MLI Retreat 2019 | Preliminary Information

~Preliminary Information Regarding 2019 Retreat~


With the huge success of 2018’s Mid-Life Intimacy Couple’s Retreat, we thought we we start posting some preliminary information regarding 2019’s M.L.I. Society Retreat.  A reminder preliminary information, as an introductory or preparatory step, measure.  This information is not final and may change. These are preliminary thoughts, ideas and information.  We also are looking for preliminary data from your responses to this post to form the retreat itself. 

For those of you that have not attended an event., gathering or retreat then boy are you in for a treat! We provide you a couple’s experiences, like none other.  This experience gives you the edge with out the cut.  We put together couple themed dinners, workshops-(BDSM, Tantric & Relationship Foundation) and rituals for our members.  These Events are all MONOGAMOUS.  **Please leave your swinging and sharing at home. We have lots of testimonials in our forums from past attendees, please check them out.  As a couple you will attend this events where the foundation of your relationship is primary.  You will learn about all types of intimacy through out the retreat.  The friendships you make are priceless and worth their weight in gold. Dominant husbands will get the chance to experience your wive’s true submission. subMrs, you get all those experiences you read about in those fictional books and the chance to bring your husDOM your deep submission in ways you may not be able to all year long.

*Where: ???

*Theme: Ancient Greco-Roman


Events: Banquet/Theme Dinner, Workshops, Slave Experience?, Society Ritual.  May Include Entertainment for the eyes and ears, depending on our budget.

*Date we are targeting is between 8/08-8/22/19


We will require commitment paperwork and deposits ASAP.  Your husDOM can log into and fill out preliminary paperwork letting us know of your interest. **You filling out the paperwork will make sure we let you know first about what tickets are available, if we are limited like last year.  

Why, do the preliminary info. because, due to us having to have an idea of the size of venue we need to look at and  we personally commit very early on with contracts so we need to know you’re committed as well.

**This past retreat we only had so many tickets because we all stayed in 3 castles (mansions) and only had so many bedrooms. We are not sure if we will do the same so first come, (deposit) first served.

All deposits, payments and tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.  As we commit for all details the money is then already spent.

Costs: Tickets may be all in one, or separated for different events. This cost of a ticket is under construction. I usually give everyone overall idea of what a week long visit to Las Vegas costs, $3,500-7,000. Depending on your hotel and travel costs.

Last Years all inclusive ticket was $2,700. It included the mansions in that price.  I am looking at ticket costs  ($1,500-3,000/ per couple), depending on what is included in your tickets.

We are in process of beginning MIL’s Society, 1051 and there will be pricing special for those member’s as well, cumming soon!

This is our “FIRST STEP”, we need to know who is interested in attending this event. There is a page to fill out on, letting us know of your interest.

First Deposits will be due when we have a venue in mind. First deposits are usually $300.00. After that we will post a payment schedule.

**** All information may change, it is preliminary info in the above post.

Preliminary data are the data generated from small-scale research projects to evaluate feasibility, prior to conducting full research studies. … In some cases, preliminary data can also be combined with data from the full research project to generate a larger data set.

**** PLEASE COMMENT TO THIS POST IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO ATTEND, as well as have your husDOM fill out the paper on

MLI Retreat 2019 | Preliminary Information

***Camels, sand and dessert maybe next time!

  1. subMarie *AMB/Sir Ed 5 months ago

    Oh my goodness! I am so excited. Let the countdown to August 2019 begin! The 2018 retreat was absolutely amazing. See you all soon!

  2. Author
    LK Founder D|s-M 5 months ago

    The Master/slave experience will be topped in 2019! Yeah!

  3. Angelica *AMB/BigOne 5 months ago

    We are SO IN!! I’m so super excited. I will let Sir know to get on and register ASAP! I think you saw by our testimonial after the last retreat that we are over the moon excited and already counting the days to the next retreat. Let us know if there is anything we can help with as you start planning, LK.

  4. Angelica *AMB/BigOne 5 months ago

    My kids and I are studying Greek/Roman gods right now, and will be spending quite a bit on this time period this year..I’ll be so prepared for this role play!

  5. pearl/BayoWolf 5 months ago

    Oh my goodness YES! BayoWolf has arleady filled out the form on HusDom.

  6. Author
    LK Founder D|s-M 5 months ago

    Awesome! I am in process of getting a party planner for this year due to the size that we are expecting. I am an interior designer and I loved doing all the retreats up to this point but I have to be able to get help so we all can enjoy ourselves during the event. Mr Fox and I can also be able to enjoy and even educate others on what D|s-M really is… Looking forward to passing the torch. HUGS! lk

  7. KittyH/MrDH35 5 months ago

    We plan to attend the 2019 gathering!

  8. Staci *AMB/WMizell 5 months ago

    You know we’re in. 😉

  9. charmedkarma/kuma 5 months ago

    We will definitely be attending. He is ready to throw cash down now. Lol.. take his money…lolol😂

  10. charmedkarma/kuma 5 months ago

    Oh and he has already filled out the form on husDom.

  11. Lk…
    You can count on Sir Silver Fox and l. Thanks again for all your efforts!
    An event planner is an awesome idea. You may actually be able to enjoy the event without the worry of every little detail.
    Hugs ,

  12. BelleSoumise/Greyson 5 months ago

    We are very excited! This is going to be AMAZING!


  13. Hisgirl/dan m 5 months ago

    I will be talking to my Master about attending. I’m really hoping he will agree!

  14. Terenya/Still 4 months ago

    Unfortunately it is just too close to our yearly family vacation as both Still and I work full time. Fingers crossed it is a little further from July in 2020.

  15. charmedkarma/kuma 4 months ago

    LK, right back at ya!!!

  16. Bliss and Mr. Grant are in as we already confirmed even before announcement. :-). Let us know when to send in deposit!

  17. HisRed 4 months ago

    Please put us down, lk! We had a blast this year and are really looking forward to it. Mr.H will fill out the paper work this week. Our only hiccup could be that we’re trying to decide if 2019 is the year for baby #2. Lots to think about!

  18. Wench amb/Buck 4 months ago

    Buck has already registered for us on HusDOM 🙂 I am so excited. Financial planning has already begun. Next step is research. Let us know if/how we can help.

  19. Kleine/König 4 months ago

    WooHooo!!! We will be there! Count us in!!!!

  20. Angelica *AMB/BigOne 4 months ago

    I am so happy to see some new faces planning to attend the retreat. It will be lovely to meet you all. 🙂

  21. Sweets/MODERATOR 4 months ago

    Can’t wait… we are in 😊

  22. Hisgirl/dan m 4 months ago

    He said Yes! Please put us in for the retreat. I will have him fill out the paperwork on husDom!!

  23. Minx/SirOTW 4 months ago

    So…..we are wanting a bit more information about what is ACTUALLY included when you say “All incusive” as well as some more specifics as to what actually occurs at these retreats.

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 4 months ago

      Hi Minx, information all about the retreat or gathering will be coming soon. 2018 was all inclusive, not every year is. But like I said you will have complete details to what a ticket includes. HUGS! lk

  24. Veruca MOD/Mr. Cain 4 months ago

    Wouldn’t miss it! Can’t wait!

  25. Of course, we are in! Give me just a bit before I need to start sewing… gotta finish up The Nutcracker at Thanksgiving… : )

  26. DDLSS/onetimefive0 3 months ago

    We are so going

  27. sophie/Deep_Horizon 3 months ago

    This sounds like lots of fun. Please count us in.

  28. Fantasea/Knots 3 months ago

    Sir Knots and I will be with everyone in spirit at the 2019 retreat. Excited to hear all about the retreat from all my subbie friends when you get back!

  29. Jsbunny/Jay Dom 2 months ago

    I’ll be talking to Sir about whether we can fit this into the schedule

  30. sophie/Deep_Horizon 2 weeks ago

    Is there any additional information available regarding the 2019 retreat ?
    Specific dates and any other details … if they are available …. would be appreciated.

    Looking forward to participating in the event … if schedules align.

    – s

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 2 weeks ago

      Hello sophie,


      More info will be coming very soon! ;0)


  31. BellaRose/Mr.Lab 15 hours ago

    Have you ever considered having a retreat in Chicago?

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