Married with a Twist| Married, Dominance and Submission| Midlife, Married & Monogamous

Married with a Twist, Married Dominance and Submission, Midlife, Married & Monogamous

Married, think yourself not KINKY but also NOT Vanilla?  Stay Monogamous & Become Married with a Twist!

D|s-M,  Married Dominance and submission is “The Sexiest Marriage Accessory! “

Are you curious ?

Married with a Twist, Married  Dominance and Submission, Midlife, Married & Monogamous

“Many times they say curiosity kills the cat.  But, curiosity on makes for a very happy pussy.” ~lk

Domination and submission for Married Couples, D|s-M is a dynamic where a couple uses BDSM within their marriage along with the foundations of healthy relationship methods to enrich their marriage but still achieving all the edge without getting cut! The D|s-M method was created by little kaninchen and Mr. Fox.

Are you curious how to use BDSM in a healthy fun way?

Are you interested in becoming “Married with a Twist”?

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I wanted MORE, I found it, let me show you how to have it to, D|s-M is the sexiest secret to have with your husband!  Make your pussy happy! 

***You all have such dirty minds, of course I meant your feline friend…. 

 Married with a Twist Podcast Cumming Soon!

hugs! little kaninchen

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For Dominant husbands:

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