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Happy Lammas Day & Lughnasadh Everyone! This day is the first in the harvest celebrations. This is a very powerful and spiritual day. Today is a great day for a Sexual Ritual or sexual ceremony, Lammas harvesting and reaping seed ritual.

  • How could we celebrate this day in our dynamic of Married Dominance and Submission? 

Go pick a great bread up at your local bakery and share it with your husDOM as a snack, but it’s even better if you make it!  Who doesn’t love homemade bread.

Blueberries are a great fruit to celebrate this day, so eat them as a dessert, feed them to your Sir!  Even today, during Lughnasadh baskets of blueberries are still offered to a sweetheart in commemoration of the original fertility festival of Lughnasaid.

Combine bread and blueberries into a beautiful snack tray or board for Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Sexual Ritual, Lammas, LLughnasaid, Harvesting and Reaping Seed Ritual, Spiritual Sex Ritual, Married Dominance and Submission Ritual, subMrs,husDOM
  • Perform a sexual ritual , SEXUAL HARVEST LAMMAS RITUAL 

Lammas is a celebration of the first harvest of corn and grain and the midpoint until Autumn. The word is derived from ‘loaf mass’ and is symbolic of these seeds of grain and the honor of partaking in the ritual and the first loaf of bread in the harvest cycle.

This is time for couples to unite in giving thanks for their sexual abundance that Dominance and Submission has brought to them.

Pulling a harvest of seed from your husDOM

Bring in your best submissive stance and behaviour, asking your husDOM to feed you and or cover your body in his seed tonight in this sexual ritual. His seed represents his Dominance over you and the celebrating of what he has accomplished with you in your submission. You both will grow from this experience. The ritual symbolizes your abundance that you have been given and how much you appreciate the spirit behind your dynamic.

This Seed or Harvest Ritual that can be done on this day or during the month of August, between D|s-M couples. Doing this ritual will set you both up with better understanding and a closeness for this “cumming fall season”. This ritual builds sexual and emotional intimacy. Enjoy!

Happy Harvest Everyone!

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