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It may be the “♫..most wonderful time of the year…♫” but it is also the busiest.  We may be focused on celebrating the magic of the season, but how do we do that and keep the magic in our D|s-M?  How do we continue to feed our subMrs and our HusDOM during the hectic holiday season?  

Week Four Theme: Sparkle and Ring

This is the fourth week of December and we are quickly approaching the Christmas holiday.  Las Posadas has begun, Hanukkah has ended, and Kwanza will begin shortly after Christmas. And then the New Year will be upon us!  If you haven’t yet, it’s time to WRAP UP those holiday plans.  As December 25 quickly approaches, try to slow down and enjoy your HusDOM.  Hopefully, these ideas will add a little “sparkle” to your D|s-M dynamic this week!

Fairy dust, Christmas lights, freshly cold fallen snow, a frozen lake when the morning sun hits it just right. They shine with a beautiful, shimmering light.  But “sparkle” can also mean joy or merriment, meaning “to be lively and excited”.  Have you been lively and excite this month, or have you been anxiously stressing the small stuff in all the holiday preparations?  This festive week, slow down and make it a point to celebrate your dynamic. Embrace it, appreciate it, lean into it. Ask for what you need. Making your needs wanted, taking out the guess work for your Sir is KEY!

Winter Wonderland

Day 20  

Envision your own WINTER WONDERLAND, giant snowflakes sparkling through the air while the snow below muffles the sounds of your footsteps? Long beautiful icicles hanging from the boughs, sparkling on a tree. Experiencing nature together in the winter can be very romantic.  

This is around the time everyone gets a taste of snow and freezing temperatures. Along with that comes, frosty windows, snowflakes, and crackling fires. …. ” Warm woolen mittens and “brown paper packages tied up with strings…” well, you know the rest.” The Hills are Alive wit the Sound of Music! Why not plan and create your own Winter Wonderland day and end it with a play scene with your Sir?

Hike & Hides

Find some mittens that match your panties and a sexy fur hat.  Pull on those sexy thigh high socks or leg warmers.  Get matching couples beanies. Pile on the layers, snow suits? Underneath it all make sure you match it up. Remember he will eventually be unwrapping you. Take a walk in a park or hike in the country. You can make a fun list of things to look for during your outing… Maybe place sexual bets along the way! Take your thermos of Boozy chocolate and some fruit to feed each other! If you are really remote, see where things lead… a quickie in the chilled air….may be just what FROSTY ordered! When you get home, make sure to be alone and your Sir can start to unwrap you. First, the coat, hat and mittens and scarf…. Then keep going… You want the chill to still be in your bones when you have this wonderland scene.

Before you leave on your Winter Wonderland walk…. there’s a checklist to prep for your return.

  • Santa caps, It IS time for the Jolly Ole husDOM and his subbie elf to appear!  
  • Get things ready for a fire in the fireplace or set out rustic candles with matches.
  • Have your fur blankets, hides & pillows, where your scene will begin.
  • 2 glasses and a bottle of wine.

Turn on some old Christmas tunes and enjoy each other’s company. You can now present your with a different glove/mitten. Leather and rabbit fur gloves, Plain leather gloves are great to be spanked with, a vampire gloves another option. If you want to go all out FUR … Let out his BEAST by purchasing a leather and rabbit fur flogger from Fox and Hare, and see what he decides to do with them!

Solstice King

Day 21

Winter Solstice, Yule, The Longest Night of the year. So many possibilities!  Isn’t a wonderfully long night a submissive’s dream?  Choose today to celebrate the darkness and the Winter Soltice King, the Holly King.

The Dark Side

In her blog, Anna Lovind has this beautiful perspective on the dark side of the solstice: “Where I live, in Sweden, these shifts are huge. The dark season is DARK, with a sun that barely makes it above the horizon, and in the summer, barely sets at all. Living with this kind of darkness can be challenging, but it can also be beautiful and meaningful, even a bit magical. Because darkness is more than the absence of light. It can be a nurturing presence, an invitation to slow down and look inwards.

Can you rest in the darkness? Look inwards and see yourself, your submission, a little differently? Appreciate a time of dormancy and stillness? Or maybe you and your Sir will choose to embrace the darkness together. Black lingerie, black leather. Have a scene in the dark, explore each other.  Can you do a whole scene in the dark and without saying a word?  Maybe, you have all your senses taken away, be in the total dark for the scene.

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is about turning from the darkness to the light. Winter Solstice, Yule, celebrations included bonfires, decorating with holly, mistletoe and the boughs of evergreen trees, ritual sacrifices, feasts, and gift-giving. In Norse tradition, Old Man Winter visited homes to join the festivities. The Viking god, Odin, was described as a wanderer with a long white beard and is considered the first Father Christmas. The Celts believed the sun stood still during the winter solstice so they thought that by keeping the Yule log burning for these 12 days, it would encourage the sun to move, making the days longer. Everyone took turns feeding the length of timber into the fire as it burned. Letting it burn out would bring bad luck.

Lux in Tenebris

Today should be a reflection of new hope. Of rebirth and renewal. Lighting the Darkness. Take full advantage of your Hygge tonight. Is there a new direction or a new commitment you want to make to yourself, or your dynamic? Write about it in your subMrs Journals. Tonight, you may wish to light up your scene with candles….LOTS of candles!  Wear your diamond earrings, white or black… sparkle! Get your Sir a crown, He will be your KING for the whole day! he will represent the Holly King, the dark king… Tonight is his last night to rein. May he be ruff and push you to your limits! Purchase a black sash or ribbon get creative with it. The best thing is the next morning, you know you are on your way to longer like once again, the OAK KING… begins his fight back to power.

Sparkle & Glitter

Day 22

As Christmas Eve and Christmas Day draw closer, can you feel yourself losing some of your sparkle…or perhaps it’s dimming.  All subMrs strive to SPARKLE for our SIRS!  But how do we maintain that special sparkle when the stress of the hectic holiday is beginning to take its toll?  Take care of yourself, of course…for your HusDom! It’s not being selfish…it’s far from it!  When you take care of yourself it encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, thereby transmitting those good feeling to others…namely your Sir! Plenty of rest, hydration and sex is prescribed!


So schedule a deluxe manicure/pedicure. Try Christmas colors that match your panties, and later let your Sir judge just how well you matched the colors.  Maybe get a different nail shape – stiletto nails to go with your stiletto heels? Or perhaps get out your body glitter, they have great Spray on glitter. Use it on both of us. Make your bodies gleam & glow tonight. If you want to really get messy, get some large pieces of glitter (small pieces are more messy & leave more residue) and pour it on your body. Take pics & send to your Sir.  You may want to wear a festive thong and be careful not to get it too close to your lady bits…glitter in the wrong places, like sand, is no fun at all.  Maybe your Sir would like to play with you and the glitter…so put down a play sheet and have some fun! A good glitter spanking may be in order!

Trust Jack Frost

Day 23

For the vast majority of us, when we think of winter, we think of snow.  Even if you live in warn climates, you dream of the wintry days, softly falling snow, and warm cuddles by a roaring fire.  But some of us love the chill, building snowmen sleighing and skiing. We love Jack Frost! Especially when he’s nipping at our girly parts.

Let’s celebrate the cold and Jack Frost. Again, enjoy the outdoors, take the family sleighing or go ice skating. Then later role play a bit as Jack Frost and his subMrs Frost. Use snow, ice cubes or even shaved ice for some temperature play. While we are talking about ice, try a new Icicles sex toy, a glass probe or anal plug. Your husDOM can also take restrict your sense of hearing with some noise deadening earmuffs or earbuds with Christmas music, like Mannheim Steamroller, will really kick up your other senses. This type of play is a lesson in trust for you and your Sir.  Embrace it! Baby it’s COLD OUTSIDE!  **Pictured last, the icicles flogger/probe is in the Fox and Hare store!

Eve Exchange

Day 24  

Marriage's Sexiest Secret, Married Dominance and Submission, D|s-M, Sexy Christmas Calendar, Sexy Ideas and Inspiration, subMrs, husDOM, sex toys, Sex scenes, XXX-Mas

December 24 is one of the most magical nights of the year, and few other nights are so charged with the supernatural and filled with both religious and non-religious traditions.  We celebrate around the world with a variety of foods and it is the night when Santa Clause takes to the sky in his sleigh to deliver gifts to all the good little boys and girls around the world.  An ancient European legend says that on Christmas Eve, animals have the ability to speak human language.  Legends says that at midnight all cattle rise in their stalls or kneel to adore the new born King.  In Northern English legend says that bees assemble on Christmas Eve to hum a Christmas hymn.  And in many places it is widespread idea that at midnight on Christmas Eve, all water turns to wine! According to Irish legend, the Gates of Heaven open on Christmas Eve. In the Scandinavian countries simple folk have a vivid sense of the supernatural on Christmas Eve. On Yule night no one should go out, for he or she may meet uncanny beings of all kinds. The Swedes believe the trolls celebrate Christmas Eve with dancing and revelry. Scandinavian folk believe that Christmas Eve is the time when the dead revisit their old homes.

Exchange Splurge

If you’re like most families on Christmas Eve, your family time is in full swing! Church or special dinners with grandparents are usually planned for this day. But, after the festivities have settled and “everyone is tucked into their beds, When there arose such a clatter”... Sorry, back to our story, this is a great time to do your D|s-M Eve Gift Exchange. Buy new fluffy robes and exchange your D|s-M gifts to one another OR if you both decided on one really nice XXX-Mas SPLURGE then it’s time to get it out and PLAY with your NEW XXX-Mas toy! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Day 25

Bells announce the coming or arrival of an event, activity, or occasion. The sound of tolling bells, since the beginning of time, have been rung to announce the union of a man and a woman. (Bells toll at the beginning of our wedding.)They are rung to announce the arrival of Christmas, proclaiming the birth of Christ. Bells have a deep symbolic meaning that is associated with the mind and the expansion of consciousness. Ringing of bells can be traced back to pagan winter celebrations. Bells were first used in pagan winter festivals with the purpose of protecting the people of the city from evil spirits. The most famous bell, the bell of St. Patrick resides in Ireland, and according to tradition, Patrick, a missionary to the Emerald Island in the 5th century, used it to gather the Irish people together for the teaching and preaching of God’s Word. With time, the bell came to be associated with the Lord’s work and to symbolize all things sacred.

Marriage's Sexiest Secret, Married Dominance and Submission, D|s-M, Sexy Christmas Calendar, Sexy Ideas and Inspiration, subMrs, husDOM, sex toys, Sex scenes, XXX-Mas, brass bell ritual, couples ritual, silver bells, nipple clamps with bells

Ring Your Bell

Today is Christmas Day…the day we’ve all been preparing for months, maybe even all year for some. In many holiday movies, Christmas morning is celebrated with bells tolling…ringing. Silver Bells…. Silver Bells…. DING, DONG!.. DING, DONG!, the Christmas Bells are ringing, just one of many Christmas songs that mention bells. You will notice bells ringing, tolling by hand or in the church steeples in the old movies and cartoons of the present or past. Don’t you love hearing the church bell tolls and watching the hand bell ringers?

Nipple Bells

You may want to purchase a pair of nipple clamps with bells on them to celebrate this day privately with your Sir. The red bell nipple clamps are available in the Fox and Hare store on subMrs. This day is the perfect day to start a Bell Ritual. Purchase a little brass serving bell, and before your scenes, you or your Sir ring the bell signifying your union. This symbolizes the importance of the scene to your dynamic. “You can ring my bell… Ring my bell…

Box of Sticks and Stones

Day 26

The stress of Christmas Day is over for the U.S. but Great Britain and some Commonwealth countries like, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, celebrate Boxing Day. The day was historically was the day were servants, tradespeople, and the poor were presented with gifts. In the present, Boxing Day is primarily known as the best shopping holiday as shops often allow dramatic price reductions. While some are shopping others are enjoying sports.

This day is shared with St. Stephens Day. St. Stephen was one of the first deacons of the Christian Church. He was the first Christian martyr, believed to have been a Greek Jew who converted to Christianity. Known to be most trustworthy he was put in charge of serving of the poor. He was a very eloquent and skilled speaker, his preaching style was so effective that many Jews became worried about his success. They accused him of blasphemy and he was made to stand trial, found guilty and stoned to death. Stephen is the patron saint of deacons, headaches, horses, coffin makers, and masons. He is often represented in paintings carrying a pile of rocks or with rocks on his head and shoulders.


Ancients In Whales on Saint Stephen’s Day had a custom called “holming”. Where people would go door to door beating, striking & flogging late risers and servants with branches of holly. This was known to give the floggers good luck, not such good luck for the late risers and servants, lol…..

On this 26th Day of our Sexy Christmas Calendar, lets celebrate like the people of the past with a flogging and stoning. Purchasing massage warming stones and some branches of greenery, real or faux. (holly.. anything you have hanging around..) or use a wooden dowel rod or cane. Now you have the makings of a great flogging scene and Russian bath massage play. Use your imagination and have fun on this Boxing each other or just being boxed and stoned by your husDOM! You can even buy him a silly Russian masseuse hat…. See images below!

Weeks Closing

This weeks closing is about reminding you to find sparkle where ever you can. Let your bells ring! Watch for our final week’s article of the Sexy Christmas Calendar. We will help you keep your dynamic fresh as the newly fallen snow and as HOT as the logs on the fire! Merry Christmas!

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