Morning Petting…..

Good Morning,

Thought a petting image would help with that cup of coffee this morning. Subs set your intention for the day. Doms, I hope this will help in the planning what you will do to your subs later today… He! He!

I love to wake up with my Sir petting me. He’s running his hands through my hair. His hands touching my skin and massaging by back. He always seems surprised when he checks and I am already wet for him. It pleases him. Sometimes, he takes what he needs. Sometimes, he leaves me soo needy…wanty… Lol! This has become a morning ritual that we both enjoy. It’s a great way to connect and communicate first thing.

⭐Toy note: I noticed that they are using an old leather jacket belt to hold her hands… Great idea!


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    1. Subs and Doms can do that together during petting.. It can be the simplest thing a sub can do and then Doms will have a thing to come back and reward them for completing it. It can be as easy as phone calls. She gets a task done and it sets it up for reward… Or discipline…


  1. Oh, what a hot, hot, wonderful picture!! Love it. (Where do you find this amazing B&W photos?) And I’m now faced with the dilemma that our bed does not have any way to set up restraints… a long time ago, before marriage, I bought a beautiful 4-poster bed (LOL, I’ll date myself and tell you it was a waterbed!!) explicitly for being tied… but when we married he didn’t like the water bed, and we needed to buy a King (for which we made a padded headboard). So the 4-poster bedframe was repurposed to my daughter’s bedroom. Maybe when she leaves for college we’ll make use of it!

    DH continues to give me my morning cuddles and spoons (something we only started about 5 months ago, first time in our 21 year marriage!), however he hesitates to pet too much because timing usually doesn’t allow for a morning romp! But oh, do I love his hands stroking me! For the first time in a long time, I apparently slept through Monday’s spoon, and realized this when we were doing our evening walk. “Oh my gosh, did you cuddle me this morning? Was I asleep?” He began to say “that’s why I hate to wake you in the morning…” “Nooooo! ” I pleaded. “Please don’t ever stop the morning cuddle! I NEED that from you!” Needless to say, I woke enough this morning to thank him. My text today was “Your morning hugs carry me through my day, but my tank starts to dip in the afternoon. Need your touch, your lips…”

    1. Perfect submission… Ok.. Your bed… I have a similar problem .. I have four poster but a solid headboard. Nothing really to tie to.. Except the posters which are a far span. So I’m going to forward this to my Sir. He is so good with ideas for hardware to help with sort of thing. I’m really happy for you and it looks like your D/s is coming along…

      Best Wishes in Submission, LK❤