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Sexual Limits

Where the Magic Happens


Your Dominate husDOM knows your body.  But does he know your sexual limits? Does he respect them, know when he can push you just past the line to where the magic happens?

In Married Dominance and submission, If your dominate knows your heart, he then will know where your sexual limits lie… He measures and watches your breathing & your face… for those clues. You have set these limits on paper, in downtime,  building that foundation of understanding together.   You have trusted him with your body and your heart. A trust that should never be broken. He will push that limit, ever so slightly… A true Dominate knows when to let you fly and when to pull you back. That magic will happen right past the line, that little bubble that you have lived in up until this……..  You will see those little stars in your eyes and feel it to your bones. Afterwards you look back and smile what you have now achieved, the magic.

A great Dominant husDOM will be there when the fog clears and thank you for your trust and your submission during aftercare.  He will give you a “good girl” and the smile will not stop for hours. Enjoy the magic!


Little Kaninchen


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  1. hispetitelle 6 years ago

    Your post really got me thinking and feeling a new level of appreciation for my Sir. Thank you.

    • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

      I know you don’t see it… It just happened… Growth… ❤

  2. Filina Ambassador 1 year ago

    This is perfect! Really makes you think long and hard about everything!

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