My Sir and I know one another so well. We have known one another most of our lives. We are married and have been for a long time now. We know each other inside and out. He’s been inside soo many times…LOL! We have found a newness in practicing this lifestyle. We are getting to know one another in a whole different way. I am seeing his Dom and he is seeing my sub.  It’s changing or shifting our whole way of living and dealing with one another. Before we had children, I knew I was a submissive. I didn’t know how much of one…. until now. I wanted and told Sir to take me and use me how he wished when we were in bed. He was turned on but didn’t know that I really meant it. I was not being fulfilled the way I am now. Sir was always a Dominate outside of the bedroom but not inside. He treated me as if I was a glass vase, afraid I would break. He now realizes that I need to be built up and broken over and over….. Sometimes, I want to be strangers in this TTWD. The excitement of not knowing what the person is thinking can be intoxicating. The mindfuck is easier to do to someone or have done to you if that person can’t read you like a book. We are finding new things about one another still. A new find has come to the forefront as we are doing our archael-sexual dig. I do enjoy pain with my pleasure and revel in it sometimes. (We always knew that I luv a good spanking.) But, back to the new find… My Sir is or becoming a Sado….finding he loves to give me that pain that I’m craving. He was so afraid to hurt me before…now he’s seeing exactly how much I can take and seeing I won’t crack and crumble during or afterwards. He’s seeing I’m a little of a masochist myself.
We are feeling a little more comfortable in our new skins…
This journey for us is getting better and better. I was once walking this road now I want to run down it but my Sir insists I get on my knees and crawl.. Slow down….. I’m really trying to be patient but TTWD is in my blood… It feels so natural to me, like breathing fresh air…. I want to FLY!

I want the best of both worlds… Having complete Trust (Knowing him so well, he won’t let me fall.)
Then wanting him to be a stranger. (Someone unfamiliar, who hands out punishments and mind fucks… without a care.)

We’re getting there…. Faster! Faster!…. I beg!



  1. shygirl 6 years ago

    What a fun flashback…especially because I didn’t find your blog until late spring. Best of both worlds for sure… but even my daily vanilla world is full of D/s now. In the beginning, the slow pace was excruciating – I understand my Sir’s reasoning behind it, but I am so glad we are full steam ahead, with no signs of slowing down now. 🙂

    • LK Founder D|s-M 6 years ago

      Congrats girl! You are doing great!
      Yeah I posted this over a year ago….. I wanted a stranger… someone that I wasn’t knowing his every move and thoughts ahead of time.
      I got my stranger and a Dom….


  2. LK Founder D|s-M 6 years ago

    I’m hearing a lot about Dom’s having the bigger better erections due to them giving spankings to their subs. It seems that it increases there drive quite a bit! It does something to their minds that makes them very hard. The endorphin rush does the body good. LOL!

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