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 Nipple Play

Getting to Know Your Nipples

What is Nipple Play?

Nipple Play: Toying with, stimulating, manipulating, pinching and sucking and tweaking oh my… Using the nipples to achieve sexual satisfaction. Usually combined with sex of some sort. A peripheral pleasure stimulus.

What You UseA mouth, hands/fingers, clamps, jewelry, suction cups, vibration, heat/cold, some people even use a toothbrush to condition them… LOL!  I could go on and on…

~Get to Know Your Nipples

Why is it so important to know your nipples…  Well as I found out in my journey, when I was vanilla I did not enjoy nipple play.  I knew very little about my body and what I enjoyed sexually done with it.   I did not even like nipple play as a vanilla wife. I did not know what I was missing. Getting to know what stimulates your nipples the most is important in your playtime and scenes.  We call this Body Exploration.  So important that you explore your body and your Sirs so that you can teach one another what feels good and what doesn’t feel good.  The more informed your Dominant is about your desires and body the higher he can take you and prepare you for additional fun during scenes and playtimes.   Eventually, you will learn to orgasm from nipple play and stimulation.Nipple Play with Gummies, Getting to Know Your Nipples, Gummy Play

~Gummy Play 

A few years ago I came up with a great submissive exercise, Gummy Nipple play to inspire submissives to get to know their nipples and have fun with it with their husDOM’s.

Take a Gummy Ring and place one… Stretch….. it over each nipple.  Wear them inside your bra… Use some plastic to protect your bra… cut up a Ziploc bag. Your nipples will warm the candy up and give you a fruity scent.  When your Sir arrives home.  He will think your nipples delicious.! Start the build by sending your husDOM a texted pic of your gummies…..

During the day you will feel them think of how much fun you’re going to have with your Sir later. >>>>>Yum!   I also recommend that you may want to get some extra gummies to play with after your Sir gets home for the day!

This is your chance to build your Sir’s Dom, husDOM.   Ask him to help you find what stimulates your nipples.  Sit down together let him suckle your nipples..twist them..pinch and explore. Lights on and eyes open so you can let him in on what makes your pussy ache and get wetter than it ever has before.   Let him find your submission… Submit & kneel for him.. Let him take command of your body. Show him your commitment to the dynamic. Find Pleasure Together in this Journey… ENJOY! 

~Little Kaninchen~

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  1. So I did exactly what you said LK, bought some gummis while I was at work and sent Sir a pic. Anticipation grew all day, I could feel them but not distracting.

    We had a good amount of slow buildup (sucking, pulling, pinching) but Let’s just say I’ve seen videos of “breast spanking” but had never thought I’d like it but wow, whole new experience.

    PS Sir liked orange best 🙂

  2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  3. I am a very new submissive. My dom husband and I started exploring this about 2 weeks ago. This site is so awesome! We are going out of town tomorrow so I am going to go buy some gummies tonight and put them on in the morning for the drive down to our destination. This is very exciting. I can’t wait to try and see the pleasure on his face for giving him a surprise!

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