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Sexual Objectification | A submissive Put on Display, submissive sexual limits,, D/s-M, Objectification, husDOM

Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person as a mere instrument of sexual pleasure. Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity. Objectification is most commonly examined at the level of society, but can also refer to the behavior of individuals.~Wiki

A submissive Put on Display

~A Tale by Little Kaninchen

You’re at a party or D/s-M dinner with your kink-friendly friends. The Dominant husbands or husDOM’s gather into the great room. He sits you in a chair and tells you that you are the submissive that has been chosen to be put on display this very evening.  “You gasp,”  He smiles at you and explains, Letting the other Dominants here see why they should be very jealous of what he has. You begin to slowly unbutton your shirt. He reaches over and opens the front. He commands you “Leave your arms in the sleeves.”   Being a new submissive or subMrs, You think, what did I do?  My mouth gets me trouble again? Seeing the look of concern on your face. No worries my little submissive,  they only look and appreciate nothing more. There will be no one but me touching what is mine here tonight.  Your breasts feel the cool air. Your nipples pucker as he arranges the front of the shirt just so you have to get a perfect angle to see those small hardened pink peaks.

Skirt Up

“Skirt up above your belly button.” You blow out nervously but continue as you were told.  After pulling up your cute soft pink tulle skirt, you look down and see your Sirs’s hand begin to pull at your thong. Let’s be rid of those pretty little lace panties that you wore here tonight just for me. He slides them down your legs seductively running his other hand down the curve of your ass. He knows what he is doing, he is making you wanting and wet for him. He smiles that crooked smile that makes you want to do anything he asks of you.  Shyly you look away to escape further seduction and look down at the fabulous new sparkly heels he bought you for this special occasion. “These stay on”, another command.  He walks you over to a table that has been covered with a red velvet covering.  He picks you up by the waist and sits you on the table.”Lay back and clear your mind.” “Think of pleasing me.”  “You are on display tonight your breasts and your pussy for everyone to see”, he reminds you. You know that it would please him if you hold yourself open. Your hand begins to travel down your stomach. He quickly grabs your hand. “No need to open yourself tonight,  that is for me to do if I so choose.” Yes, Sir… as you blush several shades or red. “Your legs apart and eyes shut.” Closing your eyes and fall into the darkness, you trust he will keep you safe. You find that you feel your wetness and the velvet crushing under the weight of your skin.  You begin to hear soft mumbling. Dominants settling into the leather chairs around you. Their submissives, you suspect, are either lured into their laps or sitting at their feet.  You feel someone near, their warm breath. A whisper in your ear… ” It’s me, keep breathing.” Your Sir softly pinches your nipples and slowly twists.  This in turn contracting your pussy.  You let out a slight moan from your now parted lips. “I’m sorry Sir.”… You quickly snap… ” “You’re free to make noise baby.” He reaches down and feels between your now blooming folds.  “You’re pleasing me.” He says and gives you a deep penetrative kiss. He follows the kiss blindfolding you into permanent darkness.  Time goes by as he taunts your body, applies clamps to your nipples and clit. You feel the light spray of sweat cover your body from head to toe.  Your mind begins to wonder ……..


You lay in a nervous bliss wondering, is this pleasing all the Sirs here? Your Sir continues to purr erotic things into your ears as he plays out the scene.  You are his and you do your best to perform as you know you are expected to do. Your Sir’s ministrations go on until now are floating enjoying this ride.  Your nerves have seemed to float away.  In your fog, you feel a hand, much cooler than your Sirs. The hand takes your hand in his and lips touch the back of it. A Doms deep voice says, ” you’re a true pleasure, my dear.” and then he says “Your one lucky Dom” to your Sir. All you can do is hold still and move your chin to accept his kind words.  Dom after Dom kisses your hand and adds a compliment to your Sir. Your Sir, so proud, keeps touching you letting you know you have done well.  The smile you internalize can no longer be contained. “Good girl.” “Open your eyes, baby.” He begins buttoning your shirt. He pulls down your skirt. Pulling you against him he places a kiss on your forehead and promises you great pleasure when you arrive home. You did it, you put yourself on the very edge for your husDOM. You jumped barriers that once were thought to be unachievable.  You were pushed past a sexual limit and went where the magic happens.  You stand, once again dressed not only in the beautiful clothing you came in but dressed in a 100-watt smile.  Your Sir pats your bottom pushing you over to the long awaiting group of other submissives. They all pull you into their circle hugging you, smiling and so many giggles.  They all begin to ask you how that felt in a million different ways. Only one word comes to mind, “FREE”.

The End

SubMrs Post Question:

What if your Sir put you on display like an object?

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Little Kaninchen

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    1. But isn’t it hot putting yourself in her place? You would have to have a significant trust and relationship with your Dom to understand the reasoning why he would want to do this to you or for you… ❤

      1. It’s completely hot and I think I would love it. Still very nerve racking though. Yes, it always comes down to trust.

        1. I have never been put on display, so I can’t really answer that. I just meant, in my mind (imagination) it seems very hot.

  1. We are so new to this that H doesn’t even ask for displays for inspection. I want him to, but do not know how to ask or bring it up. If he wanted to show me off I would let him. I want to know that he is proud of me.

    1. Please have your Sir look at this post. He may want to check out my Dom’s blog. It’s for newbie Doms … have him check it out. It will help. If he has any questions please tell him to comment on it’s for Doms only… ❤❤

  2. Very detailed post love love loved it. I saw myself right up on that table. Then reality hit (that bastard) and I knew there is no way I could do a scenario like that with friends I knew. The possibility of jealously ruinning a friendship isn’t something my head could do to get into the right mindset to fully enjoy a scene like this. Thankfully y’all are total stranger so daydreamin away 😀😀

  3. This sounds great. I hope Mr. And i can work thru my insecurities, I think if may have a panic attack knowing I’m being watched. I would like to become this comfortable with myself

    1. Hello Hisprecious, Welcum to the site. Objectification is a part of all this but something all of us have to wok on…. You’re not alone and we all have things to work on. Just keep working on getting comfortable naked again… it will cum the more you work on it.. its not a race… HUGS!!! LK

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