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Things have been going along just fine. Our D/s-M journey has been a wonderful one. My Sir and I going into our next stage or phase. He’s become my Dominate, meaning his training wheels have come off, finally,  I am his submissive. We had finished our “downtime” , where we talk about what we believe our next stage will involve. This will put the spotlight on me. My submission this time. He has developed his Dom persona. He is a kind Dominate but with high expectations. Do not cross him because he strikes quick and asks questions later. I want this lifestyle. I want him to hold me to the highest expectation. He will as my Dom guide and correct me, in essence keep me on the straight & twisted narrow. Lol!

He is to be consistent and expect the same from me. You say you’re going to do something, you are to do it…..or there are consequences for your actions.
In the first stage/phase we started with spanking discipline. Quickly figured out I found pleasure in those spankings therefore, Sir stopped doing them and used the practice of taking sex away ect…. His disappointment was enough to make me see the error of my ways. That did work and still does… Kinda…. ( It works for small infractions.) We have worked TTWD and I have learned the system and was becoming more challenging to my Sir. Popping off and being a “Sammy”/ BRAT , challenging my Sirs authority.

Challenging to him is like sticking my tongue at him… I’ve done that boy I got a pink ass for that!
I just got done telling him, I wanted to be held to higher expectations. I was holding him to them….

I was angry and showing off. While in conversation I told him maybe I needed another strapping... I had received one after he got home for masterbating without his approval when he was away earlier in the month. So, I challenged him … I lost. He told me to stand pull my pants down. I said “No” and showed hesitation, not believing he would… He looked at me and asked, ” you want this right? ”
I do… I quickly think… And drop my pants. I asked for this… I want this… I put my hand down on our leather ottoman and received my spanking. It hurt all ten licks… Had to count and thank him. Ouch… I still remember the heat.
You can’t just be in your D/s when things are hot and exciting, you have to learn to be respectful and take the consequences for your actions. I did. I’m proud of myself and my Sir for making me take responsibility for my actions.
But, …. When this went down. I took my spanking and sat down. Sir sat back in his chair directly across from me. I didn’t know what to think…. I wanted to cry.. I just got a spanking. I felt somewhat humiliated and regret sat in for his disappointment. I was hurt but realized I pushed .. What kind of sub was I? Confusion and tears came down….
My Sir, saw my face and scooped me up and sat me on his lap. Hugging me tight, he said you sure you want this? I don’t want to ever make you feel bad about yourself by holding you to such high expectation. I realized… All of a sudden, he’s so kind he handed out my punishment quick and swift. Now he’s holding me talking me through… I told him I was ok  just confused with different feelings running through my mind. I felt strong, I felt like I can do this … This us exactly how it should be done. It showed me we are on the right track. Unfortunately, I believe the strapping … It hurts.. But necessary for us to move on. So, I guess this whole story was to show everyone how your journey can change and grow…. Although painful sometimes, it’s still sooo magical. ❤ ~Bedroom Submissive , AKA subMrs

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  1. “he strikes quick and asks questions later”


    I would like to believe that I consider all available information at hand and can make a sound decision given the information that I have, without hesitation.


  2. Such a love story you guys are writing….so lovely….how he held you…how you hold her….o you know what I mean!

    1. I loved he held me but I wanted him to know he doesn’t have to. I want him to be my Master and treat me as his submissive. He did it right. ❤

        1. The strap has a bite when it wraps.. It’s delicious but really painful! I hurts so bad.. But yet I get so wet! Confusion of your body as well as your mind! ❤

          1. This is why I love your blogs–you are honest. And then something you say will resonate with so many of us. I said almost the same exact thing about the introduction of the hairbrush. I had asked for it, but then was having second thoughts. It really hurt. BUT I was also inexplicably aroused more than ever! Afterwards, I’m glad for it. I like the “afterburn” even though my spankings are so mild at this stage, it doesn’t last (kinda wish it did). But I do get that there is that confusion of your body as well as your mind. Don’t you think it’s part of giving up the need for constant control?

          2. Thank you! I’m in such good company with all of you great submissives….. Your words are truly kind! Yes, the strapping I had to let go and let him or the D/s control me, not my mouth.. Lol! The way I look at it is not giving up, but giving in…. Keep Submitting!


  3. My D/ is the epitome of strength and honor and decency.That makes him who he is and that is why I respect him so much. I would never want him to ever change. If you get to read this…” I love you just the way you are.”

      1. “I hurt so bad..But yet I get so wet!”

        That was the most confusing thing at first. I kept thinking I was so sick and twisted. The first time I had an orgasm during a spanking was the most amazing discovery—like we found a whole new sexual realm to explore. But, of course, I had to “overthink” it (as I do most things)
        and worry that there had to be
        something wrong with me.

        1. I always loved hand spankings. The strap hurts but it still turns into pleasure afterwards. The confusing thing was all the feelings going through my head. LK❤

  4. Such a personal and intimate story to share LK. And these feelings are so true. Thanks so much…

  5. First off, I want to say that I am a newbie to all of this.

    I found this post to be incredible powerful for me. Right now I have gotten my husband on board to be a bedroom dominate while I will be a bedroom submissive. In passing yesterday, I mentioned that I may be interested in exploring beyond the bedroom. He looked at me like I was crazy because I am definitely one to speak my mind (although we always keep things respectful). Afterwards I thought that I am trying to run without learning how to crawl (let alone walk). Regardless, I have this feeling I will look at this post throughout our journey – no matter where we end up.

    Having said this, I have to ask this question (and I apologize for asking such a personal one): did your Sir ask you directly whether or not you masturbated without approval while he was away on travel, or did he determine that you did some other way?

    1. My Sir made it clear I can not do that. If I did I felt so bad I would tell him upon his return. You want to please them so bad you want to NOT let them down.
      Anytime any questions I’m here! Hugs!

  6. Punishment is hard for me. The lack of inconsistency angers me so when he does actually try to follow through I contest. I don’t feel like he has the right to pick and choose when he follows through on things but expects me to always be a Good Girl. So the the brat comes out. “Why should I have to…” or just plain “no I’m not listening to you”. Its a battle inside me everytime to accept his dominance and take my punishment even if I don’t think I deserve one, but most of the time I do 🙁 Now I’ve been so awful when it comes to accepting his dominance when it comes to punishments I don’t know how to talk about it/ fix it. I did write in my journal scenarios of how I think a dominant should react when dealing with a bratty sub. He appreciated the input and reassured me I wasn’t living In fantasy world 🙂

    Thanks LK for sharing so much. Your blogs give so much guidance and help keep me on track. Reminding what my goals are.

    Much love

      1. Update: Ask and you shall receive. After downtime and a road trip to KY we have gotten on the same wave length. I thought about some different advice I had read and wrote my confessions. I knew I couldn’t speak without the help of my journal. I was too nervous. It was a conflicting feelinging asking for more pain and punishment. I barrowed your words from the post and asked for higher expectations. How else would I be his most prized possession? Needless to say this week he has changed. He has blew my socks off really. I’m almost embarrassed at my lack of patience when I have been trying hard to be. But he’s helping me work on that 😉. Once I figured out the right way to tell him what I truly needed his Dom showed up. Which tells me I wasn’t communicating as well as I thought I was. So much to learn!!

        Thank you LK! I definitely need to remember to ask for Downtime instead of acting out.

        1. Great job Kleine! Real growth… this happens with everyone and you have made it to the next steps… CONGRATS! Hope to chat soon and also hope that your Sir will chat with Mr. Fox on as well.


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