What Does Your Favorite Drink Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite drink says about you?

Some people say like your car and attire, your favorite cocktail says a lot about you, your attitude and motivations.  Let’s go through some popular and delicious cocktails and reveal what it says about you. This will show us that generalizations are fun. So as my Sir says, Bottom/s up! LOL!

This Post is done just for fun…. LK


COSMOPOLITAN …………………………………….My Favorite and I love My Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses! LOL!

Your Probable Hobby:

Looking at yourself in the mirror for long periods of time, then going directly back to the gym.

What Your Drink Says:

“I’m totally just out with my girlfriends right now, totally just dancing and having fun, but tomorrow, I will totally weep quietly at brunch through my Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses as I repeat the phrase, ‘so cute’ as may times as I can.”


Your Probable Hobby:

Causing Trouble & Reckless behavior that endangers yourself and others, and is therefore hilarious! Like remember that time Jeff Spicolli got all fucked up and drove Brad’s Pontiac around on the highway and shit, and you were like “Dude!” because you couldn’t even believe it? Such a little trouble maker you are!

What Your Drink Says:

“So, wait-you’re saying that my date-rape conviction is a turn-off? Come on, that was, like, four months ago. I’m real different now, baby. Hey, hey, hey-where do you think you’re going in such a hurry?”


Your Probable Hobby:

Attending outdoor summer concerts of ass-awful, washed-up 80’s bands like Van Halen and REO Speedwagon. Also, you wear jean shorts there.

What Your Drink Says:

“I don’t have any issues with drinking during the day or experimenting with anal sex.”

Vodka Cranberry



          Your Probable Hobby:    

Going to Country Bars and Line dancing the night away, then going home and giving a good blow-job is your idea of fun.


  • What Your drink Says About You: That you either have absolutely no imagination or that you’re nineteen, have a fake ID and don’t know what else to order.  Or that you can’t stand the taste of alcohol, but want to get drunk anyway.  You probably drink wine coolers at house parties and you once got totally wasted off of, like, a whole case of Zima (reality: you drank four of them.)  Your sorority sisters are the coolest bunch of bitches that you’ve ever met and ohmygosh you guys, you’ll be friends forever, except for Courtney who’s a for real – FOR REAL YOU GUYS – bitch.
    (Guyism & TheDeliciousLife)

    Gin & Tonic


    Your Probable Hobby:  You’re a passionate person. Talking politics or other taboo subjects until other’s are puking and not from their drinking. Business…. Business… Business….
    What Your Drink Says About You:

    Men with this choice in drink are generally polite and reserved—until they perhaps enjoy a few too many cocktails and morph into their more rambunctious alter egos. “These are often the guys who get thrown out of the bar then appear a few weeks later at dinner club as if nothing ever happened. LOL

    Women, this is probably the first thing you ever drank and so you are just comfortable with it.  Your dad probably drank Gin and Tonics and so there is something comforting in it to you.  Either that or you for some unfathomable reason enjoy drinking something that tastes so awful that it causes lockjaw.  In any case, you’re probably slightly more refined than the Rum and Coke crowd – or at least that’s how you see yourself – but not as snobby as the Martini crowd.  Congrats!

    (Guyism, MSN)

    Frozen Peach Bellini

    Your Probable Hobby: Shopping…. Shopping and oh yeah…..Shopping…….

    What Your Drink Says About You:

    You have a tab at Olive Garden.

    (modern drunkard)





    Your Probable Hobby: Flashing or Pole Dancing.

    What Your Drink Says About You:

    The Hurricane a heavily rummed drink originated in  New Orleans,  New Orleans is the home of Marty-Gra. This could only mean that you love to get your fine tits out and shake them…. Like the namesake “hurricane” you love to BLOW!  Scorned you could cause terrible damage. LOL! (LK)





    Your Probable Hobby: Gambling, Cigars. Fast Cars & Women (Men)


    What It Says About You: Like Scotch Guy (or Girl, let’s not be presumptuous here), you think this makes you look classy but it kind of makes you look like an asshole.  Whether you like it Dirty or not…..You want people to look at you and see James Bond.  You think of yourself as refined and probably think you’re a broody introvert but everyone else knows that you’re an extrovert who’s desperate for attention.  You’re classy and in control of yourself, but mostly because you try really, really hard.  Everything you do is studied, measured, and you won’t be the one having your hair held at the end of the night, but you will be the one rolling your eyes, holding someone else’s hair with one hand and your martini in the other. (guyism)





    Your Probable Hobby: Alcoholic or Swinging


    What Your Drink Says About You: It really depends on the type of wine, but in general it says that you are a little older, that you think of yourself as slightly classier, and that you probably are a secret alcoholic but it totally doesn’t count because, like you tell everyone, wine is just classier.  You have at least a couple of glasses every night, definitely with dinner, and one or two to “wind down.”  The amount grows every few years.  You probably tell people that you can’t stand beer because it makes you feel bloated or that you have some sort of weird allergy and whenever anyone dares broach the subject of your chronic drinking you get defensive and start rattling off wine’s health benefits. (guyism)







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