All submissive’s, this is a partial clip of scene. It will your breath away… I’ve watch video in total and the girl is interviewed before and after and she is a professional and so is her Dom… So she’s never hurt in video. You will find yourself wanting to watch this scene over and over, maybe not today but you will want it! LOL!

The whole video does portray a full scene. You may not be ready for this intensity yet but you’ll get there. Me, however, I am ready and this is what I’m working toward this next phase. I did attach whole video at the bottom of post….  I do advise watching it several times with your Dom, It will help teach your Dom some a little swag as well…

You can get on and look up instructional dry directions on how to achieve a squirting “O”, but, I want to tell you what works for me and hopefully what can help you. Remember all our bodies are different so get the basics down then “work what your ma-ma gave you!” LOL!

**Warning…. It may take several tries… be patient… IT’S SOOO WORTH IT!

Tools : Have lube &  your vibrating wand handy… If it has a cord…get an extension cord. Nothing worse then trying to use a wand with a short cord while achieving a wet orgasm… LOL!

Squirting orgasms usually originate from rubbing your G Spot, internally. You can have them just with clitoral stimulation or Anal sex. I advise that, starting out, you should first try some slow and steady stimulation by focusing mainly on the outside of your vagina, around you labia and clit. Try 15-20 minutes, bringing yourself right up to the point of orgasm without actually going over the edge and coming. At any point your Sir can penetrate you either with his penis or fingers (G-SPOT), try not to orgasm… It’s ok though if you do… just start over with stimulation to get you to the edge again…  His thrusts should be more like an oceans wave… steady deep motions. I know he’s excited but keep it slow… Now add that wand….Vibrate your clit. Keep him slow and steady. You over achievers or experienced subs can …probably already have added an anal plug… adds to the sensation. If your trying this the first time, keep it simple…. You May need him to use his fingers internally and rub your G-Spot. Like Picture below… It will feel like a burning sensation or like your bladder is being pushed on. Then add vibration from wand. This vibration may make you bare down… that’s fine.. When I squirt I bare down… So practice as you go, relax and bare down. It will feel like you’re opening yourself up inside.  Most important to relax and let your Dom take you further past those initial peeing sensations. Really Important Make sure he withdraws from your vagina so you can squirt… Hard to do if he is till inside. :0)

I forgot to add the bondage elements into the scene but you can look at video and see that having your Sir bind your wrists would be a great starting point. This can be as simple as using a clip and clipping your cuffs together in front of you or behind you.

This is the “come hither ” move…..




(   )o






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  1. Daddys bbg/Reule 10 months ago

    LK, how do I find this video? I’m interested in seeing how it plays out. Are there any other videos that tastefully and properly show scenes?
    Thanks 😚

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 10 months ago

      Hey lady, You unfortunately have to pay for it now… You can google squirting videos there are lots! Just dont get repulsed by it in the porn videos… Just watch and get the idea of how it happens.. Need more detail write me anytime. LK

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