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What does a subMrs or any woman really want from her husDOM or significant other? You want them too deeply love you, unlike no other. You want them to show you adoration. The word adoration comes from the Latin word adorationem, which means “worship,” If you adore or deeply love someone, you can describe that feeling as adoration. It’s the kind of feeling Romeo had for Juliet. The intense and passionate love affair that few get to share. How do you possess someone? You show them adoration.

We beg for them to break our bodies down with the use of theirs. We want them to push us into complete submission. But, what is it a submissive or subMrs, any woman wants most of all? She wants her partner to gaze at her with adoration. How do we put ourselves in the place where we can receive this adoration? We give our Sir’s something that they yearn for most, homage and our deepest reverence. Homage is respect shown toward someone that you admire. Reverence, being the deepest respect you can give someone, like your husDOM. Respect is the greatest gift you can give him.

So I invite every subMrs to start feeding the circle. You respect your Sir and in return he will feed you the adoration that you most desire. The more adored you feel the more you will serve him with the greatest regard and reverence.

Best subMrs Wishes!


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  1. Minx prema 7 months ago

    Totally agree! Respect is HUGE for your Dom. If you don’t respect him, he will struggle to adore you, which will cause you to struggle showing him respect. Vicious cycle! Don’t let it even start!!

  2. Kitten/lilgreenman82 6 months ago

    I love this! Could not agree more! How can we expect our Sir’s to adore us and look upon us with adoration if we do not offer them respect and reverence first? We cannot effectively give of ourselves fully until we respect the recipient of our gift.

  3. Kleine/König 6 months ago

    Love the word reverence. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 6 months ago

      Always…. I take the things that are in my heart and put them here for others to share in. I know I am not the only one that feels this way or desires these things. Thanks for commenting!



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