thing… to find something new about yourself… Its a boner..Umm.I mean bonus… yeah thats what I meant.. wink wink.. Great job Wench!


  2. Challenge accepted and the trick will be to accomplish it around my kids being home.. LOL… we can do this.. I have a few more days… nothing a little face plant in the pillow cant fix and hopefully a dowel rod or crop wont be to loud.. wish me luck!!

  3. Sweetness, my homework is completed, good luck there is no pillow to hold back these screams… oops I woke up the 7 yr old, i didnt hear “mommy” at the door… the buzz left quickly running around hiding and cleaning and dressing, lol

    I would definitely do this scene again, next time maybe I won’t bite a hole in the comforter, I really tore the material with my teeth, and hopefully I can float a little longer. Waiting to see my stars.. hopefully one of you will have fireworks

    1. Good Job Red… It takes some practice. Not many can get it first try unless you can work your rear really well and gain the anal orgasm on your own.. Keep trying.. HUGS!


  4. Hello LK

    I used the homework for our very first scene. I received 131 spanks (the first 50 were fairly gentle – we were taking it easy) and we only stopped because Sir saw broken blood vessels on my butt. He rubbed arnica in immediately after he stopped.

    I was not prepared for the feeling of euphoria that followed nor the feeling of heat rushing into my butt. We cuddled and talked but I was horny as hell so Sir “helped” me out. Half an hour later as all the feeling started returning to my body I noticed my fibromyalgia pains once again. I was coming down but I’m not too bad. Be interesting to see how bruised and sore I am tomorrow. LOL

    1. I thought i would add some information for any newcomers who may have fibromyalgia or similar as we needed to make some adjustments to the homework:

      * As I had problems leaning over Sir’s lap we had me lie face down on the bed with a pillow under my ribs/tummy and another for me to rest my forehead on (a girl has to breathe)
      * I had my hands comfortably behind my back but had to eventually drop them to my side but they were still tied with the extra length trapped under my body so i couldn’t move them. This was more comfortable
      * We used massage oil and Sir massaged my bottom continuously throughout the spankings
      * Sir took it gently for the first half as per a previous blog post and with every 10 swats/strikes asked me if i wanted to increase the level (which I did)
      * Sir applied liberal amounts of Arnica cream
      *I defintely want it harder next time!

      1. No bruising and no soreness but a few broken blood vessels close to the the bottom of my bottom. I think on the pain scale I reached 5 – Is that good for the first time?

  5. Homework done! Can’t wait to chat Tuesday. We only got to 50 but I’m proud of Sir because he was really worried about hurting me. He wanted to stop before 50 but I look at him and said I needed him to finish and that pushed him to finish. I think next time he will go more after seeing that he didn’t hurt me. What a great experience. Also before we started I did my formal acceptance. It was the best night ever! Lots of happy tears!

  6. Homework check!
    Hardly ever seen hubby respond so positive to any post link i’ve sent him before.
    We had doubts we could make this happen with the house full of kids – but we managed 😀
    The advanced one: – cuffed hands linked with rope under my body (my joints not what they were in my twenties), blindfold, cane (a bamboo from the garden … a gift for hubby, x-mas two years ago) – really good sting. A horseshoe double penetrating dildo. Flat face down on our bed.
    Never saw the stars but very close 😉 – go to pick a better position next time or build up to make it more relaxing for my neck.
    Result – two big blue/black bruises on my left cheek and very pleased hubby
    The hard facts … the rest you will have to imagine.
    End of debrief 😛

    1. Awesome Detail girl!
      Good job.. like I said that it will take a few tries… good job identifying how to improve the scene.. Make sure you mention that on chat! HIGH FIVE!!


  7. I decided to post my homework results- the chat goes so fast and I am not as tech savvy as I pretend. I wrote it out in word but can’t get it to copy/paste. So here goes—
    M’Lord told me I would be doing my homework Saturday- So we started Saturday with him telling me it would be a no underwear day- First thought- I got this- no problem- then I realized I had to go to the store- Ok- I can do this…. Then he puts a ring on my clit hood- with the promise that if I lose it he will replace it with something more permanent. Then he gets ready to go do some stuff- not before he gives me an assignment of putting on my nipple clamps and sending him a picture. Yes, he does like to play the mind games. 🙂 I sent picture- and got ready to shower and go to store- I lost the ring- yes I went into total panic mode. I sent him text telling him and prepared for worst. He came home and helped me find it and put it back in place.
    Big breath-
    Now I go to the store- I got there and back without losing ring or my composure- and didn’t see anyone I knew-( well I did but they didn’t see me-) The rest of the day went somewhat normal-
    About 8pm he headed for the bedroom. I was really nervous/excited. We had talked about things so am not sure why I was nervous- we had already done everything in one form or another. We talked and modified my chosen position and I was not at all surprised at the toy selection.
    He told me to get ready- he was going to shower.
    He tied my arms behind my back with orders to let him know if this was going to be a problem with my shoulder. When he laid me out over the wedge it didn’t take long to realize that was not going to work, so we modified position again. He put cuffs on wrists and ankles and I was stretched out across the bed with my feet on the floor and my hips/belly over the wedge.
    My goal was 130 spanks and I stopped counting at 150. I am not sure when the butt plug went in- things got a little blurry 🙂 I knew between the plug, the wand and the spanks I was not going to last much longer and it was going to be good. I don’t know how many times I came- the intensity of the wand makes them last longer and the next one hits without much of a break. I don’t know 3 or 4 or just one long crazy intense one 😀 Don’t know or really care. For the spanks he used 2 sided slapper, his hand, the flogger, and the crop. Then he used himself- between him, the plug and the wand– OMG I am wet again just remembering. Yeah- this is a scene we plan we will do again (and again)
    I think the next time I will not have a spanks goal- I will just accept as many or as few as M’Lord gives me.

  8. You know it girl… I am so happy that I could help you both get inspired! Congrats! You both warm my heart among other parts wit the wonderful description of this scene.. LOL! So happy for you both now your Sir is a SPANKO… so happy for you both!

    HUGS for Wench & Respect for M’Lord..


  9. Homework CHECK!!!! can I just say OMG!!!! Thank you LK for this challenge I was not sure how we would be able to pull it off, but dang if all the stars and planets lined up perfectly.. this afternoon was incredible and such a learning experience for both of us… who knew a dowel rod could be so sensual.. specially on the feet… and the Wand well nothing more needs to be said.. lol

    I finally got to a place in my head that I could let go and enjoy every spank and every vibration..I was able to let go and the pain turned into pleasure all at once… the multiple spanks fast and soft and hard was the perfect storm.. toward the end I finally had to mumble I was tired.. lol he spanked the bottom of my feet to end it and that in itself was so sensual it took me over the edge one last time (ok the sixth time) but who was counnting…

    Thanks again Lk for the challenge it has taken Mr B and I to a new level of play…
    Hugs Lady

  10. Homework was completed Thursday evening! During dinner Sir told me to be mentally and bodily ready by 8 pm and to be kneeling at the end of our bed. When Sir entered I was told not to speak unless instructed to, Sir asked me my safe words while Sir put my collar on. I was told to stand in position # 9 (inspection) Sir then put my ankle cuffs on and blindfold, Sir proceeded doing his inspection of Sir’s tool. (I passed). Sir than had my go into position # 6 (Ass) where Sir inserted a glass probe, I was then helped up and put in position to be restrained with hands tied above my head and spreader bar was used to keep my legs apart. St proceed by strapping the wand to the inside of my thigh so the head was against my clitoris. Sir used a flogger, slapper crop, leather paddle and a plastic Blind rod to spank me. I was put in numerous positions like face down, hands strapped above head using bed restraints with ass hanging over and toes touching floor. Also position # 5 (Doggy Style) and position # 8 (present) on bed. Toys Sir used were a vibrator, bullet, wand, and rabbit and his new toy (?) plus Sir himself. I had multiple orgasms but did not achieve both at the same time until the sixth time and I did not see stars but a lot of white light. Lol! I can’t remember it all but Sir knew when it happened because my ass wouldn’t let go of the probe..Lol! It was a sub-tactic night and I slept soundly that evening. Sir and I talked about it Friday morning and Sir wants to play it again soon, but may kick it up a notch. Thanks LK! HUGS Lady♥♥♥♥


  11. Okay… I think we intermediate after reading this post another time 😉

    Sir and I were on vacation (technically He was on business, I was vacation) and his business associates were staying in the room next to us so making noise in a hotel was a bit problematic lol

    The night He returned from his trip, He laid our flogger on the bed and said if I wanted it, I had to ask. Naturally, I asked 🙂 Sir didn’t incorporate any additional toys and neither of us really kept count. It was very simple. I presented myself for spanking (bending over our bed) and he flogged me. My arms were above my head and I was very still as I absorbed the various feelings of intensity. He warmed me up and varied the levels – not just on my bottom, but also across my shoulders (very carefully dodging the neck and kidney area). I love the force across my shoulders and can take quite a bit of intensity (which surprises both myself and my Sir!) He only had me count once and that was after He had been flogging me for quite awhile and it was just to ten. Usually, that signals the end is near but He surprised me after taking things down a notch with a couple of very intense flogs at the very end. Again, not really sure what our total count was, but I think He said He flogged me for a solid ten minutes. It didn’t feel very long as I was very quickly in my own world and all I could focus on was the rhythm of the deerskin as it came down across my body.

    A few observations:
    – Sir pushed me further than He has done previously and also pushed Himself further than He has before.
    – We were both “in the zone” if that makes sense.
    – Although Sir didn’t ask my pain level (usually 1-10) like He usually does, He did keep a close eye on breathing sounds and slight movements. He also did a wetness check which told its own story lol
    – Even though it was more intense than it has been, I found myself… relaxed… totally and completely relaxed even when it hurt. Not once did it occur to me to use our “caution” word. Every time I think I can’t possibly trust my husDom on a deeper level, I’m surprised and amazed to learn that yes, I can trust Him deeper than ever before.
    – Aftercare was very, very sweet… and after we had both come up for air we enjoyed the rest of the evening to its fullest potential 😀

    We will be revisiting this assignment and actually following directions…lol

  12. Homework complete!
    Sorry I missed the chat, but time zones are a pesky pesky thing!
    For a new sub, I reached 61, (we may have gone for more, but child interuptis!) Ironman was so proud of me. We did it in rounds of 10, with pain checking at the end of each. We started on our chair, but ended up with me on the bed, so Ironman could tie me up more to his liking.
    I have always danced around spanking wanting it, not wanting it, and this homework post made me smile due to the fact I received my first spanking only 2 weeks ago, so the homework was perfect for us!
    I reached a pain level of 6ish…….and had some great marks the next day! I was shocked and suprised at how much it made me feel, and float, I was in the frame of mind how could I float when it was so intense, but I was so wrong.
    Its something that we will be exploring alot more, now that I have realised its not painful, its amazing, intense, erotic, floaty and wonderful.
    Ironman would like to get 100 strokes, so we have something to work towards.
    Thanks for the homework Lk ♥♥
    My kitty

  13. Awww shucks. I missed the challenge in my absence lol. HOWEVER! Our anniversary is 7/7 so there was still plenty of spanking going on 🙂 the new wooden hairbrush I got finally got used

  14. Homework Complete! I won’t be able to make the chat tomorrow. Our youngest birthday party will be tomorrow evening. We completed this on July 12th. I spoke to my Sir about the homework assignment. He said, he would incorporate it into his plans he already had planned for our scene. He started by blindfolding me and tying a chest harness on me. Once that was complete he tied my hands suspended above my head. Then he began to slowly work a mini flogger, for warm ups. After which he began spanking with his hand in groups of 20. He had me count out loud the first 20 per cheek. After that, I wasn’t able to count. I kept floating out of my head. So, released my hands from the suspension. Still tied; he carried me to the end of our bed, and helped me across his lap. Where he continued homework assignment. He used vibrating beads, butt plug, and surprise new vibrating toy. He,He… His new favorite. He told me after ward, he completed 200 spankings total.
    We are newer to this ….I didn’t see stars, but did see a few light spots.
    Sir, said he really wants to try this again later….Very Much Looking Forward to It!! 🙂

  15. I know it’s been a long time since this post but I am new to this site. I showed this to my Husband/Sir yesterday and he immediately wanted to do this last night after kids went to bed – knowing what spanking does to me already, he was ready to see what would become of me. We fall into the experienced category so we went there. Once that blindfold went on all of me was His. It was amazing and I don’t know how I made it to 50 swats, it was intense, so intense, but I was warm all over and afterwards was a dream for both of us. It was something we discussed after, feeling that there will be times when we need to reset ourselves. I will need nights like this one again, to bring me into that perfect subspace, giving him all of me. Great homework assignment. 🙂