D/s-M Lifestyle | Everytime You Go Away

Sir,  I am thinking of you tonight… Always…. Missing your scent…. Your hands… Your Dominance.

Like this song..when you go away you take a piece of me with you…..

I want to wrap my body around yours and bring you the pleasure that you always give me.

I want to kneel. I want to obey. I want you!

Cum…home…. please………



All My submission,

~Little Kaninchen~






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Little Kaninchen

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  1. Little Kaninchen,

    Keep looking toward the sky…

    One of those contrails will be bringing me home to you soon!

    Bringing me home to feed your submission… To hold you, calm you, and then reset you…

    With Dominance and love,

    Mr Fox

    2-Days KLAS