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Finding Pleasure in D/s-M

Finding pleasure together with your husDOMinant

Finding Pleasure in Your Bodies…….

After talking to some ladies in my live submissive chat or chatroom, I became aware that new submissives and some even with some experienced submissives really are not sure what D/s-M really is about or how it is different than the old-style or singles D/s dynamics.  D/s-M is never something to be scared of.  In the past D/s was mystical, not in a good way.  A lot of the time leading into poly or swing relationships if you were married or single.  Those dynamics never end well within a marriage. The kink or fetish came before the relationship factor in the past.   In a marriage, the relationship must cum first. In D/s-M, the relationship MUST CUM FIRST.

D/s-M is NOT about enduring things or proving things to your partner or anyone else for that matter.    D/s-M is NOT a game or something you keep score doing.  You may compare, which is human. No two D/s-M’s are ever the same so DO NOT try to measure yours to anyone else’s.  D/s for singles is a very different animal than D/s-M between a married couple. D/s-M is about finding as much pleasure as you can with your partner, your husDOMinant or husDOM.  You both work as a team to find out about your roles and then build the ultimate Dominant and submissive relationship.  Many times couples find this type of dynamic after reading something, watching a movie, or looking online.  D/s-M enriches and sometimes even saves marriages that were in trouble otherwise. I speak of finding pleasure with your Dominants, I don’t just mean sexually. There is psychological pleasure within one another as well.  You learn to love one another’s opinions and choices again. You love their mind again and they love yours…… There is still that old-time vanilla issue, submissive’s need a psychological connection to let loose and have the physical kind and the opposite for husDOM’s, they need the physical to let go to achieve a psychological connection, still, the battle goes on.  If you look closely at our methods foundations; Respect, Honesty, Communication, Trust, and Intimacy (Love) you will see how the physical and the mental work together to make the dynamic a dynamic like none,, Finding Pleasure in your D/s-M

S/subMrs when you’re doing your Formal Acceptances, remember you’re asking him to be not just present but an active member within the dynamic. He has to do the work and more importantly want to do the work to become the best husDOMinant or husDOM that he can be. HE MUST WANT IT ! You can only carry both sides for that first phase, the sexual phase. The second phase is about the psychological side and that is where you both have to peddle the D/s-M bike hard! D/s-M is finding the mutual pleasure within one another. Find the pleasure in your body and then find his pleasure within your body. Work at your scenes and using those implements in a pleasurable way. Start slow, start with just a few toys/tools and don’t expand until you have found pleasure, and he his. You may find you have a need for pain with that pleasure, not even talking about masochist, that is a whole other blog post.  You can build up to that pain/pleasure mix as you go, don’t pressure yourself or your Dominant to move too fast.  Most of you will find your original hard limits you start with will soften or even disappear after the first phase. I encourage you to taste things but DON’T GORGE yourself. As you know you want to taste each thing, savor it and chew on it before swallowing, Keep in mind with everything you purchase or experiment with,


If you have any questions please never hesitate to email me or Private Message me on the site. I need your comments submissives… I need to hear your voices. HUGS!

Little Kaninchen


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  1. So when you’re talking about the “phases” (phys vs psychological). How much of a time frame have you seen for each? As a new sub how do I know when I don’t have to carry it as much?