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The way a Dom touches his submissive is very important to the exchange.  There’s a fine line of being forceful yet respectful compared to brutal and disrespectful.  I thought I would list some of the ways my Dom touches me that I love.

I like the dominance I experience from his hand to my skin.  In these hands I feel taken care of and supported.  Like I’m falling and he’s catching me.  He’s always catching me.  I’m flying and floating above.  He’s holding me up and back at the same time.  His touch pulls out the most feminine part of me.

I feel him touch the small of my back.  The very lowest curve.  The strength of the touch will tell you his mood.  He will show his ownership to others by placing his hands on my back.  He will push the small of my back to let me know were running


behind and to quicken my step.  Always threatening to dip lower…  Wanting that dip….  I push back against his hand.

One of the most erotic touches is his hand on the back of my neck.  He guides me with this touch.  He lets me know the strength in his meanings with this touch.  He will take not only my neck with this touch but my soul as well.  He guides me to my knees…  So I may show him my submission.

When we are entertaining or visiting with vanilla friends he will be seated and pull me to sit in his lap.  It is not a request but a demand. The secret we hold is soo rich.He stares into my eyes as if to show me his power even among the vanilla.  He will then touch my neck and my back moving in small circles.  Those seductive circles that he uses in our play.  It makes me squirm feeling the lengthening going on underneath my seat.  My heart quickens and I wait in anticipation for us to say our goodbyes.

Our hands will touch and our fingers entwine together.  Sounds innocent just as any other couple holds hands.  Not my Dom he will pull my fingers inevitably up to his mouth covering my knuckles with the seductive kisses.  Soon, he will be staring at me taking each finger into his mouth tasting and taunting them.  Scraping his teeth on the pad of each finger sometime slowly sometimes vicious quick bites.  As if its what he’s planning to do to my nipples later…. Yikes……

These touches are always done respectfully.  He opens his palm as I lean into it showing him more submission.  He bends his finger ever so slight and slowly rubs his knuckle along the curve of my jaw or along my cheek or throat, appreciating me.  I push into him.   I might be purring if I was a cat.

These are just a few touches I’m mentioning.  Before, when vanilla, we may have touched this way.
Now, these touches are more meaningful.  The communication is very deep and very controlled.  Honesty and no manipulation.  Just feel and nothing more…………….


Little Kaninchen

D/s Married Lifestyle

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I am trying to journal our travel into this new and exciting lifestyle. Please follow and feel free to comment and tell me about your experience as a submissive. I only have vanilla friends and would love to make some that know this side of things.

  1. Thank you. This is exactly how it feels and no one understands the controlling love that exists between us. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comments. I try to put in word my feelings and what’s happening in our journey. It takes a strong person to let someone else take control. Keep strong! The road is slippery and bumpy but doesn’t that sound fun? Keep commenting!

      1. A bit overwhelmed sometimes, but so grateful for everything in my life. My Sir is doing a wonderful job of learning the ropes and trying to find our way in this new lifestyle.

        I appreciate the information on this blog greatly, as well as everyone’s willingness to share their stories. Thank you for putting so much time in for all of us.


  2. Lk
    This is beautiful and so very accurate! My Sir’s touch is my drug and I am so very addicted! As I look back over our twenty-some years of our marriage, I feel that we are now more connected than ever.
    P.S. Making up for lost time is truly out of this world, but Silver Fox says I am putting a hurting on him as he is not a spring chicken any more! Is it true what they say about too much of a good thing is … STOP… Impossible!
    Keep the good times rolling and the blogs a coming!!


  3. I love this LK..
    I think one of my favorite touches from my Sir is that lower back… His fingers down my spine. .
    Thanks for this. I remember reading thispost back when I lurked in the shadows and remembered how turned on I got..

  4. Beautiful post, LK! Touch is my favorite sense… I love to feel my Sir’s hands on me.

  5. Lk my Sirs hands are his greatest tool…they bring the heat when need, the strength when I need to be supported, the softness when I need stroking and comfort. They are addictive and I need their touch all over my body always.

  6. I LOVE this post LK! It makes it clear how much he loves and respects you. That kind of connection… that is what I was trying to talk about. That is what drew me into this lifestyle.. that exact connection. That is what I was craving. Yup, everything has more meaning. xx

    1. Thanks Little Keiko…. It is so important that you have that connection… usually D/s doesn’t work in the long run w/o it.

      Thank you for sub-porting my blog… Means a lot!


  7. This is a wonderful post. 🙂 It’s one of those things that makes a D/s relationship so beautiful…

    My Sir pulls me into his lap when we’re with vanilla people – they just assume that we’re being “sickeningly sweet sweethearts” but we both know better! lol ^_^

    1. The secret….. you both have……. It’s so much fun… People will feel you’re different. They feel the pheromones you both will be putting off. Girls are jealous and men are puzzled.


      1. It really is a fun secret. Sometimes I really wonder if they do notice – that he’s a little more forceful when he touches me, and so many more things. I do hope they do.

        Like you said to GOF – there’s a confidence that emerges. Since my early teens I’ve been something of a wallflower, but since coming into D/s… I’ve been taking better care of myself. Dressing nicer, standing taller, trying to give my Sir something to be proud of and to show off. I’m a buxom girl, but I’ve always been shy about it – I’m having fewer and fewer qualms about it now. Not that I’m walking around wearing tiny clothes, lol, but I’m not trying to hide anymore.

  8. I’ve had friends and family comment before…about our PDA….not negatively but in a positive way mostly ; ). Its just light subtle touching….but the meaning runs deep. They touch my core.

    1. Others know that you both have something that they don’t. Men’s heads will turn like you have some kind of sexual perfume on. LOL! But it works with our Sir’s the same way. My Sir told me that women were paying him a lot more attention. I think we both walk differently now then when we were vanilla. We both walk with more confidence… Confidence attracts others.


  9. So much can be said with even the simplest of touches. LK, you have described your touches in such a beautiful way.

  10. Wow! Loved reading this post. Will def let my husband read this. I’m hoping we will be making some steps towards integrating this lifestyle in our everyday life…. Love reading your blog! I think reading and chatting on your website will help me find the words to explain my desires better to my husband. So thank you!!! 🙂

    1. Welcum, I hope you’re enjoying the site! I made this community just for this reason.. Help you learn and have a place to go and talk things through or more importantly be validated in what you’re feeling inside. Thank you for commenting.. LK

  11. This is beautiful. You have an amazing gift with words. You just reach into my soul and express my get innermost thoughts in words that I have never been able to bring to the surface. Thank you for sharing your journey, LK….and for helping me find my sub voice.

    1. Angelica, You’re so welcum and you are the reason I do all this… You finding luv again with your husband… that’s golden and if I can help other couples achieve this magic and fall in love deeper once again then it’s my reason for doing this.. HUGS! LK

  12. LK Thank you
    Thank you for all the time and heart you put into sharing your journey!
    I truly connect with this post, his hands and touches have meaning now. There is so much more energy than in our blind vanilla days.
    Finding the D/s-m lifestyle has relit our relationship. Your posts and the community on here have helped me find me! And Mr Fox and Husdom has allowed my husband to allow himself to be the husdom he wanted to be but was before scared to be.
    Thank you

  13. This is a special post, one of many favorites!! . Touching in public and private has changed for us so much. It is amazing & exciting. Now Sirs touch in public is like electricity, one that sends a jolt through my system making me feel special. In private, I crave being touched rather than having dread. I am in awe of this change since starting D/s-M!!

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