How Do You Keep Dominance Burning | Be the Air to His Flame

Be the Air to His Flame, How Do You Keep Dominance Burning ? | Little Kaninchen

 How Do You Keep Dominance Burning ?

~Little Kaninchen~

Be the Air to His Flame

A fire goes out if it doesn’t get enough oxygen. The same goes for your Sir’s Dominance.

Be the Person he needs and wants…. Be the oxygen to his flame.

Keep the scent of your submission in the air.

Wave your femininity around and let him use it as he wishes.

He hands you his Dominance on a silver plater and you have to feed from it with bound wrists, drink from it until it is drool down your chest.

Envision your new lifestyle then mold yourself to it, taste it, swallow it up.

Let go of the past, purge and wipe your slate clean. Start anew as his subMrs.

He will burn hotter and hotter as you breath more life into his Dominance.

Walk into his web… submit. Feel the strength in his hands and in your submission.

What does he want as your married Dominant, your husDOM ?

What your Sir wants as a married Dominant is first and foremost is your Respect.  Every man even your husDOM wants a classy lady in the street. He wants a uninhibited kinky-freak in the bedroom.

Most married Dominants are gentleman that are discovering a part of themselves that they have buried or left behind a long time ago…… That deep dark corner they do not dare show anyone or even admit to anyone that they have. The fire, that flame is just an ember barely smoking, dark and ashy gray. Hidden away until you enliven it. Until you open yourself wide and let him know of your desires.

His flame, what is it? The flame is his animal that he never lets loose. It’s that dark stranger you run from at night in the dark pouring rain. It’s every deviant thing he’s ever wanted to do but was too ashamed to ever let it fall from his lips.

The heat is harsh and you delve into it so deeply that even the smallest loss of spark is felt and panic is awakened. What do I do? How do I get the heat and flame back again?

Guiding him submissively.

Guiding your Sir is fine to do … You’re not topping, but it is fine to guide him respectfully and knowledgeably. Most husDOM’s want the inside information or help with becoming what it is you and he desire. He wants your guidance, he wants to not guess at being your Dominant. Just like playing tennis, You know how to play and he does not. He of course would like you to explain the rules and how to score. Later, he will work on his backhand and serve but in the beginning he just needs some guidance. Help him by reading excerpts of fictional books and blog posts , send him images and refer him to .

Reminders & Tips

You have to rebuild his fire again. The embers are there. Make him burn!

Clean it, shave it and oil it….. make it pretty…. Your body that is……..

Show Respect & Trust. Ask him his opinion and go with what he decides. Bow your head at the right time or deeply look into his eyes and loose yourself there.

Touch and be touched. You can ask him to touch you where you really desire. You wish to have a spanking, ask him for it… no shame anymore, ask for what it is that will make you feel again and help him feel that connection again with you.

Use your mouth, first smile then kiss him on the neck or when I want to really make him feel something deep … I kiss the back of Mr. Fox’s hand. Follow up by calling him Sir. Use your dirty little mouth that he loves so much. Explain how much you want his Dominance.

Tease and show him your need. Use your sexual charm. Dress the way he likes. Get some new lingerie or a new toy to try out.

Don’t let him use his imagination. Show him the goods. Sexting will make him smile and shake his head. It will make him stand-up and pay attention in a good way.

Scent, make him want to get closer and dive deep into you. New perfume does wonders. Every part of you should smell good enough to eat.

I also believe most Sir’s think nothing is more sexy then their submissive doing something to better themselves. Show him your taking care of yourself. Show him your new confidence.

Reminders are good…sticky notes, sticky panties in his car or briefcase. Remind him two times a day how much it means to you that he is becoming your husDOM™.

You want to burn hot and burn for a long time…. So doing just a few small things can get his Dominance burning again. If you have any questions email me at .




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    1. Lovely, I have done this long enough and spoke to so many women at this stage that this is so many D/s-M couples story. Finding the opportunity in the current day to make it burn is key…


  1. LK… I love how you break it all down. The fire is always burning but can sometimes only get heat we are always striving to keep the flames.. One of the things that my sir loves is the smell of my hair, when I shower and wash it I make sure that I take extra care of my hair. Dressing sexier is top of the list also.. I love to see the look on my sirs face when I’m done dressing , but what I love more is the look on his face when others look.. pride and ownership!!

    Thank you for your posts and sub port!!!


  2. LK

    I just love your reminders and tips
    I want to be everything my master ever wanted and it makes me so proud when I do fulfill his needs.
    I once read a comment I will never forget
    A boy makes his girl jealous of other girls,

    A MAN makes girls jealous of HIS woman

    1. Its a true gentleman makes the atmosphere so that other girls jealous of his woman… LOL..
      Thank you for commenting…


  3. LK,
    Great post as always…love the reminders. I can get so caught up in wanting and working towards the “next step” I loose sight of the little things that got us to where we are. Needed this lady! Thanks!

    1. Yes, I am always trying to make today work into whats going to happen in the future and not just living for the opportunities that the current day is offering me. I tend to have paralysis by analysis…. There are new opportunities given to you everyday… getting the mindset to recognize when they are there and using them to make your D/s stronger is this key.

      HUGS! LK

  4. Let is BURN! Very HOTT, LK Thanks as always for your time and dedication ! Polish it …dress it up …My Sir feeds from it ! I have recently thrown out any Mom jeans LOL, granny panties and …. No more ! I want to and will stay more in tune with what I wear ! Women tell me all the time its too much trouble , Im to OLD . ..I say BOLONY!! Putting on some cute jeans and a fun top takes the same amount of time as Sweat pants and a too big t-shirt LOL XOXO Curvey sub

    1. So true! Even a little bit of mascara and lip gloss on days when I don’t need to leave the house, just because I want to look nice for Sir!

  5. Amazing post! All so on the mark! I got rid of all my nighties and sleep tees soon after Sir and I got together, because he made it clear that I would be sleeping naked and clean shaven. No granny panties in my drawers, only lacy thongs, yoga pants for home instead of sweats…. Some of these were already my own rules!
    Also, he never allowed a TV in the bedroom or checking FB or whatnot in bed unless he gave permission. This was all *before* we called ourselves D/s. And it’s worked out beautifully for us!

  6. EXCELLANT ! Its Fun to EMBRACE being FEMALE !!

    Bring it ,