D/s-M Submissive Lifestyle| I did a bad bad thing with Sir’s Permission….Danke Schoen, Thank You Sir

My Sir text me last night... He instructed me to get my wand and my anal plug and take two of his orgasms that evening…He was very stern with his instruction and reminded me, “just two L.K.”… and I am to think of him as I pull & push on that plug… I was instructed to do a bad..bad thing… I used my wand and inserted my plug… I closed my eyes and imaged it was him … Until those delicious waves took me under, once then twice…Stop! I could hear my Sir say… I pulled away throbbing almost breaking into the next wave…I gave my word as his submissive…… Yes, Sir I said in my head…



****** Want to remind all you subs… Thank your Sir’s/Mistress’ for all they do… All the delicious things they do… All there Domination ….. Send them Brenda Lee! LOL!


Maybe next year Uncle Peter will let me help….

Danke Schoen, ~LK~

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  1. Mr. Fox has long-distance domination down! You are such a good bad girl, LK. (Or bad good girl, as you choose!) I’m happy for your good night.

  2. Little Kaninchen,

    My LK was perfectly primed for my arrival…

    To continue from where LK left off she was instructed to pick me up from the airport without panties. She did as she was instructed and went one step further by showing up in a summer dress. Very convenient…

    With Dominance,

    Mr Fox

    1. We had a lovely ride home… I laid the seat back and enjoyed the ride, I guess you could say..

      Thank you Sir for all you do for me… You always have my submission…