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I’m going to put out a challenge to everyone reading this… I want your Naughtiest thing you have done with your husDOM.  What are the most naughty things you’ve ever done? Comment at the end of the post. Who’s the naughtiest one of all?

My Naughty List

1.) When we were young, Sex in my best friends, parents’ beds… A couple of different parents… ok, ok, lots of parents… Bad!
2.) When we were young, Sex on the hood of my Sirs Trans-Am. At night under the stars on side of the road!
3.) When we were young, Sex in the pool with your family present. That was hard to was dark…
4.) Sex on the pool table.
5.) Sex under the pool table with your best friend and her boyfriend on top of the pool table.
6.) Sex in the hotel window so the cleaning man across the street could watch.. On Valentines Day!
7.) When we were young, Sex on the driver’s side of an escort. Remember how small they used to be! The police caught us!

Now, please comment below…  Let’s hear yours!


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  1. Lord… there’s too many to
    1) Extra marital affair w/ a married man.. (that was years ago.. I was young and dumb)
    2) Sex on the hood of my car (so many times there was an indention on the explain that to the parents)
    3) Sex in a public park
    4) Sex at home w/ my mom in the next room (I was under 18)
    5) Sex on the balcony of my apartment
    6) Sex in a bar (yes while it was open and busy)
    7) Sex with b/f’s best friend just to piss him off (I was young and dumb.. alot)
    8) Sex in the back seat of a cop car (and there aint much room in there)

    Okay.. that’s it for

    1. Keep the list going… Give us the most naughty…
      Over the top naughty! Maybe revise!
      Give it up! Lol!

        1. Well, you have some good ones! Your setting a high standard for us all. Lol! Thanks for commenting and participating. Are you the lifestyle? BDSM? Are you a sub?

          1. that would depend on my mood…

          2. You are a switch?

          3. hmmm… I like the vanilla with a twist.. lol

    1. Can’t wait to see it! Give us your most naughty! Some people’s lists are long! I need to be wayyyy more naughty! Lol!

  2. 1. Lost my virginity at the local beach on a log in the sand. No, it was not comfortable.
    2. Sex all over the bf’s parents house, couch, chairs, in their waterbed…etc.
    3. Sex in public numerous times and places, the best being…Sex while standing up against the store front of my bank while it was open in broad daylight and about six high school aged boys across the street watching
    4. Sex in a phone booth mid-winter while some asshole kept beating on the door bc he wanted to use the phone. Can u say cell phone dickface?
    5. Blow jobs in a public park in the shelter houses and in car.
    6. Sex with a friend on the pool table (we broke it)
    7. Sex in a hot tub with a bunch of friends also getting it on
    8. Fucking in a large shop in the Christmas display section. Gods it was hot.
    9. Sex in the kitchen while making dinner for a dinner party. Yes, we cleaned up before any food touched the counter and washed our hands 🙂
    10. Sex in a gazebo behind work on a muggy and rainy day that eventually moved to the back seat of my car and lasted about three hours on Christmas day while my boyfriend was at home 🙂

    1. Christmas display! Oh I would love to do that! Tell us more about that! Seems you like you might have a thing for Christmas and fucking… I like it! The most wonderful time of the year! Thanks for participating …

  3. Idk if this would be considered ‘naughty’ considering what is listed here but I and my first boyfriend lost out virginity on the living room floor of his parents’ house. It was the first time they had left us unattended home alone. I did it once in the back seat of my parents’ car too when I still lived at home. I think it was with him. When I was away at school in Iowa, I met some guy on the internet, brought him home, got him liquored up, slept with him, and then kicked him out. I was about 23. I still to this day don’t know whatever possessed me to do that and I fell really bad about it. It was stupid, not even fulfilling. ??? One boyfriend I tried giving a prostate massage to and it didn’t work.

    1. Those all are great to put on your naughty list! Where’s the vamp naughty list? I want to hear about that! Tell me a little about that…

      So funny! Sorry if you don’t think so.. Prostate massage! Lol! I can’t stop laughing! Ha! Ha! Sorry…… ❤

      1. LOL. Yeah the guy I did the prostate massage to…that was a stupid relationship…he ended up breaking my heart…
        There were two that I forgot. My fiancee did it in his mom’s bathroom. We were alone in her house at the time. Then three years ago we went camping with my parents. We were in a tent at one end of the trailer and they were sleeping in the front end.
        As for my vamp naughty list…nothing yet this cycle but in my previous one’s(cycles as in lifetimes) it would take a book and many, many secrets divulged that I am afraid that are not ready for humans to hear… 😉

        1. I am all ears.. Private I promise! I keep telling you I really think I was a vampire in another life… Crazy… I know but I felt it ever since I was young… Secrets safe with me! I guess I need a little verification I’m not nuts! Lol! Send reply direct to my email so its not on either one of our blogs…

  4. 1. Sex on a pool table
    2. Sex on a counter in the post office lobby
    3. Sex in my parents bed
    4. Sex in my parents hot tub
    5. Sex while my kid was in the room watching cartoons
    6. Sex in the middle of the rodeo arena

    1. Rodeo Arena? You have to tell us about that! It might be the most interesting place that anyone has mentioned….

      Please tell more!

  5. Here’s mine:

    1) Sex on a piano in one of the music rooms while in college…got caught.
    2) Sex in a tent at a crowded camp site and didn’t know people could see our silhouettes. Crowd gathered around to watch, then cheered when I had an orgasm.
    3) Sex on the hood of a boyfriend’s candy apple red Trans am convertible.
    4) Sex in a hotel elevator.
    5) Sex in the hayloft during working hours when I worked on a horse farm.
    6) Sex on a crowded beach until a huge towel
    7) Sex on the rocky shore of a lake purposely while about 50 hikers were walking by.
    8) Sex on a pool table.
    9) Sex in a coat during a party.
    10)In the beach shower room at Virginia Beach.
    11)Under a dock
    12) Behind a bar at 2am
    13) In a pastor’s bedroom while they were having a ministry meeting in the living room.
    14) Too numerous to mention – blow jobs, hand jobs, and finger fucking anytime, anyplace, anywhere (cars, buses, planes, restaurants, parties, stores, people’s houses, Times Square celebrating NYE 1985)

    1. You… Your list is sooo crazy! Pastor’s bedroom? That’s a story! More about that …. Please! Most Daring award here!


      1. The Pastor and his wife were friends. Meeting was looooong and boring. Pastor’s wife asked me if I could find her some Tylenol in her bathroom. I went in there to look and it was a total mess so it was taking a long time. Sir came in to find me. Would have done it in the bathroom, but again, it was a mess. A quickie bent over the foot board. Went back to meeting with Tylenol in hand and a smile on my face.

        1. Ohhhh! That fixed your headache! Lol!

  6. Before we were married we had sex in his bed with his roommate “asleep” in the other bed beside us. My husband thought he was sleeping but I could see him watching us over my husbands shoulder.

  7. My list is sadly short…and not all that naughty really…we are just discovering a whole new dynamic.
    With my sir…he was my first & only
    1) Sex in our dorm rooms (not to naughty)
    2) Sex at my parents house (family room, barn, pool, you name it)
    3) Sex in his parents bed (many times)
    4) Sex in his neighbor hood pool (that was a tough one – it was daytime)
    5) Sex in public restroom at his sisters wedding (still have not lived that one down)
    6) Sex in restroom somewhere…cant remember where that one was, but restrooms happened twice lol
    7) An evening skinny dip with 2 other couples…this was tough for me back then lol had great sex afterwards.
    8) My sir had finger fucked me a couple of times in a group setting…keep a straight face when taking to someone else LOL!
    I hope to pick up where we once left off…spontaneity & fun.

  8. I don’t think we have ever been that naughty!
    1. Sex in the ocean with children a few feet away.
    2. Sex in the family pool, several times.
    I think that’s about it… haven’t been very adventurous… though I am hoping that will change!

  9. My number 1 has to be going 80 on the way to Memphis. The drive was long and boring. And he wanted more than head. So I took off my pants and panties. He pushed his seat all the way back and set the cruise control. I climbed on top and drove while he fucked me. What a RUSH!

  10. You guys ARE SOOOO NAUGHTY!

    Wow, I thought I was a naughty girl!

    Hopefully, you guys can top all your past naughtiness with new D|s-M naughty!


  11. My Sir tamed me. lol the most risky thing we have done was having sex in his car in a dead end road in front of my house. He will now put his hand up my dress in the parking lot after he has scanned the area and is sure no one is looking.
    Before him however,,,,, I had sex in two different restaurants.
    The dug out in a baseball field.
    At the shooting range on the stump they use for their elbow.
    In the back of a few cars.
    In the front of a few cars.
    A hand job in the utility closet at work.
    Hot rough sex with one of the groom’s men at my sister’s wedding aty house with family just down the stairs. I’ve probably said too much!! My Sir already know about my lifestyle before him so I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing 🙂

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