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This month and along with with Marriage’s Sexiest Secret celebrate our Couple’s Intimacy Communities . Why is it so important for couples to be a part of these communities? Why is this the year to become a part of “the secret”?

This whole year of the water tiger is about community and its relationships. Today in 2022 we are seeing the results of how covid & politics have reset the way we all communicate within our different relationships. There is a lot of negative impact from the past couple years, but also this time as given us new and more accepted ways to communicate like never before.

New Moon

I know you know that we are in a new lunar new year, of the tiger, but did you know that the tiger comes with a NEW MOON? How does the new moon fit into the tigers energy? Every new moon actually helps us to project friendships and see them in ways that you can’t see them any other time of the year. The tiger’s energy flows and will keep the friendship projection up all year long.

This February’s new moon is about denying the status quo and creating brand new rules for ourselves. The moons energy is free-thinking, rebellious, and unconventional. It will have us embracing our weirdness and finding connection with others through our quirks or specific interests. Hmmm… Particular interests…

Threesome Tiger

Great things happen in 3’s, right? Not that way, DIRTY PEEPS, Gotcha! We have spoke of the tiger in our previous podcast & becoming more like the tiger this year. But also the in coming tiger’s energy is a lot higher this year as it is accompanied by water. February 1st, we had a new lunar year the same day as a new moon, just as Embolc was also celebrated (The first tastes of Spring), aka, Saint Brigade’s Day. The combination and culmination of these three events happening all the same day fuels this years energy like none other.

Tiger Flow & Energy

The Tiger is the 1st animal of astrology of the spring season, we have left the winter season along with the year of the Ox. With the thaw of 2021’s winter, February’s Tiger’s water energy brings with it a tiger’s flow helping us to go around blocks and create a new paths of communication and connections with your relationships. 

The water tiger’s energy is about COMMUNITY and BUILDING NETWORKS. Networking for your relationships. Your personal and spousal relationship. This is the perfect time to manifest or display your commitments or re-commitments to your relationships.  Step forward using patience and consistency in this dynamic. Choose whom you surround yourself with. Put yourself your marriage in a strong position, a place with like minded people.

This year will push us all with a TIGER’S ENERGY, a PUSH AND then PULL … into Dynamism. Meaning we will be encouraged into vigorous activities, exciting progress, along with New Adventures and encouraging us to Take Risks. This sounds exactly like we have been talking about “The Secret”… and its communities. 

The Need for This Community

Why is there such a need for this community? We have created Couple’s Intimacy Communities to help couples create intimacy in ways they may have never had before. We want to stop the growing stats of Gray Divorce. Grey divorce or Gray Divorce is a term referring to the demographic trend of an increasing divorce rate for older couples in long-lasting marriages. The growing trend and focus on personal happiness and self-fulfillment has become prominent in most cultures. This has many couples looking at wanting a better marriage or wanting not to waste the time they have left in mediocre or a damaged marriage.

One of the most common issues between a husband and a wife is a lack of sex or desire for sexual connection. The common excuse partners will give is a packed schedule leaving no time for intimacy. Basically, admitting they have not made intimacy a priority in their marriage. Unfortunately couples don’t make the time until it may be too late. The other two issues that seem to cause sexual dysfunction in a married couples relationship is a lack of trust, being it from infidelity or what we call “recliner husband syndrome”. Recliner husband syndrome is basically where your husband had become like one of the kids after a long time and there is no longer a proven trust. One more issue comes from a self induced sex shame, meaning a shame felt from being a sexual being or shame connected to one’s self confidence.

Our communities will put you in a place where real concrete conversations and exercises in regards to a married couples intimacy. Couple’s work together on the dynamic, teamwork, and can work on themselves as an individual at the same time. NOT one size fits all. That’s the beauty of Marriage’s Sexiest Secret. We give you the steps in a great foundational start, then where you take it is up to you!

Couple’s Metaverse

Couples i’s time to use the metaverse, our metaverse. The concept of the a metaverse is one focuses on allowing people to do anything they can do in real life, hanging out with friends, shopping, concerts, classes, and even sex can technically be done in the metaverse. Marriage’s Sexiest Secret, we have a communities where men and women separately can take advantage of making friends with others. This year you want to be innovative with your current relationships. Try becoming a member of a community.  

Communal Realtionships

Having that sense of community unites people & couples. Community makes us feel as though we are a part of something greater than just ourselves. We then are given opportunities within to connect other like minded couples. Learning something new, setting and reaching for goals.  Knowing you have a community gives us a safety and security. Community gives us friends. A group of people we lean on when times are tough for support and encouragement. Gives you the chance to share yourself, your wisdom and experiences.

Functional Friendships

Join our communities and begin to build functional friendships. A functional friendship is one that is based on a shared activity, or a mutual benefit.  So, for example, say your community has a lot of couples who love to travel, see sights and LOVE to immerse themselves in NEW EXPERIENCES, you travel along with the group. You may not individually do these things on your own, but you go along and after you do, you see they put you in places and situations that you may never have been before. The best thing is after you do these things, you now can’t wait to go again!

Community with Benefits

  • Cum for Inspiration and motivation – In our communities there is always someone doing something amazing to grow themselves or their marriage, which can have the effect of inspiring you to go harder and achieve bigger goals. 
  • We Share! …ONLY Lessons, that is… Shared lessons – Rather than having to learn from your own mistakes and successes you can reach out to the community and ask if anyone has had an experience that could be valuable to your situation. 
  • Contacts – Just like in business, you are always in need of a particular services or may like to meet a particular person.  Being a part of these communities, it is highly likely that someone can make a referral or an introduction for you.
  • Communal Opportunities & EVENTS – Successful people are always doing cool stuff and when you are associated with them you often get introduced and invited for “the ride”. Whether it’s a social activity or a once in a lifetime immersive experience, there is always an opportunities to be had.
  • Work Hard, PLAY HARD, … Fun – We are all social animals and when you are  part of a positive attitude community there are always social aspects involved that you can have a lot of fun at. Even if in the past you or your partner were not social butterflies, here is a chance to use those wings safely.

Interested in becoming a member? 

Not yet a member? Interested in become part of the secret, Marriage’s Sexiest Secret?  To become a member of our Dominance and submission Communities, please see links, and If your husband cares to sate his interests in becoming or learning about becoming a husDOM, send him this husDOM link.  Use the CODE; COMMUNITY and get 20% off an annual Membership on subMrs and husDOM!

Want to Hear More? Want to taste it all? We do monthly podcasts, subscribe to Marriage’s Sexiest Secret and husDOM podcasts.

If you are already a member, go deeper, volunteer for the community teams and join the conversations!


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