Submissive Thoughts | FSOG Movie 1

Submissive Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey Movie 1….

Spoiler Alert!!!  I wanted to put out a quick review of the movie.

These are my submissive thoughts…

The movie over all did exactly as I thought it would. It brought BDSM into the light for the main stream in a positive way. It is a fictional movie and sensationalized because it’s a movie. The sex scenes were fantastic and showed things very sexy and true to what my scenes look like. This is a love story and not a how to book. Ok, thats my preface to my review.

The movie started out very quick and I wasn’t sure if I like it… I felt like we need more atmosphere so we could curl up and settle in it like a comfortable chair. They had a lot of book to cover. I love the way in Twilight they gave us that time and atmosphere..It was shot in almost a blue hue at first and it made us feel transported into the storyline. I always say ATMOSPHERE is everything!







If you don’t remember please go watch it.. It was a special effect…. I often wonder why they didn’t do that with the rest of the Twilight movies…The change to men…directors maybe?



I guess, I was hoping to be transported into a book depth… Put in that special place… but I warmed into it…



We moved quickly from chapter to chapter. They took out a few things….. added a scene that wasn’t in the book. The commitment to their roles were very different then I thought they would be. Dakota Johnson was a complete joy to watch. She acted well and you could feel she connected wit her role completely. I can only imagine if she had a leading man as connected to his role how great that would have been. She had mentioned it was robotic with Dornan. The heat would have been there with Hunnam. They said at the early readings the place was on FIRE!!!


Not great Leading man CASTING… I have to say that they gave Dornan the part during a time of his life where he could not identify with a man/a Dominant. He is married and just had his first baby. He mentions that in his interviews frequently. He had done another picture that was similar and looks the part. He has not been a sub-porter of the lifestyle per say in all his interviews. They should put a gag order on him because he will kill ticket sales if he further diminishes the idea of BDSM. It’s only good for all if he tells people he can somehow identify with the character that he is paid highly to play. You can tell that he is a bit disconnected in the role he is playing. I am hoping that the next movie he will see how he has came off in this one. Again, Twilight they put a legal gag on characters not to go into things personally… How would have it sounded if the characters in interviews said they hate vampire stories??? I think you get my drift. Hunnan is single and I think more then a few ladies have been under his hands… Yum!

The scenes were all exciting and you could feel the characters places like the book. One scene at the end… Where she asks Christian to take her to the red room and show her how bad it can get, so she make a decision to become his submissive. He spanks her with the belt (strap).


Showing her how bad a punishment could be…Let me remind everyone, HE WAS NOT PUNISHING HER… She asked him to show her. Well, this is where the true depth of the character, Christian would be tested and Dornan failed, BADLY… This is the part of the book where he showed the emotions for her that he had not had with another before her. The hurt and the depth he felt it was not shown… They repeated showed a face on Christian that showed almost a high he was given after every strike. NOT in character at all… It was the way it came off to all inside the theatre. It was wrong, They should have been so careful NOT to let that scene be released and portrays so poorly. I hope that most read the book can see past the look of “the fix” on Dornan’s face. Take it and transcend it to the feelings in the book. For all the vanillas the chance to show them this is NOT abuse was done inveigh. It came of abusive to some.

The Red Room of Pain…. Fabulous, the set directors hit it on the head! We all left there with ideas for our own….. Ideas of just how luxurious BDSM can be… It’s truly what you make it!


The suspension grate Mr. Grey pulls down from the ceiling..

Ohhh, Mr. Fox… Please Sir?!

The ending …as I knew it would with the elevator doors closing as they say one another’s names…

AWWWWW….. the whole theatre said aloud! Can’t wait for the next!!! Next movie…Hotter Scenes and plots thicken as does Christian’s length..LOL!

 Nothing is lost!!!  I hope that all is heard by the directors and the author, E L James listens to what the kinky public is saying. The next two movies will get better as Dornan figures out his role. I always like to be positive. I think that what this movie is going to do to open people’s minds when they hear the words BDSM or Domination and submission. They will no longer be ignorant of it and judge it to be dark and scary. It will lead many to better educate themselves and others to dip their toes into TTWD…. It can only be good for the writers of erotic fiction… You know we all were sponges after reading these books. It will lead the way for many Married & Long Term relationships to find their way to D/s-M . This movie gives my Sir and I a platform. We want to spread to everyone you can have this type of lifestyle. Your marriage can be reinvented and you can take a journey like no other.  A place where honest communication stands pillar. A place where you can ask for what it is that wish for. A place to take control or let go of it. Place your power in another’s hands and they in turn feed it back to you in ways better then any drug could. SO, go ahead… go see it again, I am!



P.S. Please give me your reviews… all subs like to be heard… here’s your chance to voice your submissive thoughts!



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