Setting Intention & Manifesting the Fire

Walking the path, you could say a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts. What in your life takes priority? Does your marriage make the list? Where are you going? How do you get there? What have you learned from where you been? What do you want in the future? You may know what you want, but how do you make it happen? How do you want to feel when you get there? Are you ok with letting life control you, being a victim of its circumstances? Would you rather take control and take action have the life and marriage you really want? It’s all up to you. You become what you do. Your marriage becomes what you practice. ~lk

Setting D|s-M Intention

With the second half of the year at our front doors. This is a wonderful time to set your submissive Intentions and manifest your best marriage ideals. Not only setting submissive intentions but your overall relationship intentions. Does your D|s-M have a seat in this next half of year? IF it hasn’t, you have this moment to manifest what you have the intention to do. I encourage you to begin now. Married Dominance and submission is a lot of work. You work within yourself the most. You work on your relationship’s foundations and its intimacies with your husband, as a team. Working on your MIND, your BODY and your SPIRIT is empowering. All the work you put in is paid back three fold! But, is it where and at what level you want or DO YOU WANT MORE? More relationship magic, more intimacy, More belief in yourself and your marriage?

Setting Intention, Manifesting your best life and marriage,, Abundance
What do you see?

D|s-M, she is a finicky bitch and she will be going strong one week and then disappear on you the next. She see’s and she knows YOU. She see’s where you are and where you need to be. Sometimes she encourages you to renew and recharge, other times she vanishes and lets you go………. You may need a plan. Setting intentions, manifesting the magic. Look for your submission and D|s-M. Where is she now? Look in the Mirror…….. What is in your reflection?

Steps to Set Intention

You set an intention for things that you want to manifest in and out of your life. How will feel to be the creator, create that first step in your dreams, your life, your best marriage relationship, a new upgraded reality?

Setting Intention, Manifesting your best life and marriage,, Abundance
Meditation Altar

Create A Ritual ~ When you’re creating a ritual you are finding a way to ceremonially or formally sit down and write out your relationship/marriage wants/needs on paper. You are writing, lighting a candle, meditating or sitting with or at your submissive altar.

The Particulars ~ Have well defined Requests. Be very clear and specific to what you are wanting for the relationship and marriage. The cosmos and heavens are listening but you have to know what it is you want to the letter. So before you do this make sure you know what it is you are asking for. Individually, write down a feeling of what it will feel like to have this desire come true. Be intentional in everything you write and the universe will get it right.

Setting Intention, Manifesting your best life and marriage,, Abundance
Journal & Set Intentions

Abundant Mindset ~ When you think abundantly you dream abundantly, meaning with this list you can dream radically BIG. Think, Big changes, Big Dreams. One thing they taught us in my coaching education, you must think abundantly. Abundant thinking is showing appreciation for the things you already have in life and not focusing on what you have not. Someone with an abundant mindset firmly believes and expect that they will produce desired results using their abundance thinking. Make sure that  being grateful and showing your appreciation plays a key role in abundant thinking and as you are making your list add to it the things you are grateful for and can build upon. You can ask for BIG things to happen if you always show gratitude for what you already have been given.

Start Manifesting ~ Generally speaking, to manifest, is the action where someone shows something for everyone to notice. Manifest is a formal way to say that something is apparent. If you have strong feelings about something, they will manifest on your face. Spiritually speaking when you are manifesting it’s a recognizable display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real. You know what it is you desire, you have been specific and abundant in your wishes. You have begun the creation part of the process. You feel the abundance in your relationship, you feel the deeper intimacy with your spouse, you have created your MORE. Start living & let the actions you take be from that belief. Manifest your fire!

Setting Intention, Manifesting your best life and marriage,, Abundance

Closing Doors & Letting Go ~ If you have made past lists, In the beginning of the year or last year, even things you currently have in your life, you must let go or close doors so that you will NOT go back to those behaviors or situations that will get int the way of what it is you want. You must make changes and close doors so that you can move forward. This is sometimes the hardest part. You may want to use burnable intension papers and write down those things you must close the door on and let go of. It will hurt but is a part of growing and must happen to manifest on your current intentions. Get out of your way, your new upgraded reality IS ON ITS WAY!

Setting Intention, Manifesting your best life and marriage,, Abundance
Intention Paper

Reflection ~ Set a date every month or so to review your list. Light your candle, do your ritual that you had done originally when setting up your intention list. Sit, review. Are you feeling the feeling? What is the progress? DO you get to strike things off your list? Don’t forget to be grateful and focus on what you may have currently.

Blow out your candle and START YOUR FIRE!

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  1. LK,
    This post really speaks to me! I think at times I get complacent in my personal life. I went for so long with just not really caring and now our relationship is in the forefront of my mind. Even so, I find myself taking things for granted and not truly focusing on the present. My Sir brought this up today in fact. I was worrying about something and he reminded me that we have everything we need today, that if we let worry get in the way all it does is rob us of our happiness with today. I don’t want to waste any more of our marriage worrying about what might happen. Thank you for the encouragement!

    1. That is the one thing that all of us long time married couples do, we take advantage of our partner and of ourselves. We forget we are in charge and we can make things the way we want them to be! Mediocrity in marriage is NO GOOD! GO BIG! GO HARD!

      THANKS HG for always commenting! XOXO


  2. Very inspiring LK. Intention is big and something I plan on think about. Kneeling has given me a space to think in a very personal and quiet manner. I feel this will go hand in hand nicely. And help me bring clear thoughts to downtime. Another wonderful post

  3. Love this post LK, specially when we are right in the middle of resetting our dynamic and learning to navigate a busy season on our lives. Setting the intentions is a must and keeping the rituals is a plus!! thanks for always giving us subbies something to think about just at the right time!


  4. Thank you LK for this most relevant topic. I love the direction it takes us. I will print this out and read it to my Sir. Your inspiring topics are so helpful and I cannot thank you enough for sharing them.