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Arousal from Being Bitten

I love being bitten… Maybe it’s the Vampire in me…… Or wanting a vampire in me.. Lol!


My Sir always makes sure I’m wearing his mark before he leaves for work.  Usually, several bite marks. I love when bitten in the place between your neck and shoulder.  I’ve read there are lots of nerves there. It’s a pretty specific area. Have your Sir behind you, pull back your hair and nibble from the base of your neck down. There will be a small area that feels erogenous when he hits the zone. Once he finds it nibbling then he can bite.  It makes me squirt if Sir bites it while we’re in heavy play. Your husDom will remember this spot.  It will become his favorite switch to throw.

This bunny loves to bite back… If Sir allows it….It is a true treat for me to be able to put a mark on My Sir.


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  1. hotlilmess 6 years ago

    Biting yes, however, i do not like my neck being touched at all, no kisses nothing….i often wonder why the chill that sends down my spine is not a pleasant one.

    • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

      Did something or someone do something to make you not trust?
      When I was vanilla I did not like Sir to play with my breasts… I just didn’t … For years.. No boobies for him.. I didn’t have anything happen with my breasts.. Someone did take my trust and made me no longer trust most men. I think that’s why I didn’t like them touched.. They were mine…
      But when we became D/s I surrendered everything to him… It was hard but boy.. What I was missing all those years… Needless to say we’ve been making up for lost time. Now I love him to worship them..
      Funny how D/s changes us..
      So what I’m saying is dont give up on your neck. Its a wonderful place to let your Sir play.. ❤❤❤

      • hotlilmess 6 years ago

        Nothing ever happened, it is the weirdest thing. The chill i get actually makes my teeth hurt. i do not deny it however. The pictures you posted look inviting….unless it is my neck of course!! lol….If you get tired of reading go on tumblr and get geared up for your Sir 🙂 …

  2. hispetitelle 6 years ago

    My neck…YES…my neck. I remember very clearly to boy who found that spot on my neck for the first time and he knew he did and worked it. I love everywhere on my neck, but for me it’s that spot just behind my earlobe. And biting my earlobe sends just as many shock waves throughout my body.

    • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

      I will compare this evening the ear love to the neck… That one place on the neck they have to bite down wide like they are biting that while muscle.. Not hard pinching just put pressure on it… I swear its HOT… I try the earlobe..

  3. MaríMar 6 years ago

    Oh yes I love to be bitten…. everywhere but he often bites my inner thighs and God alternating between pleasure and pain makes me on happy submissive girl. 🙂

  4. Filina Ambassador 2 years ago

    Oooo, I wonder if I have a spot! Sir has never bitten me before, but I’m sure I would love it. I love pretty much anything he does that deals with my neck. 🙂

  5. furyblades 1 month ago

    I absolutely love being bitten! i feel electrified all over my body when Ma’am bites me. Its wonderful when she allows me to as a gift or reward.

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