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Daily submissive Thoughts

My thought today is the word strive. In submission you must strive to make your Domination and submission dynamics work.


To make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

To struggle or fight vigorously.

synonyms: try (hard), attempt, endeavor, aim, venture, make an effort, exert oneself, do one’s best, do all one can, do one’s utmost, labor, work; More.

Are you striving for your submission? What are you doing to obtain the next goal in your D/s. Have you made goals? Sit in downtime and discuss your goals. Be honest and get your Sir involved in molding and shaping your D/s .  Work together…. Build a strong foundation.


Common things can help the strive….. Like kindness. It seems like a cliche’ thing to say. But, as married couples that have been together a long time we have forgotten how to be kind to one another. We have forgotten our manners. Saying things like “please and thank you” have been lost in all the tired and grumpy moods. Adding a “Sir” to that, will make them smile.  Wishing your Sir a good day by text… with a naughty image attached will set them happily for the day. Know that going out and working daily is not an easy thing and if you are lucky enough to stay home find those ways to make your Sir happy. If you work I am sure you are spent as well so sit and think of the small things you can do just to touch base daily… share in the misery…. LOL! Just listen to him… Talk about his day and then about yours… Vent together.

Today, do it strive to be kind and understanding…. It will even ease things for yourself. If something is getting in your way then sit and discuss. Get past it and move on to living your D/s.


Little Kaninchen


Daily submissive Thoughts

Domination and submission for Married Couples





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  1. So true about forgetting to be kind.

    “This is so weird. You’re nice.” Sir said this to me months ago and it was such a wake up call as to how I had been treating him.

    I am all in. I will do whatever it takes as I see this is already fulfilling previously unspoken needs in both of us.

    I will think today about what things I can do to alleviate his stress as he takes on even more at work. It can be hard to find things because he is self-sufficient and does not procrastinate.

  2. Awesome post Lk, Like you say it’s all the common little things like kindness, proper manners that we forget to use everyday. That little bit of respect makes a big difference in building your partner’s confidence in the relationship. In the end it’s the little things that become large in completing the circle.

  3. So well put, LK! It is so important not only to appreciate, but to tell your appreciation, to your Sir! Thanking Him for the small stuff….. because we each play our own roles and want to feel needed for them.

    Thank you for being a wonderful role model! Xoxo~KLB

  4. LK, I really love today’s post! We can all strive to be a better version of ourselves each and every day. This is a good reminder and something I needed to remember.


  5. Thank you Lk for making us think and strive to be the best submissive we can be.. We both work so the small things are what keep us focused!! You mention … ask him about his day give him a welcome greeting when he gets home.. This is something sir enjoys it makes him feel like a priority .. Thank you for this post!!

  6. Thank you- I will continue to strive to make my submission exactly what my hus/Dom needs/wants it to be. We do use manners and respect for each other every day. It makes me stay mindful- what ever is happening in my day. Hugs 🙂

  7. Thank you, LK; love this post! As old fashioned as it may sound, I try to focus on being a Lady in His court. Sir and I strive to show courtesy to each other (and our children) daily.

  8. Thanks LK for the STRIVE… Post. Showing kindnesses and respect not only to my Sir but, the people around me is like dominoes falling… It’s contagious! Strive…..to be the Best I can be!

  9. We have been very blessed in our marriage. From the beginning of our relationship respect, communication, honesty, trust and love have been important and consistent habits for us. We love the fact that D/s cultivates and enriches those ideals.

    Thank you for writing this post. It’s always good to be reminded to commit and recommit to the values that will help me and my relationship be the best we can be.

    1. Welcum ShyBeth… Thanks for commenting! Well you have the correct ingredients so I say full steam ahead.. not to fast but guide your Sir … Look forward to getting to know you and your dynamics. HUGS! LK