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Intimate Art, D/s-M Lifestyle,,

Intimate Art | D/s-M Lifestyle

Intimacy how do you capture it and keep it’s moments forever? Making Love or fucking, you can make art as you play or have a scene. See, . Intimate ART a wonderful cool yet kinky idea. Your husDOM can cover you in paint and play with you. Leaving his marks not only on your body but on a canvas.

Intimate Art, D/s-M Lifestyle,,

A canvas you can display proudly on your bedroom wall. You can look at it and remember your playtime with your Dominant. Watch the video below. Please let us know if you try and send us images if you care to share.

Love is in art by Jeremy Brown

Who knew making art could be so much fun?



Intimate Art

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    1. It is a wonderful idea you both can put some thought into…. I would also say order 2 kits… Maybe two tries to get it right.
      Thanks for commenting! LK

  1. TY LK for this idea!! I have a huge empty canvas over a fireplace in our bedroom because I couldn’t commit to the design I wanted on it. This is perfect <3