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Thank you all for coming out for the new sub chat last night…. It was huge a success. We talked about foundations and getting that “formal acceptance” from your husDom.

At the end of chat the discussion we spoke about self image.  Seeing ourselves through our Dom’s eyes.






We bring our baggage with us when we look into the “looking glass” .

Below, I will describe an exercise that will help you with self esteem. I will be describing in essence our “Mirror Scene”.  The full scene we keep private but I can reveal enough that you can then make it your own. ~LK


What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you’re like me you are your worst enemy.


What Does your Sir see in that same mirror when you step in front of it? Find out….

How do we learn to love our bodies like our Sirs do? 


When you can learn to love your body, you can use it, sharpen it and make it work for your Sir like NEVER before.

Get comfortable touching yourself… for him…. for you.

Here is an exercise that you accomplish with your Sir that will help you in these areas.

This exercise should be repeated until you can run through it smoothly. I am warning you this can be psychologically painful and you will cry. I think a dim lit room is good to start with….

Make sure your room is warm. You don’t want cold chills. Add low playing music if it helps you relax.

You stand in front of a full length mirror and your Sir stands behind you.

Your Sir will be firm but kind…. You will be expected to use Red to stop or Yellow for pause or slow. If Red is called you will stop and get your clothes back on and talk to your Sir in downtime afterwards. Yellow will give you pause but only if your Sir allows it.

You will be removing your clothes one piece at a time starting at the top and working your way down. (Unless, you want to start with just a robe on.) Folding each piece of clothing neatly and setting it aside.  After you remove each piece of clothing you look at that part of your body, point, and tell your Sir what you see in the mirror.  In turn he will tell you what he sees. He however can not use his hands he will instruct you to touch in places that he would like you to touch for him.  You will be turning around for him as well…DON’T forget the backside! You are not allowed to touch him during this exercise. I have found that if you do touch him, then the exercise  becomes drawn out . Once you complete the exercise though it’s entirety then feel free to go onto play or have a scene…

If you have to stop’s alright… talk about it afterward. But, you have to start all over not pick up where you left off. If you called yellow its only for a quick breath and then continue. If you take too long, I would have to advise your Sir to push you along ..a small swat on the behind to keep the exercise moving.  If you break the momentum, the meaning gets lost.

As you repeat this exercise your Sir can instruct you to manipulate parts of you for him… the next time he may join you nude. He may want you to pleasure him. Once comfortable, make this your own Mirror Scene…

But for now this exercise is for you to learn to love your body. Get comfortable with being his tool. Seeing yourself as he sees you. 



Any questions please email me at

Dominate Questions, Contact Mr. Fox ~ 


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  1. Can’t wait to do this exercise/scene…even though I am already comfortable with my body I feel this exercise can make me more confident in presenting my body to my sir.. this has a making of a very erotic scene… the low lights (candles) and the low music..I can feel his arousal already and my panty pudding!!

    As always great post lady!!

    sweetness xoxo

  2. I am also comfortable with my body and have done this scene a few times with my Sir. We have used candles but no music in background. We will have to try it with the music playing. It’s hard not to want to touch each other while doing a mirror scene! Lol!

  3. I haven’t done this scene yet. I can say that I’m 90% comfortable… there are some places that are not my favorite but my Sir seems to enjoy them. I told him about this and am going to show him this post.
    I think that the not touching each other, but being told/made to touch myself for Him will be emotional and powerful. Especially right in front of a mirror.
    Hugs girl~

    1. Try it… It will take a few times before you get through it.

      I look in the mirror…. I now try to see what he sees and I am doing better.. but I still need reminders sometimes … this scene will help you… It helps me…

      We will chat on Tuesday about it…

      HUGS! Thanks for your sub-port!


  4. I’m fairly comfortable in my body, although there are some bits that could do with a little improvement 😉
    I do think though that Sir sees me a bit different to how I see myself, so I’m looking forward to trying this scene.
    Keeping on track with the exercise will not be easy though, only touching when commanded and only myself- oooft!
    I’m off to find a full lenght mirror.
    Hugs to all you girls who struggle with it. Keep trying- you’re worth it!

    1. Yes you hit a key word… self worth!

      You have to start feeling like you are something special are someones submissive.. You are your Dom’s tool. You are special… you make you the best sub that you can be…

      This is your platform to excel… Start here!



  5. LK this is very powerful piece u posted here. I think we all could learn to love more about ourselves. This lifestyle can for sure do that.

    1. The lifestyle can help a couple come together that was lost…
      The lifestyle forces honesty and communication.
      The lifestyle is what you make it.
      The lifestyle can help you find others that care about you … HUGS!!!


  6. Little Kaninchen,

    Great post!

    I suppose that we are obligated to conduct another mirror scene as well since it was your idea and all…

    NO touching LK!

    With Dominance,

    Mr. Fox

    1. I love our scenes and we all suffer from body doubt… You have helped me so much myself.. love my body.. you make me feel special and like I can climb the tallest mountain..I am who I am thanks to you…



  7. I am pretty comfortable with my body but when my Sir and I started D/s I knew I needed to be more comfortable with him really looking at me. I mean I knew he knew what I looked like and all but this was different now. I had never heard of this scene although I think we will be giving this a try soon, but I had come up with something different. Long story short I let him take some photos of me (and maybe a movie of me dancing) and later we looked at them and talked about them together. Originally I had thought we would just delete them but after reviewing together I actually liked them. We talked about what we saw in the pictures and what I saw was totally different then what I saw. He showed me the parts he liked and talked about what he is really looking at when I am in front of him. It was very nice and comforting and well pretty erotic, one of our best learning play times ever I think 🙂

    1. Its somewhat the same thing.. I know the first time Sir recorded me in a scene and showed it to me that I was shocked ..shocked at the sounds I was making shocked that I didn’t look as bad as I had built it up in my mind… It was beautiful really…. I had no idea until then…

      High Five Schatzi!


  8. I have become more comfortable with myself and my body. I know it is because M’Lord doesn’t focus on the same things I do- I see the extra pounds and the body that needs firming up- It will be an interesting and eye opening experience for me. I have learned so much about myself. It will be a few days but look forward to it. The not touching will be difficult 🙂

    1. Yes.. that is the hardest and lots of Doms and subs break the scene and hug but its ok .. good thing is you stop and do it over until you can finish it… then after that you build on it.

      HUGS! You are beautiful!


  9. Nope. Not real confident that even SirA could think of something positive to say. I’ll try to work on it because I do think its a great exercise but the fact is I’m a fatty so this may not work out to be real positive. Just keeping it real.

    1. Foxy….. You have to love you.. you have to have parts of you you think are sexy or positive. You work with what you have… Your Sir I am sure looks at you with adoring eyes! He has to if he has agreed to doing this with you….

      So what if you feel heavy… look at it like this… He loves the fullness of your breasts… He loves the roundness of your bottom… he loves the shape of your nipples… Your legs are very smooth … He wants you for you… Find those things in yourself and repeat them to yourself everyday! Repeat them to him during downtime… repeat them in the mirror… BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE…
      If your not NOW is the TIME to change it and be the best you that you can and that doesn’t mean a size 6!

      Change the way of thinking.. LOTS OF HUGS!!!


  10. LK,
    I’m trying to be okay with myself…I really am! And my husDom is constantly telling me how gorgeous I am…but the mirror…that fucking mirror…it’s not my friend. I’m constantly questioning everything…always

    1. Read my comments to Foxy…..

      You find those things … those positive things about you… not just the obvious, If you want to find more things DO IT now! Sit in front of that mirror… tell yourself you love you… the inside you.. not just the outside you… It will change if you believe it… You dont have to be perfect NO ONE IS!

      HUGS!! LK

  11. Great post…I am mostly comfortable with my body, I have worked really hard these last last couple of years…there are a few areas that need more work though…but my Sir is always telling me how much he loves my body, so I try to keep my “tool” sharp.

    This will be a very interesting exercise and scene to experience.

    Thanks, LK

  12. Can’t wait to try this! I am my worse enemy and my Sir hates it. He tells me all the time how beautiful I am and I am the worse for taking compliments. I really want to learn to love my self more and see me how my Sir does. Thank you LK

    1. You just have to remember it will take several tries to get through it all the way. It’s a good exercise to build you self confidence. Best wishes.. When you finish please go into forum and write about your experience with the scene.
      HUGS! LK

  13. I was referred to this post recently, several times actually. I can see the benefits but I think I may still need to screw up my courage and talk to my sir about this.

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