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~Selfish submissive Lust~

Defined; An internal intense or unbridled sexual desire.

S/submissive lust, to a new submissive, it’s pure heroin into the blood stream. It’s a fire burning so hot, only extinguished by your own tears. The heat you first feel, it’s toasty feels good. You begin to look at those flames and they haunt you in and out of your dreams. They dance and sing to you and before you know it, you walk right in the fire. You don’t feel your own skin melting off, you don’t feel the bone burning. You only keep walking, numb to all its effects.

It can enslave you to do things that you would never imagine. Lecherous behavior, Oh MY! But, you embrace it and hold it tightly to your breast, small spikes let blood trickle down your chest.

Not unlike when you were a teen, new hormones and first time lust. But, now you are a grown woman with an appetite and expectations of fulfillment.

This is no ordinary hunger. It’s ravenous hunger that has to be sated. Gorging yourself, yet your belly never full.  This is yearning, not just one mouthful will do. Oh no, you break the covent of gluttony with a smile comparable to the cheshire cat.

We all have our reasons for feeling this yearning. 1.) A true submissive personality has always lived in us wanting to be subjugated and used as his tool. Giving to only get. 2.) Or you need this bandage to survive what was or is inside yourself, hidden and protected by your suit of armor.  You could just be a slut, but that may be covered under option 2 really.

That nasty itch under your skin that you gladly sink your nails into, scratching out your heart from your own chest just to take a bite, the pain so seductive. Your nerves are bare, daring to touch

As your heart will fills with lust. You’re standing in a pit of oil, filling up slowly as you try to climb and crawl out, you just slide in deeper. It feels soooo good, the warm greasy fingers. You feel the oil dripping and you palm yourself enjoying the warmth and the weight in your private areas.

You walk into the darkness, eyes adjusting until you see into the corners of your mind. Those corners you chose to ignore, maybe even ashamed to even admit were there. You’re all too ready, there they are! Your veiled naughty secrets. Pulling off the cloak, you survey them as if they are laid out on a table like guns. Which one should you choose? Which one will give me the most pleasure? Not even recognizing you’ve already shot yourself, the pain yet to cum……

What type of lust are you suffering from, the selfish kind or the giving kind?  You can only know which it is by admitting, where is the lust coming from and or pointing to? Who are you doing this for? Are you serving or receiving the submission? Is your lust from self sexual desire or is your lust toward your partner? It can be both or just one. What does this mean for you and your marriage? Truly being subservient to your husDOM, can you do it? Are you doing it charitably?

Are you LUSTING for it? A Lust for Domination and submission, A Lust for sex and A Lust for connection?

***A warning to all submissives,  if you take the lust and mix it with manipulation and control, it will only lead to destruction.

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  1. I love this post! It’s something I really had to think about. I believe that I am doing this for both my Sir and myself. Though I’m not sure if it’s heavier on one side or the other. We are constantly working and growing. Could the type of list change as the relationship grows?

    1. Yes, Filina things change in a D/s relationship, including the lust. You have to decide where your lust is coming from… think on it and enjoy it… HUGS! LK

  2. Thought provoking article LK. I find it hard to answer your questions… I think my lust is for a deeper connection, deeper trust. To give myself and feel safe doing so. It takes a surprising amount of awareness and patience to remember to walk with Sir and not get swept away in the excitment. I guess I am doing this for myself as much as I am for him and us. Does that make me selfish or giving?

  3. I am with LG, I think my lust is for that deeper connection that goes beyond our bodies, beyond our minds and into our souls. It’s true, we both had those corners in our minds that were veiled and kept hidden, though I wouldn’t say we ignored them… We just didn’t share them. The deeper trust we have developed has opened up these corners and gave us a safe place to explore them, together. I lust for my Sir, for the closeness we share and I lust for serving him. He is just beginning to be able to fully accept my submission, which is selflessly given to him. If I am selfish, it’s because I want to please him so badly and give him my all, which in turn makes me feel good.

  4. Wonderful post Lk, it really got me thinking. The questions you asked has me thinking on how to answer them. Has me wanting to do a personal kneeling session in a quite area to process these question and answer them truthfully for myself and for my Sir.