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Full Buck Moon

It is once again time for the Full Buck Moon. July’s full moon is known as the Buck Moon because it occurs around the time when young male deer are in the thick of growing their antlers. The sight of their magnificent horns against the summer’s evening/night sky led to the name, Full Buck Moon. There is a lot of spiritual energy around this moon. A lot of Rutting Rituals. (You will want to get on amazon and get your supplies for this one.)

The Deer

Deer/stags they do a ritual of their own. During what they call “the rut” or rutting period, males often rub their antlers or horns on trees or shrubs,making them hard and grow, hmmm……… They fight with each other, wallow in sweat, mud & dust. They ritually anointing themselves by smearing odoriferous substances all over themselves, making them stand out or more sexy for the females. After doing all of this they heard any of the sexually receptive female into a group and mate the one’s they have impressed the most. In other words deer get VERY COMPETITIVE & HORNY!

Full Moon Energy

The full moon is a time of reflection, and physical release. A full moon is the time to express your energies. Use these energies to release good or bad energy that has pent up over the month. It is a time for releasing inhibitions to stepping out. This day brings with it awareness, sometitmes in a slap, of what is coming to fruition in your life, like it or not. If it’s not what you want, GOOD NEWS, you have the new moon to make a plan to change it! You can start accessing or pulling energy from the moon into you and or your items starting about 3 days prior to the full moon. Place your items in a window where they can get moonlight at night. You can take a moon bath or meditate in the same window drinking in the rays.

July’s Full Buck Moon is a chance for you to dig deep and soul search and cleanse yourself of what it is that’s been holding you back. Tonight you can just simply shed old, stale energy and create a release into NEW ENERGY. Of course I added a TWIST that you can put on your calendar every year in the future! WINK… WINK!

Interesting Facts

  • The image of a stag with a full moon between his antlers represents both the male, the antlers and the female, the moon both aspects of the Divine.
  • Native American tribes have many ways to honor the deer. They associate the deer with fertility.
  • A stag plays a key role in the story of the Greeks Artemis and her Roman counterpart, Diana.
  • Many of the Egyptian legends, their gods appear wearing a pair of horns on their head.
  • The Celts had Cernunnos, the Lord of the Forest, a horned god in mythology. He is connected with male animals and is represented a stag in rut. He is always associated with fertility and vegetation.

Rutting Rituals

Honoring the Hunt/er

How to honor the buck moon and the deer, or those who represent the deer, stag or forest gods. In a small ritual, inside or out, you can call upon them as a god of the hunt and of the forest. Present them with offerings like a glass of cider, whiskey, a beer, or a dish prepared from meat. You can burn incense that includes dried fall leaves as a way of creating sacred smoke to send your messages to them. Tell them what’s in your heart and you can even ask them to help you right a wrong. If your Sir is a hunter, he may be very interested in thanking them for his past hunts and then asking them for their blessing for his hunt for the coming year.

Rutting Ritual

If you are finding yourself in a “rut”? Sorry couldn’t help myself. Today is also the time to get rid of all the negative weight holding you back from moving forward. The block can be in your dynamic, relationship or life in general. Whatever it may be that is stopping you from taking that all-important step forward, today you address it, call it out and be rid of it.

First, sit with your Sir make sure to involve him in planning the ritual! Gather or buy the items listed and put them on your meditation tray or altar. (Moonstone to manifest your wishes, Bloodstone to purify and Himalayan salt to cleanse. find an antler or something that can represent a deer, or a hunt.) You can also burning sage (Don’t Forget to OPEN a window, letting the sage carry away the negativity.)

Moon Speak

First, ask for the the Full Buck Moon’s help, asking for use of his energy. Write your issue out on a slip of paper, then Call out or say your issue out loud. Then you must wish it farewell. Burn your paper if you wish. Then once satisfied you have the first step or even all together banished this issue, It’s time to thank the moon for its energy and give it back to him.

The Twist

How can you give back the energy to the moon tonight? You can do it the easy way and verbally give it back, again, thanking him for it , OR a better option, the twisted one, You can do it as the “Lord of the Forest” would want you to. You must participate in “the rut”. Use your imagination… This is “Doggie” month (Dog Days of Summer)… Use that position and ask your Sir for a good rutting… giving him the power to rut on you, and him using his intension, pushing the energy back to the the forest, back to the Buck Moon. Sweat & anoint each other in your bodily fluids, push boundaries! Howl at the moon and make The Lord of the Forest Smile… as the buck moon smiles down on you both!

(We are talking total “animal sex”… Use a leash, tie your animal down until she is begging for release…..)

Happy Rutting!

PlayList Alert!

Watch the video put it on your MSDB… what I call my BDSM playlist! “I want to Fuck You Like an An Animal”, Closer by Nine Inch Nails !! Video Only on Youtube!

A Rutting Read

We also have read a series of book’s called Thornchapel, by Sierra Simone.

ONE OF THE BEST SERIES I HAVE EVER READ… Lots of KINKY FUCKERY! She recently posted another book in audio and this is the guy that does Aiden’s voice, swoon-worthy. These books talk a lot of ritual and much about the deer! You may want to read about them and go into our book club and also read about them in there! Comments are welcum… We should have a THORNCHAPEL GROUPIE GROUP! ENJOY!

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